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10 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Out

Many of us struggle with exercising because we lack motivation. Even if we manage to start going to the gym or doing some home exercises, we still tend to give up after some time. It is easy to get the initial desire to lose weight or stay in shape, but keeping that desire and preserving your motivation is another thing. In order to help you motivate yourself to work out every day, here are some useful tips.

image 4Set your goals

In order to start and keep on exercising you have to have a clear goal. Your desired outcome should be specifically defined, which will make it a lot easier to fulfill. Also, for example, define several smaller goals for each month. Plan to lose a few pounds one month, the next one plan to lose a few inches from your waist, the third month can be the month of gaining some muscles and so on. Try to set more challenging goals each month and, by sticking to them and fulfilling them, you will manage to stay motivated.

Make a training plan

There are thousands of ways to achieve your goals. However, one thing is common for any goal – a training plan. No matter how long it will take you to achieve your goals, you will need a day-to-day plan to help you get there. Even if some days are reserved for resting, they also need to be in your plan, so make sure to consult with your personal trainer or someone trustworthy. The plan will keep you on track and it will be far more satisfying to accomplish your goals if you can visually follow them.

image 2Record your training progress

It is essential to track your progress because it will help you set new goals and stay motivated. Keep a logbook or a diary of your gym visits, swimming trainings, running times and other exercises and their duration. This will be a great reminder of all your efforts and it will inspire you to keep on going.

Have a buddy system

Whether you work out with your best friend or not, you should have a buddy system for tracking your exercises. It will provide you with some positive experience that will inspire you each day to exercise more. For example, you can share a Pinterest board with your friend, update your daily exercises and share them. Even if you exercise on your own, your friend’s routine will keep you motivated to follow their steps and even provide motivation for them.

Reward yourself

Getting fit and healthier is a reward on its own, but people often need more. If you want to make your exercises more tangible, you should reward yourself with a smoothie or some delicious treat from time to time. By promising yourself rewards after training, your brain will manage to convince itself to work hard because there is a reward waiting. The brain will figure out that such behavior is worthwhile and it will motivate you to try harder to achieve your goals. Also, by rewarding yourself and training your brain, you will manage to turn the routine into a good habit.

image 3Go shopping for some gym clothes

Believe it or not, new gym wear can make you feel fantastic and excited about your day at the gym. Go shopping, try out different running shoes, T-shirts, tops, sweatpants and yoga pants, and see which pieces make you feel super excited. Fill your closet with plenty of comfy gym wear and you won’t have a problem with getting up and running or hitting the gym in the morning, ever again. Treat yourself to some quality training equipment and you won’t regret it.


It is surprisingly easy to lose motivation even though you have already done everything you can to keep it. That’s why you need to keep things interesting when it comes to the training itself. Same exercises each day will bore you and you will lose interest faster. Try some cross-training to prevent that from happening. If you like running, you can try the opposite and ride a bike, elliptical trainer or go swimming once a week. Mixing up the exercises and breaking up the monotony will give you a chance to improve your flexibility and strength, while it will also keep your brain interested.

Create a playlist

Music makes everything better and that’s why you should have a playlist for your workout. Stick to some upbeat energetic songs that will get your adrenaline high and your body ready for running, squatting and sweating. Depending on your taste in music, you can include a variety of genres; from some Metallica classics, to Beyoncé’s upbeat hits. Just make sure that the list makes you feel motivated to start your workout session and don’t forget to update it from time to time.

 image 6“Lazy Day” backup plan

There will be days when you won’t feel like going to the gym. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work out. Even if you feel a bit lazy, give your best to do a quick workout at home. All you’ll need is some space and an exercise mat. You can do some yoga or core exercises, and don’t lose motivation for the next day. The very thing that you exercised even though you felt lazy will inspire you to never give up, which will help you overcome laziness quickly.

Embrace your competitive side

If you like to compete, embrace that side of yours to keep you interested in your trainings. Even if you only go to the gym, find someone to compete with every now and then and you will always be happy to go and exercises, because you’ll know that there is a chance of “winning”.

You should never give up on your goals. Try out these little tricks and your motivation will increase. Don’t let your laziness win, keep on working out every day and conquer more challenges.



How To Maintain Quality Of Life After 50

Have you ever been told that quality of life drops drastically after you turn 50? That it becomes hard to get around and do your basic daily chores? If you have, you will be delighted to hear that this is absolutely wrong! The only thing that changes after 50 is the number of candles on the birthday cake, and there is no reason to think otherwise. But to make sure you don’t fall into a bad mindset, here are some things you can do.

press-upStay active

It truly is a vicious circle – You hear that you should be less active after 50, so you stop being active and become less able to be active, perpetuating the myth. The truth is that if you have lived an active life so far, there is no reason for that to change. And even if there are some things you’d be better off changing, the best time to start is now. Sign up for a yoga or light fitness class to keep you motivated and keep your stamina up, because you will be carrying your own groceries for quite a while longer.

Learn new things

Not letting knowledge and skills you have go to waste is obviously important, but people seem to be surprised when someone in their golden years takes up learning a new language, or a new instrument. Keeping your mind active will do wonders for your memory. After all, if you are lucky enough to be in retirement, you might have the time you always needed to learn how to play the trumpet, or visit a new country. Your age and knowledge that comes with it can only help you in learning new things, so get your study notes ready.

asparagus-868584_960_720Keep up a healthy diet

If you’ve been maintaining a good, balanced diet up until this point in your life, you have no reason to change that now. And if you weren’t making the best choices about what you eat in the past, now is the time to make some changes. Make sure you are eating enough vitamins, good fats, carbs and all the other essentials, while avoiding too much fast food and sugary sweets. If you are not feeling at your best, you might want to get your blood work done and have a nutritionist take a look, because they will know better than anyone else what you should change in order to stay healthy. Also, make sure you are drinking plenty of water, because staying hydrated is the best way to fight off the traces of aging on your body.

пожилые пары15Stay in good company

One of the biggest problems people have once they reach a certain age is losing touch with friends. This especially goes for people who have recently stopped working, and now have a lot of free time and nobody to spend it with. If you want to live surrounded by interesting people in a beautiful environment, there are plenty of resorts for over 55 living. Living in a resort or complex means that you are never alone, and that you also have all the care you might need. You can also invest in these early, so they’ll be waiting for you when you are ready to retire.

No matter how old you may feel, remember that we all have a child within us, hungry for new experiences and adventures, so don’t let such a silly thing like age stop you. You are in control of your life and if anybody tells you that you can’t do something just because of your age, show them just how wrong they are.


Best Summer Packing Tips Ever

Packing when going away for the holidays is never an easy task. While the amount of luggage you need bring depends on many factors, keep in mind that you’re going away to have fun and relax, so pack only things you really need. Furthermore, the lighter you pack, the easier it will be to get around and enjoy yourself.

travel-164574_960_720Choose a Suitcase to Help You Pack

Make sure you only bring essentials by picking a smaller suitcase than you would normally use. This way, you will limit the available space and you will have to decide what’s really important for your holiday. When packing your things, try to plan out your stay, and put what you will use last at the bottom. That will keep your suitcase tightly packed.

Which Shoes Do You Really Need to Take?

A girl’s worst nightmare just might be being limited to a few pairs of shoes. Pick out a few of your favourites and make sure you know which pairs will be useful and which to leave home. You won’t need a pair for each occasion on your holiday; try to combine your outfit with only a few pairs. Take into account how many days you’ll stay and where you plan to go – that should help you pick out the shoes to take with you.

beach-455752_960_720You Need a Good Swimsuit or Two

You cannot leave for summer holiday without a swimsuit, but choosing only one or two can be problematic. It’s often a good idea to pick out at least two sets of swimwear, and clean one while you’re using the other. Think along the lines of comfort and bring only swimsuits you feel comfortable in. That way, you can have fun, relax and enjoy the beach to the fullest.

Wear Some Clothes More Than Once

If you’re going to think that one outfit can only be worn once, then you might as well prepare an extra suitcase. You need to get creative when it comes to clothes, otherwise, you might as well take your whole wardrobe. Floral tops, Sivana Spirit tunic dresses and harem-style pants are always a good choice. Plan an outfit for traveling to and from your destination, that should free-up some space in your luggage. If there’s a place where you can wash your clothes, you can make your suitcase even lighter, as you will be able to clean and reuse some of your clothing.


Skincare Is Essential

Just because you’re going away on holiday, doesn’t mean you should neglect your skincare regimen. However, you will have to make some alterations to it and adjust your skincare products if you want to both take care of yourself and pack light. Make sure that you make a list of which products you will need, and choose only the ones you really need. Keep in mind that you’re on a holiday to have fun, not to spend it in front of a mirror.


The summer holidays are all about having fun and enjoying yourself to the fullest. The best way to do so is to pack as lightly as possible. You definitely don’t want to drag a lot of your luggage around with you. The less you have in your suitcase, the more you can focus on having fun and creating wonderful memories of your amazing holiday getaway.


How To CreateAan Industrial Style Bathroom

Our personal style is reflected in every part of our lives – the way we dress, the choices we make and how we decorate our surroundings. Sometimes, however, expanding your style to all parts of your home can be a bit difficult. This is especially so when it comes to rooms like bathroom, which is so often thought of as having one “default” look. But in reality, bathrooms can look as unique as any other room in your house and yes, you can even introduce the industrial look to them.

faucet-1529179_960_720What makes the industrial style?

You might think that this is a great idea, but you might not know where to start! What is, exactly, the industrial style? Simply explained, it’s a branch of the huge “vintage style” tree and it is supposed to remind us of the industrial times, which is why it often features a factory-like atmosphere. As dark and monotone as that may sound, the industrial style actually has many different subcategories that can range from very dark and gloomy to super-light and quirky. You can look online for inspiration and find the style that suits you best.

The base

The look of walls and floors is the key element of industrial style. You really can’t put some vintage furniture into a white-tiled bathroom and expect it to look industrial. So, what are your options? A very popular choice are bare walls – concrete or exposed brick. Both of these will create a unique feeling and make people feel like they have travelled to some other time. Another popular option, especially for floors, is wood. A rough wooden surface may be a bit more difficult to clean, but it will definitely give a new dimension to your industrial bathroom. If you really want to go for tiles, you can opt for small tiles in a checkered print.

bathroom-2132342_960_720The furniture

Not everyone can go and find themselves a real vintage bathtub, but there are other widely available options that will help you achieve the desired effect. A good rule of thumb to follow is: the rougher- looking, the better! Polished surfaces, crisp porcelain and shiny silver faucets were not a thing back in the day, so going for rougher looking materials and pieces like stone baths can help you achieve a vintage look. If you manage to find an old, steampunk-looking piece and repurpose it as a shelf, a holder for your sink or just a magazine holder, you’ve hit gold.

The details

When talking about style, the most important thing to remember is that it’s all about the details, as they are easiest to personalize. A popular choice for the industrial style is detached pipes, especially if they look a bit older and slightly beaten-up. Another thing you can experiment with is light. Always go for warm bulbs and try to find quirky chandeliers that will match your style. Other details can include shower curtains, pictures and paintings, brass towel holders, bird cages, vases and anything else that you like that comes from the vintage family. If you are not sure what style you want to go for, you can check out Pinterest and similar websites for ideas, DIY projects and everything else you are unsure about.


A bathroom of your dreams is waiting for you to design it. Therefore, check out Acqua Bathrooms for various ideas and accessories you need to create this wonderful look in your bathroom. It is a unique play on the classical vintage style and it deserves to be represented just as much.

What To Consider When Creating A Renovation Checklist

Complete renovation of your home is not that simple as some people believe it to be. A lot of careful planning and preparations needs to be done before you even begin working on your home. From small things like picking the color for your living room walls to bigger tasks like hiring a renovation company to fix your roof. You will have to make all these decisions quickly and before renovation begins, so you don’t waste your time and money.

That is why we recommend to all people who are thinking about renovating their home to make a renovation checklist. You might be wondering what goes on this list, but don’t worry, we will answer that question here, so you know exactly what you need to finish the makeover of your home.

painting-2057373_960_720Set the budget

First of all, when starting any kind of work you will need to decide on the highest amount of money you are willing to invest in that project. |The same goes for the renovation work. Never start renovating before you have the budget set in stone. We know that you can’t determine your expenses down to a penny, but large and expensive jobs should be arranged and scheduled in advance.

For example, finding a roof repairing company should not be an impulse decision. Instead, research the offers and find the best one that fits your budget. The same goes for everything else, count in the paint, tools, electricity, and all other small things you would never think about, so you know exactly how much money you need for the whole thing. Trust us, if you have the budget determined before the work begins, you will save a lot more money because most last-minute services cost more.

Decide on the materials

Once you have the determined budget and an estimate of your expenses, you should start researching the materials you will be using for the job. The renovation process is a perfect time to make some big changes to your home. By this we mean you should consider using more eco-friendly materials and other alternatives that are maybe more expensive now, but in the long run, they will benefit you greatly.

knife-933072_960_720Think about it, if you are already doing work on your home why not take it to the next level and ensure that your investment returns a profit in the future. For example, installing additional insulation materials will decrease your electricity bill and putting solar panels on the roof will benefit you in numerous ways. There are a lot more things you can do, so make sure you have done your research thoroughly.

Consider hiring professionals for some tasks

Now, depending on what types of jobs you are planning to do on your house, you should consider hiring a team of professionals for some of them. Fixing a roof is a hard thing to do, it requires a lot of skill and knowledge if you want to do it properly, and so is wiring and plumbing. These jobs should be done by professionals, otherwise, you are risking doing more damage and even injuring yourself. So make sure that you hire a competent crew that fits your budget.

Make sure you have all necessary tools

Renovation work can’t even start if you don’t have all the necessary tools. Pull out your checklist and start crossing over the things you already have, for the rest you will need to go shopping. The tools you need solely depends on what type of work you will be doing.

For example, if you are painting your house, put the ladders, rollers and eye protection on the list, if you are doing some roof repairs get a scissor lift, safety harnesses and other necessary tools to finish the job, etc. It is crucial to have all tools written down and acquired before the renovation begins or you will have to stop the process until you get that pipe for your kitchen.


And that is all from us. As you can see the renovation checklist isn’t complicated to create and it will help you a lot with planning and keeping everything organized. The items on the list will vary depending on the tasks you are planning to do, but remember these four points and you will have covered almost everything.