Elf Doughnuts

18022_10151351296865638_1995411863_nPlease don’t forget Santa’s Elves this Christmas Season because we all know Santa eats all the treats you leave for him. These are made with cheerios. Spray with pan spray with a light coating. Dunk into cinnamon mixture or powdered sugar. Dip into powdered sugar mixed with water and then dunk into chocolate sprinkles or candy colored sprinkles. Imagination is key here and this is a quick and easy project for you to do with the kids to keep them entertained. It is surely something to make a tradition in your home every year and get a few long laughs along the way!

Milk Jug Snowman Outside Decoration

76431_477678165608782_426290372_nThis is so simple of an idea and you can get your child involved to help get a kick start to the holiday festivities. Thoroughly clean milk/orange juice container by letting soak overnight with water and about two tablespoons of bleach. Rinse and dry. While you are waiting for this use old buttons or paper cutouts for mouth, nose and eyes. Get creative and give the snowman earmuffs, eyeglasses or whatever other creative add-on you can give to provide your snowman with a personality. For the lights: If making three or more like in the picture use a string of lights that is 150 lights. Puncture a hole in the back of the jug and push lights until you have about forty in each jug. This will provide room for the snowman to be placed close but as you desire. You can also use a little sand or some rocks in the jug before you put the lights in them to hold them securely if wind should arise.

Christmas Stocking History

Hanging a Christmas stocking is a tradition that has been followed since times immemorial. It is believed that St. Nicholas would fill the stockings with gifts, on the eve of Christmas. Small kids eagerly wait for his arrival and the gifts that he would bring along with him. They decorate their stockings beautifully and hang them nearby fireplace. Although there are no written records of the origin of Christmas stockings, there are some popular stories that have been believed since generations. One of the most popular legend talks about the history of Christmas. In the article, we have provided interesting information on the origin and history of Christmas stockings.

Origin Of Christmas Stocking
Many centuries back, there lived a poor man in a village. He had three beautiful daughters. His wife had passed away due to some illness and he had spent all his money to cure his wife. Thus, he was left with no money to marry off his daughters. The three daughters were very kind and strong and this is what worried their father even more. He was concerned what would happen to them after his death. One fine day, St. Nicholas was passing through the village, when he overheard the discussion of some villagers talking about the pitiable condition of the three girls. St. Nicholas wanted to help the poor father, but he knew that the old man wouldn’t accept money from him.

St. Nicholas decided to help the family secretly, without letting anybody else know about it. He waited until it was night and stealthily sneaked into their house, through the chimney. He had three bags of gold coins with him, one for each girl. As he was looking for a place to keep those three bags, he noticed stockings of the three girls that were hung over the mantelpiece for drying. He put each bag in each stocking and then went away. When the girls and their father woke up the next morning, they were thrilled to find the bags of gold coins. He happily married off his daughters, one after the other, and they remained happy for the rest of their lives. The story about St. Nicholas being so generous spread throughout the village and then all over the land. Since then, it has been a tradition to hang stocking on Christmas in the hope that St. Nicholas would bring a present

A Santa History

Santa Claus was really St. Nicholas.  Saint Nicholas was born in 245 AD and died in 350 AD in Lycia, Anatolia, a province on the southwest coast of Asia Minor.  This part of the world is now Turkey.  He was a bishop of a church.  The legend of his generosity has been handed down throughout the years through thousands of churches.

In 1823, Clement C. Moore wrote “A Visit from St. Nicholas’, which showed Santa Claus driving a sleight drawn by “eight tiny reindeer.”  We know this story as “The Night Before Christmas.”   The image of Santa Claus, as we know him,  was drawn by Thomas Nast.

There are many legends of St. Nicholas, but this is the most famous legend and it includes elements of today’s Santa.  A nobleman who lived with his three daughters had fallen on hard times. The daughters had no chance of marriage, since their father could not pay their dowries.

One night, St. Nicholas threw a sack of gold through a window of the nobleman’s shabby castle, which was enough for one daughter’s marriage. The next night, he tossed another sack of gold through the window for the second daughter.

But on the third night, the window was closed. So, St. Nicholas climbed onto the roof and dropped the sack down the chimney. The next morning, the daughters found the gold in the stockings they had hung to dry by the fireplace.

That, my friends, is why we leave our stockings out for Santa Claus.