Amethyst Inspired Wedding Cake Will Blow Your Mind

Geodes have never looked so delicious.

Source: This Insane Amethyst-Inspired Wedding Cake Will Blow Your Mind

Cool Painted Rock Idea – Minion

6490258fe7c38eedc357caf8fd4a9defMake design using black sharpie markers (Trace around googly eyes to get exact size), then paint yellow, then paint, light blue, then paint darker blue, add googly eyes and put silver puff paint around eyes. You may want to sharpen the black edges by going over them in black sharpie again. In the picture he is glued to another rock and put into a pot of grass. He could be glued to the top of a wooden stake to put in your garden. Here he is small scale – but he could easily be made on a boulder with the help of an adult and bigger brushes. I would also put three coats of polyurathane to keep the colors vibrant in the sun.

Halloween Spooky Gingerbread House

317753_10151220111449316_289108533_nJust think of all of the fun you could create taking the standard recipe for gingerberead and make a spooky Halloween house. Here I used graham crackers. This is just very basic – the more elaborate the better.