Balloon Garland

balloon balloons party decoration hanging string needle country and victorian times register

Blow up balloons and with a needle and thick thread thread them together to make a balloon garland. This is very cheap and a great way to add a lot of color to a party. You can use thread but would be more secure if you used embroidery thread. Mix and match colors for your theme to go with the colors of a school for graduation or just go random for a birthday party. This can be something done at the last minute as well as you can get everything you need and have it ready to go.

Paint Sample Easter Garland

625430_340437909390575_924655536_nThis is such a creative idea for a use of paint samples. You will need a string or ribbon the length you wish your garland to be. You will also need to get paint samples from a paint department. Hole punch or cut egg shapes in these paint samples. Punch two small holes to the top of each “egg” and pull a string through. You can also add letters amongst these that say Happy Easter. You could also do this same project but using or  mixing in wrapping paper, eggs decorated by your children, construction paper or other flat left-over craft supplies you might have.