The Walking Dead Cookies – By Carol

The-Walking-Dead-Carol-Cookies-Recipe-Card-AMCSo if you are an avid fan of The Walking Dead and want Scarol Carols cookies here they are – I tried this and they actually very good!

Happy New Years From Around The World



Candy Corn Banana Corn Cob For Halloween or Thanksgiving

1474589_10153534251255230_1808621433_nI always have loved this time of year because we get to consume candy corn. I love candy corn when it is made of real honey instead of cheap sugars for sweetness. This is also done very quickly and is a great snack – Bananas and Candy Corn!!!

You can use a ripe banana and insert the tips of candy corn into the banana. You can also use peanut butter over banana and then insert candy corn. The peanut butter adds two import factors: It tastes better with peanut butter and it helps keep the banana from going bad quickly since air is kept from it.

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!!!We won the Versatile Blogger Award!!!

Not to toot our own horn but I was just informed that we won the Versatile Blogger Award today and am honored. Thank you Lily Wight for the honor!

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