My Share: Baby Car Seat Cover Multi-Use Stretchy Breathable Canopy & Nursing Cover

This cover is awesome! I just love how the material feels, breathable, stretchy, and soft. This isn’t one of those covers where you feel like your baby isn’t getting enough air. Had one of those and it was so thick I was afraid my daughter would not be getting enough oxygen. You don’t have to worry about that with this cover. Great bonus that it converts for breastfeeding and shopping cart…also love the laundry bag that was included!

Keep your baby happy and protected from the elements and strangers with this very light weight, versatile, stretchable, and breathable car seat cover. Imagine what it would feel like to nurse your baby comfortably in public? With this full 360-degree coverage cover, you can!

Help your baby relax while continuing to develop cognitive skills with our scientifically proven design to stimulate your baby`s brain while on the go! Rest assured that this baby car seat cover fits all the major infant car seat brands and is so versatile that it can be used as a Nursing Cover, Shopping Cart Cover & High Chair Cover.

If you are in the need for a car seat cover for your little one this is a sure bet to to fit your needs. I highly recommend it.



Halloween Tips For Little Ones Safety


Planning For Trick-or-Treating

1 Choose costumes for your child that fit properly. Kids can easily trip and injure themselves if the costume drags on the ground.

2 Make sure all costumes are made of fire-retardant material.

3 Apply makeup instead of having the child wear a mask. If she insists on wearing a mask, make sure there are sufficient air holes around the nose/mouth and large openings for the eyes.

4 Look for  a costume with reflective pieces on them, especially on the back. You can also apply reflective tape to the costume yourself.

5 Arm your child with a flashlight and cell phone, so she can easily be spotted and reached.

6 Plan ahead and discuss with your child which routes you will take and where to meet if you get separated.

While You Are Trick-or-Treating

1 Make sure children, generally under 12 years old, are accompanied by an adult at all times.

2 Remind kids of importance of walking instead of running. Don’t allow kids to cut through yards or alleyways.

3 Teach children to only go to houses with a porch light shining and to never enter a stranger’s house under any circumstance.

4 Make certain kids know to walk on the left side of the road, facing oncoming traffic when sidewalks are not available.

5 Check all candy for possible tampering when you return home. Check for open wrappers and seals broken and discard these!