Open-Faced Breakfast Sandwich

201: cut square from piece of bread and place in buttery pan

2:drop en egg from eggshell into whole

3:move egg around until egg fills square

4:add ham

5:add cheese

6:add square that you cut from bread in number one

7:pat down bread square onto melted cheese

8: enjoy your open faced breakfast sandwich

I have done this on more than one occasion – you can substitute bacon or sausage for the meat and the egg could be scrambled before placing in pan.

Spaghetti & Hot Dogs

Carefully insert dried spaghetti into pieces of hot dog or sausage and boil until spaghetti is to your liking. makes a great and simple dish that kids and adults will love to eat.

Sausage & Egg Noodles

*large package of egg noodles

*green bell pepper



*polish sausage

Bring water to boil (this is important or noodles with be clumpy and not cook right) and add egg noodles to it. Fry sliced sausage and diced peppers and onion in a pan with two large spoons of butter until cooked through. When pasta is done drain and stir everything together.