Plants And Fish That Bring Life To Victorian Homes

If you own a Victorian style home, you likely want a decor that matches the period design of your home. When it comes to decorations that bring life to a home, you may wonder what clashes with the time period your home represents, and what matches. Aquariums are a classic addition to Victorian homes and match the upholstery just as much today. Wisteria and jasmine, classic climbing plant life, are also classic imagery around Victorian homes both new and old.

Cradle graves for interior design

Cradle graves, a name for potted or container-held plants, are a classic staple of Victorian design. Victorian design reached many points across the world, and in colonial America in particular, cradle graves were said to be especially numerous around Victorian styled homes. The fact that these plants are meant for planters means they’re easy to add to the interior of your home, brightening up rooms and adding new colors with a variety of different plant life.

Add vines and climbing plants to the exterior

If you’re thinking about the outside of your home, climbing plants like spreading wisteria are classic Victorian design elements. Wisteria tends to support itself with the walls and fences of Victorian homes and can be a great way to cover an otherwise bland side of your home’s exterior. Another popular vine that can match a Victorian home’s exterior is jasmine. A combination of the two can bring colorful purples and standout whites to a garden around your home.

Aquariums and Victorian design

If you’re more interested in the wildlife you can bring into your home, know that aquariums and Victorian homes have a long and storied history. Many Victorian homes had and have elaborate aquariums to show off exotic fish and aquatic pets. William Alford Lloyd was the first professional aquarist and popularized the idea of aquariums in Victorian homes across England. To him, oysters, lobsters, and exotic fish were all worthy additions to a Victorian home.

Victorian homes are rich with history, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be bustling with a variety of living things as well. Vines and climbing plants like wisteria and jasmine are classic additions to any Victorian home. Aquariums are also an idea that Victorian era noblemen made their own, and match the storied design of these homes.  And cradle graves, or potted plants, have been used to add color to Victorian home interiors for more than two centuries now.

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The Ultimate Checklist for Putting Your Property on the Market

When the time comes to put your property on the market, you will face a number of responsibilities you have to complete before placing an ad. However, this is not anything to be scared of since, in the end, it will get you to your goal to sell your home. In order to do so with the minimum amount of stress, here is the ultimate checklist you should uphold to.

Go To Open House Events

The best way to find out how to sell your home is if you attend the open house events. This way you will see what other homeowners did to make their property attractive. Also, converse with other potential buyers and find out what they think is important when buying a house.

If you live in a less popular neighborhood, visit open houses in similar neighborhoods in your city and see how they deal with this. For example, Astoria in Queens used to be a simple part of New York several decades ago, but today this is a diverse community with a convenient location. The cities evolve and change over time, so check how your neighborhood fairs today since that can affect the selling price.

Find A Reliable Real Estate Agent

If you want to minimize the stress, it’s best to hire a real estate agent who will help you turn your home into a prime selling property. It’s agent’s job to find you the best buyer and represent your interests in the market. After all, they work on a commission and getting the highest price for your home is in their best interest as well as yours.

Do The Repairs

Any damage to the property will certainly reduce the selling price for a considerable amount of money. In order to avoid that, do the repairs before placing your house on the market. This can also get you a better price for the house, especially if you fixed some of the serious issues like installations, piping, and roof.

For example, expert plumbing services in Sydney can give you an estimate of safety problems that may arise from an old piping system dating back to the late ‘70s. These polybutylene pipes were cheap and easy to install back in the day but what was unknown then is that the material will deteriorate due to oxidants in the water. This turned out to be quite a problem for Australian homeowners living in the older neighborhood and deal breaker for many buyers.


After repairs, you will have to clean the house thoroughly and keep it spotless until you sell it. This is important since buyers don’t want to look at the mess and clutter everywhere. They want to see the functional side of your home even though they will most likely do the renovations after the purchase.

Stage The Property For Your Open House

Staging a property for an open house event is more than tidying up. It’s creating an environment that buyers will feel welcomed and comfortable in, as well as to see the house’s potential. Usually, real estate agent would take care of this part but add something of your own may sweeten the deal.

For example, bake cookies and leave them on the kitchen counter so visitors can have some while examining the house. A pot of freshly brewed coffee will invoke the memories of home and family time, while fresh flowers will breathe life into the place. Even if you sell an empty house, these things can make all the difference and help buyers decide to buy your home.


Listen to your inner voice and create an ultimate checklist based on all the things you would look for when buying a house. This will help you to put the best version of your property on the market, as well as to get the highest price. After all, if you think like a buyer you will be able to sell your home more efficiently and agreeably.



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How To Find The Perfect Gift For Senior Family & Friends

Seniors are a discerning bunch; they have often lived rich lives, developed a wide range of hobbies, and probably have all the equipment they need at home and in the garage. This can make gift buying a challenge. How to ensure you don’t succumb to the typical present of perfume or socks this year? By thinking a little out of the box and getting them something they never expected – including art, fitness and experience based gifts!

Art is the Gift that Never Fades

The effect on art on the human psyche has long been studied, with recent studies showing that both contemplating and creating art, can help put us into a mindful mood, lower stress, and make us feel more positive. Imagine the face on your parent or grandparent when they realize that you have bought them a gift that will engross and entertain them for many years to come. Art has a wonderful ability to adapt to our frame of mind, and keen art lovers know that the way we view particular paintings or sculptures changes as time goes by.

Keeping them Fighting Fit

Doctors are constantly warning us of the dangers of the sedentary lifestyle; in seniors, it is particularly important to stay active, since strengthening muscles and bones will help them avoid falls and fractures, and a bit of daily cardio will ensure they keep obesity at bay. One cool gift mature persons love is a fitness tracker, which will indicate how many steps they have taken on a given day, and also track their heart rate and other statistics. Most trackers are lightweight and come in a number of colors, so finding the right model for your loved one will be easy.

Giving an Experience

Find out what items on your friend or family member’s bucket list they have yet to achieve. While buying them a ticket to the Maldives might be a little more than you bargained for, they may list down experiences that you can make possible – for instance, a soothing massage at a luxury spa, a lovely meal at a romantic restaurant, or a night at a hotel they have always dreamed of staying at. Another gift mature people love, is entertainment – tickets to the opera, perhaps, or to a classical music concert. Do they love a band they haven’t seen perform in ages? (e.g. the Rolling Stones or similar)? Nothing is quite as fun as watching one’s favorite band perform!

Gifts for seniors can be so much more exciting than unimaginable gifts such as ties, socks, or grooming products. Would you like to receive any of these gifts? Probably not. Give the mature person in your life something that will ignite their imagination or improve their health. If you can, surprise them with an experience that will provide them with a wonderful memory for many years to come.

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