Painting – Considering Color and Design

The color of a room can affect the way that it feels in a big way. You will do well toe ensure that you think carefully about the way in which you are going to decorate your home, as the feeling that color and designs can give a place will be instrumental in making your house a home.

It is sometimes difficult to know where to start, so aside form the pointers below, have a flick through a couple of design magazines and blogs for inspiration as to what kind of thing you want to do with your space. Spend some time looking at swatches, and put testers up when you know that you are definitely going to paint the walls. Some people make the mistake of putting small testing swatches of color near to each other, and this can make it hard to get an impression of how the room will look when you have the full walls covered in that color. Try to go large, and if the color is going to be butted up against another color, then do the swatches close to the other color, and away form the other examples that you are to choose from.
Painting - Considering color and design
One thing that you must keep in mind when you are looking through your design inspiration sources, is the size of the room and the type of room that you are dealing with. You may love the look of a the large ball room in the palace of versailles, but unfortunately, not many people have the same amount of space, nor the level of incredible detailing required to pull of the same style and color that was used there. Try to look at spaces that are similarly sized and shaped to your rooms, to ensure that you don’t go for something that looks good in the magazine, but feels ridiculous in your flat! The general rule is that darker colors will make a room look smaller, but in the sense that you might want to cultivate a feeling of intimacy with the color, this might not matter.
Painting - Considering color and design2
Many people go for plain white, and it is a color that will never clash nor go out of fashion, however, you do need to make sure that your walls are pristine if you are going to go with such a clean color, as any grubby marks or cracks in the walls will create a feeling of dirtiness and dilapidation pretty quickly!

Have a think about the detailing in the furnishing of the rooms, and how that may affect the painting of them. Do you have high skirting, or an architrave running around the top of the room? Are the door and window famers ornate or plain? These things will affect the look of the room, and choosing whether or not to paint them the same colors as the walls is difficult. Detailing should be done in white realistically if it is going to be different from the rest of the wall color, but some pick their window frames out in black for a bit of a different feel. If you have tall skirting and an architrave, then a deep color and white detailing will give a great feeling of old grandness to the room, especially if it is a big one! This is quite a bold statement to make however, and you should certainly think carefully about it in advance, as making the wrong stepo with such a thing could leave you feeling like you had over egged it a little!

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