Injecting Some Much-Deserved Privacy into Your Yard

The modern world doesn’t really excel in the amount of privacy it offers. In fact, getting some time to ourselves is becoming increasingly difficult even within our very own homes. This having been said, our yards are even more plagued by curious glimpses – our very own oases are no longer places of seclusion and peace. Well, unless there’s a way to instill privacy into your yard! Of course, building a wall around it is always a choice, but this won’t really play well with your neighbors as they might get offended, so you’re going to need to be subtle. Here are some easy ways to make your yard more private without being too obvious about it.

48c7255b44f3ee7905ce481f519fcd09Useful Backyard Privacy Ideas

Artistic Decorative Panels

Privacy screens are cool, but there’s no reason for these to be tedious – the more interesting you make them, the less obvious you are going to be about your privacy.

Arched Trellis

If there’s a building next to your garden, or if you’re lucky enough to own the rooftop of your building and a garden in addition, you will definitely experience privacy problems. Installing arched trellis is a very smart way to go here, which will provide you with some much-desired privacy, while still enabling you to get some sunlight in a city.


If you want some optional privacy, going with curtains is a smart decision. They are adjustable and able to turn your open-space backyard into a secluded, private place.

044507ebedd41e2264863d30819eb0e6Outdoor Fireplace

On another hand, if a large object providing privacy is your thing, choose an outdoor fireplace and add arborvitae trees to this cozy-looking choice to completely privatize your backyard.

Ordinary Materials are Boring

If you don’t really care about what your neighbors think of you, you can make a simple wall. Of course, there is no reason to use ordinary materials here – instead of brick and simple fences, opt for bamboo for that popular Asian feel that these plants provide.


Okay, patios don’t really provide privacy by themselves, but they really are perfect excuses for installing mosquito nets, which very much do so. Subtle and useful, these nets will protect you from the nasty insects as a bonus!

bywater_tour_022_backyard_chicken_coopDon’t be afraid to use Typical Items

Regular and neutral garden items are also adequate choices. Browse for a shade sail online for that easy-going feel that these provide in a backyard. Experiment as much as you want with typical items in order to make your yard unique!

Plants are Great!

What better way to give your yard some seclusion than using plants? After all, the very point of it is lounging in nature. For example, a hedge barrier is a fantastic idea if you are going for that minimalistic look. However, if you want to be a bit more flamboyant about it, you can opt for a trellis or arbor, as well as climbing vines and grapevines – nothing better than a healthy, natural shade from something that will make your yard more private!

d8b4df00c20cdddb1c49a506efc900aaGreen Walls

As mentioned, natural decorative walls are an excellent way to go in your yard, but if you are looking for something more than a simple hedge barrier, using the popular green walls is a great idea! When in doubt, always go natural!

With this many ideas on the table, you’re bound to find something that suits your needs. If you like more than one, feel free to combine any of these into something truly unique. As long as you have enough space, anything goes and with a bit of creativity and dedication, this project may turn into a fantastic experience!


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