How To Properly Decorate Your Front Door

The gateway to your home deserves a lot of attention. Regardless of how much time and money you’ve invested into remodeling your entire home, without proper front door decorations, the entire impression of your house is compromised. Here is a list of interesting front door décor ideas.

image-3Letter Monograms

The traditional family name is best left on your post box; your front door fits perfectly with a giant letter monogram. This trend has been around for 5 years, but it is still very popular and for a reason – the fonts, colors and letter styling ideas are countless. Although you can buy large letters, of have them engraved onto a piece of metal, making this a DIY project is a completely viable and, above all, fun option. Purchase an oversized letter from a craft store, or simply cut one out using a pattern, a jigsaw and a piece of hardboard or foam board.


The blackboard has long ago transcended its use in a classroom – the majority of schools are into whiteboards now. However, the chalkboard has found its new calling in restaurants and cafes, where they are usually used to specify what is on menu during happy hours or display offers on discount. A great idea, however, is to put a chalkboard onto your front door, where you can write something new anytime you want. This fun and interesting idea can spell out your apartment number, the welcome sign, whether or not you are present or to be disturbed, and even something funny to welcome the people you invite over.

image-5Flower Basket(s)

There is nothing more gorgeous than having flowers decorate the pathway to your home, but why stop there? Putting flower baskets onto the very front door can turn it into something absolutely beautiful. The easy way to get there is getting faux flowers, owing to the fact that they don’t really need tending to, but these may compromise the realistic look you might be aiming for. Of course, this largely depends on the climate your place of residence is in (harsh winters can present huge problems). Faux flowering branches are a smart way to go, seeing as how they look more realistic. Additionally, keep in mind that fake flowers are becoming cool again.

Go Plain

The minimalistic trend is always on the rise – many people strive towards looking professional and, just as there is absolutely nothing wrong with going chic, there is nothing wrong with turning towards minimalism. The upshot of this is outlined in the fact that the vast majority of plain and “cold” doors is significantly safer than their “lively” counterparts and the experts from locksmith Ryde advise that safety should always be put in front of aesthetics. If you want to add details to the appearance of your plain door, you can always opt for minimalist painting!


Wood Cutout Door Décor

Back to livelier designs, wood cutout décor can look amazing! The limits here are endless – you can go with regular flower design, but also with quirkier stuff, such as a wood-carved shoe, an animal or even nametags. The best part here is that you can make these on your own and DIY projects are quite fulfilling. Simply come up with a pattern, grab a piece of cardboard, a jigsaw and, depending on your preference, some paint and get down to business. This is extremely easy and with some sandpaper, you can create a real piece of art!


Not everyone abides to what’s currently trending, so going a bit wild with your front door can often turn out perfect. These ideas are great on their own, but nothing is stopping you from using them to come up with those of your own – going original is always the right way!


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