Melting Snowman Sugar Cookies

Snowman_Cookie_WEBHow cool and how SIMPLE! Do we love it? YES!

Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe. Make your favorite sugar cookie icing recipe when cookies are cooled and make a “puddle” that looks like the snowman has already melted. While the icing is still wet, stick a marshmallow to one side. Let icing dry. Use a red/orange candy sprinkle for the nose and black icing to make eyes, mouth and arms. Use blue icing for the scarf (or change this color up) and green for buttons (or change this color up as well).

I told you it was simple – and it looks so cool you people will think you took a lot of time to create your masterpieces.

Thanksgiving Day Pilgrim Cookie / Candies

111111111Thanksgiving Day Pilgrim Cookie

~Turn fudge stripped cookies upside down

~Hold Reece’s candy with the top facing down and pipe icing on the top of cookie

~Stick the Reece’s on top of icing

~Pipe orange icing around base to make a nice finish and add a buckle design on the front

Tips and Tricks:

~Use a small zip lock bag with tip cut off to pipe for these cookies and save money by not using the expensive icing bags

~Instead of fudge stripped cookies use the cookie parts of Oreo’s and enjoy the insides while preparing these cookies

Halloween Sugar Cookie Mummies ~ Easy

545870_10100141348623202_2044196699_nSo Easy!!! Make your favorite sugar cookie dough recipe (or use premade) roll and cut out (with a knife)  cookies that are shaped like your thumb. Round the ends and bake. Make an icing recipe and drizzle back a nd fourth across the cookies – it does not need to be neat and perfect which makes it great to allow your children to help. You can use a sandwich zip lock bag and cut a tiny piece from the corner to pipe icing. The eyes can be made by mixing the same recipe for the icing and add a few drops of food coloring or you could place two chocolate chips top side pushed into cookie before you bake them. Easy and looks great when you have several on a plate for a Halloween party or favors for a party.

Cinco De Mayo Cookies

cinco 5 de mayo cookie cookie spinkles sprinkle gum drop icing

Bake or use pre-made sugar cookies – any recipe will do so use a favorite. They can be soft or crisp depending upon personal preference. Use icing and pipe (you can use a zip-lock baggie with corner cut off) a dollop right in the middle to attach your gum drop. Pipe around edge of gum drop and then around the edge of the cookie itself. Use candy sprinkles in multiple colors or candy sugar or one color. Sombreros are always individual so have fun and be creative and make each one different.


Candy Pie Banks

65127_10151134075180919_1236489235_nMake a favorite sugar cookie recipe (a recipe that makes hard sugar cookies) or you can make this with gingerbread. Cook the cookie in a “whoopie pie” pan. When cookies are done  and cooled take two  halves and use icing the “glue” them together after you have stuffed the bottom side of this “pie” with Skittles, M&M or similar candies. Pipe on a bow of icing or tie on a ribbon with a bow on top. Would make a great gift or party favor or wouldn’t it be a special treat for the kids for desert?