Ribbon Storage

To demonstrating this project to you we show it uncovered... but you can cover it with fabric, paper, paint etc. This can also be made with any type of box or hinged container you can find at a dollar store!

I became so tired of spools of ribbon coming undone and digging through drawers to see if I had ribbon that matched that I made a storage/dispensing box for my ribbon spools. The plus side of these boxes is that the ribbon stays neat and organized, you can see what you have a glance, the ribbon pulls right through the hole in box (no need to open lid to use), and because they are covered in the fabric of your choice, they can fit into any decor without being obvious.

1. 1 shallow box. Baby-shoe boxes work well.
2. Spray box and lid with spray adhesive and cover with fabric of choice.
3. Using a razor blade to cut a narrow dowel rod the length of the box.
4. Thread spools of ribbon on the dowel rod.
5. Using a hole punch, punch as many holes as you have spools of thread/ribbon down the length of box.
6. Place dowel rod with spools of ribbon in box and thread an inch or 2 of each ribbon through hole.
7. Replace lid on box.

Persoanlized Gift Boxes & Sacks

Personalized wraps for Santa’s pack

Utilitarian boxes boxes are hardly glamorous wrapping I materials, but try thinking of them as blank canvases for artful holiday collages. With color, glued-on material, handwritten mes­sages—and imagination—you can transform them into per­sonalized packages for gifts. It’s also a way to involve ju­nior members of your family in the holiday preparations.

You can find unadorned boxes and containers of all sizes and shapes: take-out boxes (from delicatessens and restaurant supply stores), can­dy and cake boxes (from pastry supply stores), paper paint buckets (from paint or hardware stores), and odd-size boxes (from gift, paper supply, and party stores).

Use a wide-ranging palette of decorative materials. Felt markers, paint, construction paper, stencils, fabric scraps, stamps, ribbons, wire, but­tons, beads, leaves, children’s drawings, and cut-up snap­shots decorate the packages in our photograph. You’ll also need craft glue, tape, scissors, a craft knife, pinking shears, a punch, and a stapler. Use an inner lining of colored tis­sue paper to nestle the gift.