Gingerbread Hotel – Fort Harrison


This is a huge display measuring in at almost four feet across and two and a half foot tall. It is made primarily of gingerbread with structure within being other materials to ensure it stays strong and won’t collapse. The window amount is awesomely done in details and must have given the artist a major headache. There is a lot of detail in this piece. Just simple small details that you find when you keep looking at it. I’m not a big fan of the purchased not edible materials like the Christmas trees and train being added but this is a beautiful display.

Happy New Year 2015 Printable

New-Years-2015-Coloring-Pages-PRINTABLEPrint a sheet out for your children to create decorations for New Years or if little ones will be joining the festivities print several out and let them color to help pass the time away.

Happy New Years Banner

Happy-New-Year-Coloring-Pages-for-Kids-3Print and take this to a copy shop to have enlarged. Color, paint, collage the design and glue edges to a piece of yarn for a hand made banner. let your kids help and you also have a nice keepsake.

Paper Heart Valentines Day / Wedding Hanging Garland

1499535_711138078904231_703041343_nUsing construction paper colored red white, pink, purple or variations of these colors (we used all red pictured) cut strips 2″ thick the long ways of the paper. Fold in your older kids involved with half. Glue loose ends together. Where fold is glue the bottom of another heart to the inside of fold. Repeat until you get length that is desired. Hang. Get your older kids involved. Cheap and fun and very festive. (Use your wedding colors to make these for your wedding!)

Happy 4th Of July

3669546092_53e7b3d783_zWishing you all the best for the Fourth Of July – surrounded by family and friends. I also wish to thank all of the service embers who gave us their all and to those service members who are fighting for our liberties and freedoms as we speak. As we still to this day vow to defeat our country’s flag, our liberties and freedoms we must face all those who oppose as a united front. So while you are enjoying your cookouts and parties – take a moment to just think why you are here today with the right to have such festivities.

One Nation Under God we live
Think about all some had to give

We the people share freedom’s life
In a world of ever present strife

Be grateful to those who keep this true
Warriors of our red, white, and blue

They’re trained by those of great skill
Honed to perform, so strong their will

They show what love is all about
They’ll fight for us, there is no doubt

Defending bravely what we are
No holding back each heartfelt star

Highly praise these men and women
Giving thanks time and again

Those in uniform will always be
The golden pride of this country