‘Ice Cream’ Party Favors Made From Cotton Candy

You can get cotton candy from almost anywhere from Walmart to your local drug store. Just stuff cotton candy into ice cream cones and make it look like a scoop at the top. Package with cellophane bags and tie with cord or ribbon.

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Candy Seeds

1002177_10151838673340266_1179914868_nUse a tic tac container and design a label that says Jack-O-Lantern Seeds that will cover the tic tac label. These make great hand-outs, little gifts or party favors.

‘I Think You Are Just Write’ Valentines Day Favors

1521828_710373558980683_325080928_nWhat a great Valentines Day favor for your child to give to their classmates. Print the below graphic out at 4″ wide by 3″ tall. Cut at lines to each side of text to insert a mechanical pencil, special design regular pencil or special red pen. Have your little one sign the bottom with their names. You could also add a ribbon bow at the top for a more dramatic look. It is suggested to print on cardstock. Pencils and Pens with Valentines Day theme can be purchased at many dollar stores. Also think about adding a nice sticker to the back.


Spider Chocolate Chip Cookies


Make chocolate chip cookies and as soon as you pull them out of the oven use a toothpick and drag little lines out from the chocolate chip to make legs. Would be interesting to make a chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips to make contrasting cookie designs.

Baby Shower Decorations That Turn Into A Gift

995149_438351432946609_1490616568_nUse clear disposable cups. Use diapers/receiving blankets and fold so the top of the blanket will come over the edge. Notice how the one side of the top is higher than the other – play with the fabric when rolling and tuck to give desired luck. Wrap cup with a ribbon and attack embellishment. Top with a pompom to look like a cherry. These can be used at a baby shower for decorations or used as name cards at a table. They then can be presented to the mommy/daddy to be to take home a use. Heck, you could even use this as a party game for your guests.