7 Landscaping Tips to Increase Your Property’s Market Value

Home sellers often forget they are not selling only a house’s interior, so they put all of their money, and all of their efforts into upgrading the bathroom or the kitchen. This kind of thinking has one major flaw – before buyers even decide to take a look at the house’s interior, they will see how the yard looks like and that impression will affect their further judgement. According to a study by RealEstate.com, landscaping can deliver a pretty impressive return of investment of as high as 150%. Let’s see how you can use these facts to your advantage.

image-6Make the Lawn Edges Look Neat

Some people prefer their gardens lush and untamed. However, the majority prefers a neater and well-maintained look and you should play to their tastes. Use a spade to separate the lawn from the path, garden bed or fence, give it a proper mowing and you will instantly create a neater look. If you want to make the impression even stronger, try finding the pieces of stone or brick and line the lawn.

Tame the Plants

Too many different plants will make your garden look less harmonious. You don’t have to be overly conservative when deciding on the number of plants that will have to leave the garden – plants are good for biodiversity and local ecology. Just try to give your garden an orderly and more uniform look.

image-4Use Mulch

This way, you’ll enhance the well-maintained and cared-for look that will spark the customers’ interest. Since you are trying to achieve a short-term effect, you don’t have to invest too much or leave the mulch sit throughout the winter as you are supposed to. For this occasion, you can use ordinary utility mulch you can buy in any specialized shop. Just keep in mind this – mulches that are too visually distracting can put off the potential buyers.

Plant a Few Trees

Threes have a very broad appeal. They provide shade, they look stunning and they can be used to give your backyard some privacy. What’s the most important, you don’t have to wait forever for them to grow – you can buy semi-grown specimens. If you don’t want to make such an investment, even small potted trees placed in front of your house will make a very strong visual impression.

Divide the Yard into Several Distinct Areas

By organizing the yard this way, you will vastly improve its look and functionality. The zones can be carved out in a number of ways. If your yard is not that big, you should strive for a more open look and solve this problem with pavers and planters. On the other hand, if the yard is more spacious, the new owners would probably appreciate some secluded place where they can relax. In this case, carve the distinct yard areas with fences and garden walls.

image-3Create a Patio

When buying a house, people often look for the ones that have a patio or terrace where they’ll be able to spend some pleasant time with their friends and family. Meeting those desires can have a great influence on your house’s market value. Traditionally, a patio should feature enough hard surface to host a table and six to eight chairs. To add even more value, you can cover the patio or terrace, install lighting and heating, and make it more comfortable.

Take Care of the Hedges

Hedges have a great influence on the look of a yard. If they are properly maintained, they will elevate its appearance, so be sure to give them a facelift. Companies that provide professional landscaping service can help you trim hedges in unique shapes, which will leave much stronger impression on the potential buyers. If you don’t already own hedges, consider planting them – they will allow the yard some privacy, and they can be a very effective tool for splitting the yard into different areas as we mentioned above.


The current real estate market is very competitive and buyers are growing increasingly choosy with each passing day. In such circumstances, neglecting your house’s exterior and yard can be a devastating blow to its market value. Don’t make such a mistake and use every possible landscaping mean to rise above the competition.



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