Baggy Butterflies

What a great idea to send your child to school with, or anywhere actually. You can even have your child help you decorate the wooden clothespins with markers or paint and then add the googly eyes and pipe cleaners. Fill each side with a little something special and clip in the middle. Would make a great surprise when your special someone opens their lunch bag and sees something special their child made for them also.  I do recommend that if you are to use a dry on one side and a wet on another, as you see pictured, that you might want to tie it tight with a rubber band to keep the moisture on one side so your dry goodies won’t get damp. Another idea is to use these are party favors.

Cassette Tape Art

Can you imagine having the vision and ability to create this great work or art? I have had those old cassette tape pull out on me on accident and I know I always have a fit trying to handle it to get it back into the cassette tape. I can’t imagine working with it as a medium but i am glad they did… it is incredible!