Protect Your Home

Your Home, Alone?
Don’t let crooks steal your holiday cheer.
Plan to travel this winter? Make sure you’re not an easy mark for thieves. To deter break-ins:

• Ask a neighbor you trust to check on your home while you’re away.
• Stop newspaper and mail deliveries.
• Lock all windows and doors, including those in your garage and basement.
• Ask someone to shovel snow, if needed, during your absence.
• Use timers on exterior and interior lights and radios to make your house appear occupied.
• Put away tools and ladders — no need to help the bad guys break in.
• Advise your security company of your plans.
• Don’t “tweet” that you’re traveling.

Antique Questions & Answers

Q: At a recent yard sale, I purchased a radio with a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs design. The radio still plays and has a good tone. Any information you can give me will be appreciated.

A: Your radio was manufactured by Emerson in 1939. The tuning and volume knobs, if original, are acorn designs and a jewel on Snow White’s dress lights up when the unit is turned on. According to the Official Price Guide to Disney Collectibles by Ted Hake, your radio is valued in the $825 to $3 250 range, depending on condition.

Q: I am getting older and would like to liquidate some of my older expensive collectibles and antiques. How do I go about finding a reputable dealer?

A: You should first find and identify dealers who buy and sell the items like those that you have. Don’t contact a furniture store if you have mostly collectible glass. Your next step is to ask for references and credentials. How long has the dealer been in business? Have there been any complaints filed at the Better Business Bureau? Most importantly, follow up on those references. Get informed.

Here’s A Tip For You – Actually Several

1-Get a wonderful shine for your hair by rinsing it with cool water and vinegar. Don’t worry about the smell; it goes away quickly, leaving your hair shiny and lustrous.

2-If you have mineral deposits in a narrow neck jar vase, try using a denture tablet. Add a small amount of water to the vase and drop in the tablet, breaking it up as needed. Let it sit overnight or as the package recommends and rinse well.

3-To freshen old plastic flowers, spray with hairspray.

4-To get rid of static cling on a skirt and slip, just pin a small safety pin to the inside of the hem.

5-If your small appliance has a long cord, try looping it and stuffing the excess through a cardboard paper towel or toilet paper roll.

6-Protect teeth on hand saws by covering them up in storage. Cut a length of garden hose to  fit the length of the saw, then split it down one side. Push the teeth of the saw into the split – an added benefit is you are also protected.

7-Want to keep your refrigerator operating efficiently? Try these two small tricks: First, clean the gaskets on the door, and replace them if they are loose. If you close a dollar bill in the door and can pull it out easily it is time to replace the gaskets. Then, stock empty space with jars or pitchers of water. Cold water is refreshing and helps keep air in your fridge cold.