Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

We have all seen Christmas ornaments for Baby’s First Christmas. They all look non-personal. You can make one that is personal and special to your child. You can use a glass bulb or you can use plastic in any color. You could also use the ones from a craft store that is clear and can be opened. If you use one that can be opened you could put a little keepsake inside as well. To make the glitter footprints use white school glue. Spread white school glue across a sheet of wax paper. Take the wax paper and place on the bottom of your child’s foot. If your child’s foot is not being cooperative tickle the top of the foot near the toes. They will extend their toes allowing you to do this part much easier. Now place the foot against the bulb. Having someone help you is very helpful. Roll the foot a little to make sure the glue print is a good impression. Wipe your child’s foot with a wet wipe. Over a bowl pour the glitter onto the bulb. If need be press lightly to make sure it adheres well. Allow to dry overnight. Use a spray polyurethane to spray two to three light coats over the entire bulb to make sure the glitter does not come off. Let dry until no longer tacky. Its now ready to hang on a tree. You could also do this with a hand print.

Key Memory Ornaments

Use Fimo dough of your choice and make a disk. Use a straw to cut a hole for the ribbon to attach to it. Press the key into the Fimo dough to make a good imprint. Bake as directed. Write sentiments on the side. If you would like, wash the key and dry – then glue into the imprint. Makes great little keepsakes when you move.

Popsicle Stick Angels

12189693_865135650272866_440776894171013898_nAren’t these cool. Made from thin and wide popsicle sticks and some miscellaneous you probably already have in your craft stash.

Start with two thin (these will be the feet) and place them side by side – paint the tips of the shoes in gold and skin tone give a light pink.

Now you need two wide popsicle sticks (painted white) and glue them on each side of the two thin. You will want to use your third wide stick to judge distance between the two to make sure you have a glueable surface on each side to the other wide sticks, This provides a bit of dimension to form a ‘body’ and just just be flat.

Now cut one thin stick in half (these will form the arms) paint white with pink hands. Glue into position like shown in picture.

We cut glitter foam for the star her hands are holding and for the wings. We didn’t have a pattern – we just ‘winged’ it.

Now for the head – we used a two inch wood sphere (but you could get by with a wooden circle). We had to take a fine drill and drill a hole in the shere which we then epoxied a unbent paper clip into. This gave us something more to keep the head on. If you are going to use a flat circle then just glue onto the top and skip that step. The unbent paperclip gets glued to the back and reinforced with the head being glue on at the ‘neck’. The sphere/circle should have a hair pattern colored on with marker after you make it pink.

We then used a glittery pipe cleaner to place as a halo. At the top of the head we used a bead that we tied a string hanger to.

Shopping List:

Wide and thin popsicle sticks – school glue, epoxy, pink + gold + white paint, glittery pipe cleaner, silver + gold glittery foam sheets, bead, string

Of course you can mix it up with your own colors and have a wide variety of colors or color scheme to your holiday preference.

We would love to see your pics to share.


Santa Clause Suit Ornaments & Gift Tags

12191076_865135440272887_3788092038115380528_nThis really cool idea from is simple but make a big impact. Use construction paper for the main card and belt (or black ribbon for the belt). A pop top is used for the buckle, two little doo dads (you could use sequins, or any number of little doo dads you probably already have in your craft stash) and thin string for the the ornament hanger. Either of these could be used for a gift tag or ornament.

Cut the desired shape (circle or tag) – punch a hole in the top – take your black ribbon or cut piece of construction paper through the ‘buckle’ and glue it on – glue sequins or doo dads on and tie the thin string to make a loop. Hang on a tree or present with a thoughtful message.