Christmas Candy Cane Wreath

14925260_673532276143865_8704779479642941148_nHow cool – but even better – how simple it is to make these. We like simple and great crafts – and this one is edible too. Yumm. You could use any regular sized candy canes to do this so color combinations are endless. These would work great as gifts as well.

The middle uses a cap from a two liter bottle to provide support while making this wreath. Use hot glue and attach 9 sets of candy canes back to back. Attach these to the cap first and then to the next set of candy canes as you make your way around. Hot glue the tilps of the ‘hook’ together from one to another and secure well to cap. It i important to provide a good strength so it does not come apart. This is topped with a snowflake flat ornament but any ornament that is flat would work.

Some different options for you is to back each candy cane with lace ribbon that comes out on both sides so it can be scene from the top side. Also, it the pictured wreath you could add snowflakes that are much smaller at each joined pair of candy canes.

Gingerbread Hotel – Fort Harrison


This is a huge display measuring in at almost four feet across and two and a half foot tall. It is made primarily of gingerbread with structure within being other materials to ensure it stays strong and won’t collapse. The window amount is awesomely done in details and must have given the artist a major headache. There is a lot of detail in this piece. Just simple small details that you find when you keep looking at it. I’m not a big fan of the purchased not edible materials like the Christmas trees and train being added but this is a beautiful display.

Colorful Candy Gingerbread House


This such a colorful cottage with a roof made from colorful gumdrops. Candy cane sticks used here fro the porch posts and the gumdrops brought down from the roof to the front door porch makes this design great. They even added candy sprinkles to coat the chimney and then added a puff of smoke coming from the chimney – neat. The trees are made by piping icing onto a cone (could be Styrofoam or ice cream cone cut to different shapes). They even finished the illusion of a bit of scene inside the windows.

Victorian Gingerbread House


This home is a Victorian beauty isn’t she? The artist did a wonderful job with the icing work – even allowing the porch edging and edging on top of the peak of the house to dry before installing. Notice how the whole house is moved up with peppermints to give the home a crawlspace? The peppermint sticks used for the porch poles is a great idea. The wreath is made from a lot of the sugar crystal balls that you decorate candy with. The bushes and plants – even a cactus is all done in detail.

Gingerbread House With Mints, Nickel Wafers & Red Hots


This little gingerbread has breath mints used under the windows which is different and cool. The artist also used Christmas candy corn around the front of the house. Nickle wafers were used on the roof in between impressions that were made in the gingerbread before baking.