5 Secrets Every Green Thumb Knows

Gardening is such a great hobby because it can be taken up by anyone. Of course, there are people who are better at it than others. This comes only after years spent in and around the garden. During this time, they have picked up numerous tricks that they now use to make the job easier. These green thumbs are usually reluctant to reveal their secrets, but we have prepared 5 of them to help gardening rookies.


Even before you start gardening, you have to know and be aware of all the relevant factors. Nobody just starts gardening in any plot, in any climate, at any given time. Real green thumbs know well enough that preparation is important. Firstly, check which species will grow best in the terrain and climate you intend to plant them. Then, see if the plot is tilted and which side of the world it faces. Whether it is the north side or the south side, will have an effect on the amount of sunlight it gets. For every plant species you introduce be sure to check how much water and sun it requires. Googling can prove to be useful here. Soil composition is also important, but more on that later. Finally, estimate if your garden is going to need fencing off. If the answer is affirmative, look into the types of fencing available. White picket fences are aesthetically most appealing, but thoroughly research if they will provide enough protection for your garden in particular.

Make your own compost

The proper way of using compost can be tricky for new gardeners. Even harder is making your own compost, but this method has numerous benefits in the long fun. In the beginning, just a bucket of compost will more than suffice. There is no need to build those huge wooden crates that you see on bigger estates. They probably have animals such as horses, so they use large quantities of compost. For your garden, just a couple of layers of earth and organic debris will do. Wood chips, dry leaves, and food leftovers are enough for a good compost to form. The latter will serve a better purpose as nutrients for your flowers rather taking space at the local landfill. Another upside is that the compost you make will be more cost-effective than the one purchased from the store, and what is more important, you’ll know it is 100% organic. These are all reasons not to shy away from making your own compost.

The importance of soil

We already mentioned that it is important to know the exact soil composition. The reason for this is that you’ll know precisely which plant species will grow best. There is no point in planting a palm tree if you live in Finland, is there? In most cases, you will have to add hummus to your soil, even if it’s of formidable quality. Just as in humans good health is necessary for all other activities, you want your soil to be as healthy as possible. Seeds will have an easier time growing in ideal conditions so most crops will thrive in your garden. This ought to be the goal of every committed gardener. Also, be sure to have the right tools to manipulate the soil. If it has a high clay content, then you will most certainly need a garden fork to break it up to prepare the hole for seeds. Having the right tool for the job also eases the aforementioned hummus enrichment.

It is OK to make mistakes

Just like in any other activity you undertake, you can make mistakes in gardening as well. However, there are nothing to be ashamed about, since you are still learning. Actually, this might be the best well-kept secret of green thumbs. Mistakes will happen, so why not embrace them. Things are not going to go as planned and you have to be ready for it. For instance, you might plant a species that is unsuitable for the climate and it will die after a couple of weeks or the seed won’t even reach the light of the day. All you can do after such a blunder is to memorize the breed and never plant it again. Also, a common mistake is that you make a wrong overlay of the entire garden, not leaving enough room for pathways. Some plants will, unfortunately, have to get trampled upon for you to learn to include them in the next season’s plan.

Ask for advice

Although gardening is a singles game, communicate with other gardeners. Their experience will prove valuable and if they are willing to share it with you, never say no. You can seek advice from professional gardeners, your neighbor who is a green thumb, or even the staff at the local garden center. Googling is also a recommendable solution to problems that might come along.

Remember that gardening is an activity to be enjoyed in. That’s why you should use these 5 tips in order to become a green thumb yourself one day.

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How to Choose The Best Rug For Your Lifestyle

Rugs play an important role in decorating your home. Not only can they add a touch of elegance and glamour to your space, elevating your home décor to a completely new level, but they can also help you reinvent your space. You can use them to bring your design elements together and create a cohesive, harmonious look. Area rugs can also be used for introducing a feeling of warmth and comfort to your space, creating an inviting, homey ambiance. However, if you want a rug that can achieve all of this, you need to pick the perfect one, and in order to do so, you should ask yourself the following important questions.


Are you eco-conscious?

Whether you have a green home or not, deciding to go with eco-friendly rugs will affect other rug-related decisions you’ll need to make. Above all, this will affect your rug material options, which means that you’ll have all those healthy, natural materials like bamboo at your disposal. They include sisal, jute, hemp, woven seagrass and wool, all equally charming and stylish materials. Not only will eco-friendly rugs bring you one step closer to a greener home, but they will also help you create a healthier environment by eliminating all those toxins and allergens that hide deep within the fibers of your favorite rugs. Furthermore, eco-friendly rugs feature an organic, natural design of soft, neutral hues, which will help you invite natural energy to your home.

What is your style?

Your personal sense of style is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing area rugs for your home. Fortunately, rugs come in all colors, designs, and styles, so you can find those that will undoubtedly reflect your personal taste. However, it’s also important to consider the general style and design of your home to create a cohesive look. This often entails picking rugs that complement your furniture style, which will enable you to create balanced aesthetic appeal in your space. Thus, if your home’s (and yours) predominant style is traditional, you should go with beautiful vintage rugs. On the other hand, minimalist homes call for simple, yet elegant rugs with monochromatic patterns and subdued colours.

How do you use your rugs?

Rugs can have multiple functions in your home, serving as accent details, bringing comfort and warmth, elevating décor, etc. For instance, the most popular and stylish rugs in Australia are often used as mesmerizing focal points that dominate the entire space. If you use an area rug as a focal point, it should feature an impactful design that will come into focus when combined with other design elements. If you want to use rugs to create a cosy home environment, you should go with plush area rugs or layer them in your space. Once you know the function of your rugs in certain rooms, you’ll be able to pick the perfect ones for that particular purpose.

What about your space?

You should keep in mind that the particularities of your space can be crucial for choosing the perfect rugs. For instance, you should go with enchanting round rugs if you have the open floor plan because this will create a warmer atmosphere. If you have narrow hallways, you should go with long runner rugs in order to accentuate the length rather than the width. It’s essential that you choose rugs that will emphasize your home’s positive features rather than draw attention to its shortcomings.


Do you have children?

Children bring a whole new set of rules when it comes to choosing area rugs. Going with eco-friendly rugs may be an appropriate solution here because they are healthy and toxin-free, which is extremely important when you have children who love sitting on the floor. Low-pile or flat area rugs are one of the most popular choices for families because they are easy to clean and hide fewer hazards than high-pile ones. You should also go with durable materials if you have children, preferably stain-resistant ones. Wool and sheepskin are beautiful, cosy and family-friendly options that will help you create a healthy home environment for your kids. Synthetic rugs are also a practical solution, but keep in mind that they aren’t that eco-friendly.

Are pets allowed inside?

Pets also bring certain considerations that you need to keep in mind when choosing rugs for your home. First of all, if you have pets, you shouldn’t spend a fortune on your rugs because they’ll become worn-out fairly quickly. You should choose easy-to-clean, functional and stain-resistant rugs that will enable you to keep your furry friends inside without worrying about spills and stains. Polyester rugs with dark colors or intricate designs are pet-friendly because they can easily mask a stain or two.

Answering these important questions will help you find the perfect area rugs for your home and lifestyle.

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How Would You Select The Best Outdoor Blinds For Your Home?

Today the home improvement market is flooded with many innovative items that make your life comfortable. Outdoor Blinds are one such innovation which helps you to create cozy outdoor living areas by offering you with the protection from the sunlight and privacy from the prying eyes of the neighbors. These are the blinds which are designed mainly for the outdoor and it enhances the aesthetic appeal of any property. In terms of its functionality, homeowners can enjoy the afternoon in better way at their balcony by blocking the heat with the external blinds.

Choose the best outdoor blinds for home improvement:

Outdoor blinds are available in various designs such as, café blinds, full block patio blinds, aluminum or wood privacy blinds, window awnings and more. Because of so many choices, it becomes difficult for homeowners to make the right choice in blinds which can suit the home style. So, check the follow helpful tips to make the right selection.

Modern Homes

 It is undeniable fact that the modern or contemporary homes today have very minimalist design, with neutral or plain colors across the house. So, for such homes you can choose any of the fabric on these types of Outdoor Blinds:

  • Straight drop blinds placed over the windows, porches, pergolas
  • Automated awnings for direct installation over windows
  • Motorized wire guided blinds installed over the windows

Traditional Homes


It is now becoming a popular choice amongst the homeowners of conventional homes to add a modernized extension to their homes. They are opting for both traditional and latest styles of outdoor window treatment which they use with the old style house. Homeowners of traditional homes can consider choosing the striped canvas for the conventional style of Outdoor Blinds. Below are some of the helpful ideas for the front of your traditional house:

  • Automated guided blinds with black and white stripes
  • Automated guided blinds with two tone strips
  • Straight drop blinds with cream and beige strips
  • Straight drop blinds with single tone canvas

Retro Style Homes

 Here the retro style homes means the homes that were build in late 50s and 80s. If you have any old home that are designed with retro style then you can remodel your home with some contemporary designs. You need to ensure that Outdoor Blinds you have selected for the retro style homes fit the fresh look of the interior. If the exterior and the interior of the retro style home has been remodeled or revamped, then it is always a good idea to go with the modern style blinds for outdoor windows. The house which were built in 60s or 70s have contemporary designs relatively and hence the Outdoor Blinds with minimalist design with neutral color schemes are always considered the best choice for such retro style homes.

Choose the best outdoor blinds online:


Now you can search some outdoor blinds online and choose the best one according to the style of your home. But make sure that you should check their quality of the blinds and they must durable enough to resist the heat and adverse weather conditions. Apart from that, you can also customize the outdoor blinds according to your needs and you can hire some experts to install the same in your house. So now you can search them online and choose the best shade and fabric of the outdoor blinds according to your budget.

No matter whatever style and color scheme you choose in Outdoor Blinds, you need to ensure that it helps you to achieve the exceptional blend between the aesthetic appeal and functionality. Compromising on any of these factors is not a good idea indeed for a homeowner.




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