10 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Out

Many of us struggle with exercising because we lack motivation. Even if we manage to start going to the gym or doing some home exercises, we still tend to give up after some time. It is easy to get the initial desire to lose weight or stay in shape, but keeping that desire and preserving your motivation is another thing. In order to help you motivate yourself to work out every day, here are some useful tips.

image 4Set your goals

In order to start and keep on exercising you have to have a clear goal. Your desired outcome should be specifically defined, which will make it a lot easier to fulfill. Also, for example, define several smaller goals for each month. Plan to lose a few pounds one month, the next one plan to lose a few inches from your waist, the third month can be the month of gaining some muscles and so on. Try to set more challenging goals each month and, by sticking to them and fulfilling them, you will manage to stay motivated.

Make a training plan

There are thousands of ways to achieve your goals. However, one thing is common for any goal – a training plan. No matter how long it will take you to achieve your goals, you will need a day-to-day plan to help you get there. Even if some days are reserved for resting, they also need to be in your plan, so make sure to consult with your personal trainer or someone trustworthy. The plan will keep you on track and it will be far more satisfying to accomplish your goals if you can visually follow them.

image 2Record your training progress

It is essential to track your progress because it will help you set new goals and stay motivated. Keep a logbook or a diary of your gym visits, swimming trainings, running times and other exercises and their duration. This will be a great reminder of all your efforts and it will inspire you to keep on going.

Have a buddy system

Whether you work out with your best friend or not, you should have a buddy system for tracking your exercises. It will provide you with some positive experience that will inspire you each day to exercise more. For example, you can share a Pinterest board with your friend, update your daily exercises and share them. Even if you exercise on your own, your friend’s routine will keep you motivated to follow their steps and even provide motivation for them.

Reward yourself

Getting fit and healthier is a reward on its own, but people often need more. If you want to make your exercises more tangible, you should reward yourself with a smoothie or some delicious treat from time to time. By promising yourself rewards after training, your brain will manage to convince itself to work hard because there is a reward waiting. The brain will figure out that such behavior is worthwhile and it will motivate you to try harder to achieve your goals. Also, by rewarding yourself and training your brain, you will manage to turn the routine into a good habit.

image 3Go shopping for some gym clothes

Believe it or not, new gym wear can make you feel fantastic and excited about your day at the gym. Go shopping, try out different running shoes, T-shirts, tops, sweatpants and yoga pants, and see which pieces make you feel super excited. Fill your closet with plenty of comfy gym wear and you won’t have a problem with getting up and running or hitting the gym in the morning, ever again. Treat yourself to some quality training equipment and you won’t regret it.


It is surprisingly easy to lose motivation even though you have already done everything you can to keep it. That’s why you need to keep things interesting when it comes to the training itself. Same exercises each day will bore you and you will lose interest faster. Try some cross-training to prevent that from happening. If you like running, you can try the opposite and ride a bike, elliptical trainer or go swimming once a week. Mixing up the exercises and breaking up the monotony will give you a chance to improve your flexibility and strength, while it will also keep your brain interested.

Create a playlist

Music makes everything better and that’s why you should have a playlist for your workout. Stick to some upbeat energetic songs that will get your adrenaline high and your body ready for running, squatting and sweating. Depending on your taste in music, you can include a variety of genres; from some Metallica classics, to Beyoncé’s upbeat hits. Just make sure that the list makes you feel motivated to start your workout session and don’t forget to update it from time to time.

 image 6“Lazy Day” backup plan

There will be days when you won’t feel like going to the gym. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work out. Even if you feel a bit lazy, give your best to do a quick workout at home. All you’ll need is some space and an exercise mat. You can do some yoga or core exercises, and don’t lose motivation for the next day. The very thing that you exercised even though you felt lazy will inspire you to never give up, which will help you overcome laziness quickly.

Embrace your competitive side

If you like to compete, embrace that side of yours to keep you interested in your trainings. Even if you only go to the gym, find someone to compete with every now and then and you will always be happy to go and exercises, because you’ll know that there is a chance of “winning”.

You should never give up on your goals. Try out these little tricks and your motivation will increase. Don’t let your laziness win, keep on working out every day and conquer more challenges.



Ecercise Buddy – Or Not!?!?!

Want to give exercise your all? Do it solo! People are more likely to work out harder if they are alone, according to a recent survey. It is easier to push yourself when you do it alone when you don’t have to worry about someone else’s agenda or pace. But fitness friendships do have proven perks: People work out twice as long with a friend. But if you are looking for a hard sweat, do it alone.

Your Health – And How Mobile Apps Can Help

Time in front of computer screens or television is often listed as part of the reason why Americans aren’t as healthy as they have been in the past. But as the saying goes, “There’s an app for that.” Times have changed, and if you’re looking to stay fit and healthy, here are four mobile apps that give you and your family extra help:
Lose It!: Counting calories is perhaps the most effective way to keep track of your health goals. This app allows you to enter what you eat each day and calculates your calories. It also tracks how many calories you burn while exercising.

Size Me Up: An application that allows children to enter their current height and receive estimates for how tall they might be in the future. This can be used to keep your child motivated to eat right, so they can grow up to be tall and healthy.

The Carrot: As an interactive journal, this application allows you to track multiple items related to health.

FitReach: This training and diet application allows you to enter information on your meals, as well as workouts. It also encourages you to do regular weigh-ins so you can compare your weight loss with your goals.

Applications are available on iTunes and can also be downloaded through your iPhone or other compatible mobile device.