Paint Colors for Fooling the Eye and Making a Small Room Look Bigger

Home should be a place where you feel safe and free, but it can seem impossible to feel like that when you’re spending your days in a cramped space that causes claustrophobia rather than happiness. Believe it or not, moving into a bigger apartment is not your only option. You can make a room appear larger with nothing but a fresh coat of paint. Even though to appear larger is not the same as to be larger, the illusion of spaciousness can make your room more functional and easier to be in. Here are some suggestions that will prove our point.


Painting a small dark room white is the most frequently used designer trick in order to create an illusion of spaciousness. Dark colors have the tendency of absorbing the light and making a room feel smaller. White does exactly the opposite- it makes the room feel open and airy and maximizes the effect of natural light. However, white calls for caution, since it can appear dull and sterile. For optimal effect, choose off-white tones, such as Benjamin Moor’s China White or Honeymilk Valspar.

Grey Is the New White

For too long white has been considered as the only option for increasing the amount of light in a room, when grey is just as efficient in fulfilling this task. It has been unfairly accused as depressing and drab, but in fact, it is the perfect alternative for the mentioned off-white shades, especially ammonite grey. Cloud grey also does a rather decent job in making a space feel soft and airy, thus creating a clean backdrop often used in Scandinavian décor.

Warm NeutralsWarm Neutrals

Unlike grey, warm neutrals (brown, red, orange and yellow undertones) are often used in small spaces, especially because they can make a room appear larger without compromising the cozy atmosphere characteristic for small spaces. Furthermore, they fit in perfectly in any design style and color palette, so you can introduce them without overhauling your entire home. Some of the best warm neutral shades you can find on the market are Alexandra Beige by Benjamin Moore and Old White by Farrow & Ball.

Pretty Pastels

There’s nothing quite like a small room painted with pastel tones. These shades are feminine by nature, and they can brighten any space and add a few imaginary square inches to it. Mauve, peach, lavender and light pink (e.g. Pantone’s Rose Quartz) are lovely choices, especially if you pair them with subtle neutrals. Just remember to use acetone for brushes if you’re going to paint with two different colors in the same day, if you don’t want your beige to become pink.

CitrusCitrus Shades

Yellow can look amazing in small rooms and enhance the presence of natural light. However, don’t go with too dark or too bright shade, since it can overwhelm the space. Pale, creamy yellow, soft banana and subtle shade of lemon are the best choices. You can combine them with light lime green or sorbet orange to create more visual interest.

Sea Tones

Lighter greens and blues that remind us of coastal scenes create a soothing atmosphere that can at the same time both enlarge and brighten your space. Sea foam green is especially effective, because it’s versatile and works very well with many other shades, like darker greens (e.g. rich forest green), white, pink, blue, etc.

Sea Tones

The fact that all of the mentioned colors are brighter shouldn’t discourage you from using darker bold shades in small space. However, it is important to know how to use them. Dark colors will work best when used on an accent wall, furniture and accessories, or to accentuate an architectural feature such as fireplace or niche.


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Baby’s Room: Refresh it with the blossoming trends of the spring!

When you become a parent, your whole world changes in ways you did not even imagine to be possible. You start seeing life differently, you appreciate good things in your life more than ever and no longer pay attention to things that are not important. Even from pregnancy, parents start making plans for their future life together as a family.

Decorating the baby room is an important stage in their life. They wish to create a living special that is similar to those from fairytales for their baby to have a nice start in life. If you are at this stage in your life right now or plan on having a baby soon, today, we have decided to reveal a few innovative ways in which you can refresh your baby room with the blossoming trends of the spring.


Rely on the Nicest Accessories for Your Baby’s Room

Whenever you engage in a new interior design project and your focus is your baby’s room, you can rely on the nicest accessories at your disposal to make this space look great and be comfortable to live in. This spring you can rely on cute silhouette embroidery hoop art that will make your baby room be filled with energy and nice memories. Also, you can opt for SIY cloud garlands that will bring more style to your baby’s crib. Your little boy or girl will fall asleep every day and night feeling part of a real wonderland with such counting clouds.

Moreover, the baby room should be a place in which everything that your baby touches is fluffy and soft. For this intended purpose, you can choose sets of attractive rugs that will go perfectly around the bedside. Not to mention the fact that you need to use all the space at your disposal to hide all the things that are necessary for the baby. A perfect hideaway under the baby crib can offer you the extra storage options that you need. All you have to do for this is to conceal such spaces with nice, colorful crib skirts that will make the room look impeccable.


Choose Great Spring Colors for the Baby’s Room

Colors play an essential role when you decorate your baby’s room. This is a space that should be colorful, playful and pleasant to live in according to your baby’s age requirements. If you are not a huge fan of pink and blue, you can always opt for green shades that are spring-like and cheery. It is also the perfect way in which you can bring the outdoors magic inside your baby’s room. This color is gender neutral so it is a perfect choice both for girls and boys.

Moreover, there are also shades of colors that change with the light. This will help you create a fairytale atmosphere in your baby’s room with bright shades during the day and cozy ones at night. Soft shades of violet also make a great choice in combination with fine touches of gray. Such an option is light enough to make a perfect combination with any accessory or shade used in the room. Moreover, it is an advantageous choice of color in the long-run.


Perfect Choices for Enhanced Elegance and Sophistication

Every detail counts when you decorate your baby’s room. Bold stripes can help you create a perfect blend of sophistication and playfulness in the nursery. You can choose a blue-and-white color pattern for such choices. These stripes can be considered for the patterned curtains in the baby’s room for the crib skirt as well as the matching rug that she will love playing with every day.

When you combine everything with a flower chandelier, the results will be eye-grabbing for sure. Such stripes can also be used on the walls to add excitement to the overall space. Bold orange stripes can make a real statement when these are perfectly combined with other items and accessories to create a harmonious décor for the room.

Finally, there are endless options at your disposal in terms of colors for the walls, interesting accessories for the baby room, a high-quality children’s mattress or patterned curtains that ensure perfect privacy. Choose the best options at your disposal and decorate the baby room in a way that will make the baby feel perfect living in it.


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Benefits Of Meditation

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