Halloween Party Cupcake Ghost

Using twenty cupcakes layout a design as close as you can to what the pictures shows. Carefully ice them with white icing giving a final swishing going back and fourth across the whole ghost. Pipe on the eyes and mouth with black icing. If you want to avoid the black icing purple would work just as well. A really cool design for Halloween parties and it does not cost much at all.

If you try this send us a pic and we will include it on this post for all to see.

Dryer Duct Silver Christmas Tree

5345354What a unique design for a Christmas Tree made from dryer duct work. It is just rolled in circles on top of one another attached with hot glue and twist ties poked through ribs of the two layers hooking them together. Then wrap with lights. You could then attach ornaments if you desire but this idea is very cool all on its own. Would be a great decoration in a service shop that works on dryers and other appliances.