Best Cleaning and Organizing Tips- Best Home Décor Hacks

Decorating a home is a way to personalize your living area and live in a comfort zone. A well decorated room changes one’s mind. You feel fresh when you live in a beautiful home. For decoration of a home it doesn’t mean that you spend your all time to clean the floor area and spend a huge amount of money. It should be in a perfect way and should be completed within a reasonable time and affordable amount. Here are some ways which you can consider for changing the entire look to your room and amplify the overall space of your home:

  • Ways of saving money: – One of the toughest facts about homeowners is that you cannot always afford expensive home décor accessories! There are so many things which you can replace with inexpensive things. Would not you like to find ways to save money in your everyday life and get amazing decoration ideas?I am going to start from lighting of a home. You can use LED bulbs which consume less electricity as compared to regular bulbs and also protects your eyes.

LED bulb in a room

Other quick tips are: Take a handmade dhurrie for the floor decoration, Use mobile phone instead of T. V and computer for watching movie and news etc. you can decorate your living room by changing the sofa cover instead of changing your sofa set so that you can save money.

  • Saving Time: – Planning is the best way to save your time. Always make a legitimate plan before starting any task. You can use magazines, internet for getting inspiration of home decoration ideas, read through the magazines to learn what your taste means, and home decoration books. Visit the home improvement store and collect colors and material samples so that you can decide which the best for your room is. Determine what your personal style is: Vintage, Modern, and Bohemian, choose your style and start planning. After making a perfect plan you can begin your task and save time.

carpet in starirs

  • More safety: –Your home, whether it is a house or a room in the house, should be a comfortable and secure environment. While security-proofing every aspect or part of your home, it is impossible but you can do some simple improvements that make your home safe for everyone. Use window guards and safety nettings, install these to help prevent falls from windows, balconies, decks, and landings. Use medium size handmade carpet on the floor especially in the kitchen and dining room and a small durrie at close to your bathroom. Place a long runner on the stairs. It will protect you and your family toslipfrom stairs.
  • More fun: –There are so many ways to add fun in your home. You can engage in some creativity in your home which you like. You can install paintings on your wall depending upon the theme of the area.


Select an easily accessible wall with a free space on it or you can also use a fridge door. From a roll of craft paper or a paper bag, cut long, thin strips in 4 by 30 inches, but you can size them to fit your space. Using a colored marker, write a poetic line on a strip and stick it up with poster tack. Place extra strips, poster tack, and put a jar of colored markers nearby. Invite family members to add a line silly or serious (depends on their mood) strikes, with each person using a different-color marker.


Making Decorating Your Child’s Bedroom A Fun Way To Get Your Child Involved

Children are visual creatures. They love bright and colorful things. Dull colors and items do not excite them. Children also store a lot of energy within them and when left with nothing to do, they would get involved in all sorts of mischief resulting in chaos within the house. As a parent, I am sure that this is the last thing you want in your home. You, therefore, have to come up with creative ways to keep your children busy and one of the best activities that you can get your kids involved in is decorating their rooms. Since your kids will be spending most of their time in their rooms, getting them involved in the decoration is a great way to bring their creativity and uniqueness into play. Your kid’s bedroom is not just their sleep quarters but their play areas as well, and you should factor this in the decoration as well. Here are great tips on how to make decorating your child’s bedroom a fun way to get your child involved.

child room

  1. A blackboard wall.

Repainting your child’s room is a great way to decorate your kid’s room. However, rather than going with normal paint on all the walls, you can pick one wall and paint it with blackboard paint.  The advantage of this goes beyond giving the room a fresh look in that the wall painted with blackboard paint can be used as a learning tool. Homework and school assignments can be written on the wall to serve as reminders. You can also use the wall to teach your kids math and explain other concepts using diagrams. When painting the room, you can get your kids involved by letting them help you mix the paint and painting portions of the wall.

  1. Picture walls are a great way to get your child involved.

This is another way to get your kids involved in room decoration. They can make designs of different images on paper and hang them on a thread on one of the walls. Since all the materials needed for this decoration move are items that you can find in your home or can be purchased at your local store, this decoration move is, therefore, cheap and cost effective. The children will also be amused to see their creations on display and this could spur further creativity in them.

child room1

  1. Dual-purpose beds.

Since kid’s rooms serve a lot of purposes, it’s advisable to decorate your kid’s room with multi-purpose items for greater versatility. You can add a baby cot mattress that can be used for sleeping at night and as a sofa during the day.

  1. Organize appropriately.

The playful nature of kids could result in disorganized rooms. Disorganized rooms are a safety hazard as well since misplaced toys and furniture can trip and injure the kids and other people in the rooms. The messy nature of disorganized rooms also makes any decorations within the room not to stand out. When organizing your child’s room, get your kids involved and let them know where to keep their toys when they are done with them. It also teaches them the essence of proper organization and management. It’s advisable to have a storage unit within the kid’s room where your kids will store their toys and learning materials.

child room2

  1. Create mini learning centers in the kid’s rooms.

Your kid’s room should not just be sleep and play centers. They should use their rooms for their homework and learning activities. This necessitates that you set up a learning center in your child’s room. For this, you will need a table, a chair and probably a table lamp. Get your kids to help you when you are shopping for these items and setting them up. Let them pick the furniture in the colors that they like as this will make them eager to use them for learning purposes.


When decorating your child’s room, it is also advisable to get the children involved since after all, they will be spending most of the time in those rooms. Involving them also provides you with a great opportunity to bond with your child.


Top Trends For Girl’s Bedroom Are Veering Away From The Pink Saturation Approach

For the longest time, girls have been associated with their love for pink. Most parents, therefore, have been working hard to ensure that their little ones get a room that meets their girlish demands. Since World War II, baby color norms have been taking a new direction. People strongly focus on blue for boys and pink for girl’s tradition. However, due to mass marketing techniques, the systems have been differing to ensure that the rooms remain neutral for both boys and girls.

Different colors have, therefore, been on the market defining different genders. Either way, this has been driving girls towards pink with the drive coming from the parents as well. For some unknown reasons, this drive has been making it hard for girls to enjoy their sophisticated nature when they attain a certain age.

When decorating a girl’s bedroom, it’s good to note that she will use the room even when she becomes a teen. Therefore, the decoration should be done in a way that it has both a princess’ look and sophisticated touch for her old age. Here is how to decorate a girl’s room and stay away from the pink color completely.

  1. Beddings basics

Beddings are the centerpiece for every bedroom. For every girl, a beautiful bed to sleep and dream on is very essential. Regardless of the beddings being girlish and pink or sophisticated and cool, you should ensure that they all blend in and give an overall image that will keep your little girl happy.

  1. Color basics

All your colors should have the same theme with different shades. When others consider pink or blue, go for a cool color like green, yellow or grey on the walls. Give the room a unique and welcoming theme color that will not be little your girl when she attains a certain age. Always keep in mind that she will grow up with the room and there are times when she will not be happy with toys around.

Additionally, purple and pink are not the only colors for girls. You can go red and blend it with light shades of ballerina pink. With these colors, all you need is to ensure that you include unique paints of the same color to complement the entire room.

  1. Finishing touches

This is where all the credits go. Make the bedroom unique, special and attractive. Keep everything right with its purposes. Divide the room into subsections to give the girl freedom and chance to incorporate new things. Select a table section with mirrors to serve as a dressing area and study section too. On the table, have drawers that can be used for books and toy hideouts.  Have a few bears with different colors to synchronize the entire room. Additionally, you can implement the use of trundle beds for few friends’ sleepovers.

Alternatively, you can find a cool and attractive baby cot mattress on one side of the room and improve it with trundle beds on the other side. Girls are very sensitive and they will always note even the slightest changes you make to improve their room. Unlike boys, girls will always want to be in charge of their room and the type of paints you incorporate.

Another thing about girls is that they will always want to feel and know their rooms are different from their friends. Therefore, painting and decorating the room pink will only make them similar to the others. In return, their self-esteem will deteriorate and it may make your little angle lose her self-confidence when she becomes a grownup.


As you decorate the girl’s bedroom, it’s good to keep it simple and unique. Ensure that all her young age fantasies are not outshined by the adulthood preparation you are making in advance. Give the room a sophisticated image but still keep it girlish with the entire princess’ nature. Let your daughter enjoy the pleasure of her own little room at all ages without feeling you have over done the decorations or exaggerated her color tastes. Finally, keep your mind open and be ready to renovate the room whenever you feel she is unhappy.

Paint Colors For Fooling The Eye And Making A Small Room Look Bigger

Home should be a place where you feel safe and free, but it can seem impossible to feel like that when you’re spending your days in a cramped space that causes claustrophobia rather than happiness. Believe it or not, moving into a bigger apartment is not your only option. You can make a room appear larger with nothing but a fresh coat of paint. Even though to appear larger is not the same as to be larger, the illusion of spaciousness can make your room more functional and easier to be in. Here are some suggestions that will prove our point.


Painting a small dark room white is the most frequently used designer trick in order to create an illusion of spaciousness. Dark colors have the tendency of absorbing the light and making a room feel smaller. White does exactly the opposite- it makes the room feel open and airy and maximizes the effect of natural light. However, white calls for caution, since it can appear dull and sterile. For optimal effect, choose off-white tones, such as Benjamin Moor’s China White or Honeymilk Valspar.

Grey Is the New White

For too long white has been considered as the only option for increasing the amount of light in a room, when grey is just as efficient in fulfilling this task. It has been unfairly accused as depressing and drab, but in fact, it is the perfect alternative for the mentioned off-white shades, especially ammonite grey. Cloud grey also does a rather decent job in making a space feel soft and airy, thus creating a clean backdrop often used in Scandinavian décor.

Warm NeutralsWarm Neutrals

Unlike grey, warm neutrals (brown, red, orange and yellow undertones) are often used in small spaces, especially because they can make a room appear larger without compromising the cozy atmosphere characteristic for small spaces. Furthermore, they fit in perfectly in any design style and color palette, so you can introduce them without overhauling your entire home. Some of the best warm neutral shades you can find on the market are Alexandra Beige by Benjamin Moore and Old White by Farrow & Ball.

Pretty Pastels

There’s nothing quite like a small room painted with pastel tones. These shades are feminine by nature, and they can brighten any space and add a few imaginary square inches to it. Mauve, peach, lavender and light pink (e.g. Pantone’s Rose Quartz) are lovely choices, especially if you pair them with subtle neutrals. Just remember to use acetone for brushes if you’re going to paint with two different colors in the same day, if you don’t want your beige to become pink.

CitrusCitrus Shades

Yellow can look amazing in small rooms and enhance the presence of natural light. However, don’t go with too dark or too bright shade, since it can overwhelm the space. Pale, creamy yellow, soft banana and subtle shade of lemon are the best choices. You can combine them with light lime green or sorbet orange to create more visual interest.

Sea Tones

Lighter greens and blues that remind us of coastal scenes create a soothing atmosphere that can at the same time both enlarge and brighten your space. Sea foam green is especially effective, because it’s versatile and works very well with many other shades, like darker greens (e.g. rich forest green), white, pink, blue, etc.

Sea Tones

The fact that all of the mentioned colors are brighter shouldn’t discourage you from using darker bold shades in small space. However, it is important to know how to use them. Dark colors will work best when used on an accent wall, furniture and accessories, or to accentuate an architectural feature such as fireplace or niche.


Summer Party Décor Inspiration

We all know what summer is actually about: countless of hours spent in the pleasant ambience of our backyards with a few of our favourite friends and family members. Yes, the moment that sun decides to honour us with its sizzling presence, we’ll be prepared to throw some of the most spectacular summer parties. Okay, so you’ve spruced up your yard, compiled the guest list, decided on the foods and drinks you’re going to serve…all you have left now is to decide on the theme of the party. How you’re going to decorate the whole setting is one of the most important things, as you’ll want to create a superb atmosphere for your guests. If you’re lacking inspiration, perhaps some of these ideas might help you create an exquisite summer party setting.

hotel_bel_air_oprah_winfreys_50th_birthday_party_january_2004That ‘70s Show

Summer simply screams bright colours, bold patterns and heavy prints. Why not consolidate this into one perfect retro party theme from the ‘70s? Colourful paper flowers, peace signs and smiley faces should permeate the whole setting, while you can always put up some old music records to contribute to the whole ‘70s glam. As for the lighting goes, a shiny disco ball is an essential part of the ‘70s décors, but a few lava lamps and glowing sticks will also do the trick. You can always set up a dress code where afro hairstyles, flares and fringes are going to be an obligatory part of the costume. Blast some disco music on the player and you can rest easily knowing that your summer party is a major success.

Summer Beach Vibe

If you have a difficult time deciding whether it’s better to throw a party at your own house or drop everything and head to the beach, perhaps it’s a good idea to try and combine those two things into one. Bringing the beach in your backyard can make a refreshing theme for a summer party and the best thing is that it doesn’t require too much effort. A few beach chairs besides the pool, a couple of sun umbrellas for the shade and some nice cold cocktails will easily do the trick. Embellish the backyard with some shell-inspired décor, put a few starfish around the tables, set the dress code to swimwear and you’re all set.

downloadKeep It Classy

If you aren’t really a fan of themed settings and simply wish to enjoy a nice summer day with your friends in a comfortable atmosphere, you can always decide for a simple and elegant lunch or dinner date. Decide on a monochromatic colour scheme, place a few candles in mason jars on the table and serve some good wine to your guests. If you wish to contribute to the whole classy setting, you can always opt for a dinner under a pergola or gazebo, light up the pathway with a few candles and serve dinner in your best china.

Movie Night

Instead of throwing an extravagant party with tons of people, you can always opt for a small, intimate get-together with a couple of your friends. A movie night outdoors on a pleasant summer night seems like a grand idea and all you need is to find a projector and a big canvas to place in the yard, create a comfy seating arrangement and of course – decide on a movie you all want to watch. Make sure to provide your friends with some cosy blankets, some tasty snacks and finger foods, and opt for a cool room rental, so you’d have cold drinks all night on the touch of your fingertips.

Everybody loves a good get-together, especially in summer when the days are scorching hot and nights are pleasant and breezy. If you have the available space and will, surprise your friends with a good summer party every now and then, and your summer will be filled with joy and laughter.