Yarn Trick – Makes It Easier To Use

Wind yarn onto empty toilet paper tubes. Use a free standing toilet paper holder beside a chair and attach the yarn that is wrapped over a toilet paper tube. Makes a statement and keeps it easy to reach and to use.

Trash Bag Spider Webs | Easy Halloween Decor | Spooky Spider Webs

Use trash bags to make amazing Halloween decor! Cover your porch in spooky trash bag spider webs with these step by step instructions and video tutorial. Try it with clear and white bags – maybe even a few puffs of glow in the dark spray paint?

Check out this link to read more about it- what a cheap and easy way to make a big impact on your outside or inside decorating: Trash Bag Spider Webs | Easy Halloween Decor | Spooky Spider Webs

Easy Party Lighting Idea

11637650_recycling-ideas-for-home_ted87bba2Go to the dollar store/thrift store and buy several whisks. They don’t have to match – in fact more eclectic would be cool in my opinion. Add a tea light into the whisks. Hang from colorful ribbons that match the theme of the festivities.

Quick N Easy Halloween Cookies

11225302_774298789345690_5009628824300533787_nMake your favorite chocolate chip cookie and when you retrieve and they are still wet and hot sprinkle with orange and chocolate candies sprinkles. When they cool put a dollop of peanut butter on and top with a Hershey’s kiss. Cute, sweet and easy!

33 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

So you found a new place! It’s all wonderful and exciting until you start to think about how much crap you have.

Source: 33 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier