Transform Your Space: 7 Decorative Flooring Options For Every Style

Flooring is an essential part of any space, and choosing the right flooring can completely
transform the look and feel of a room, patio, or deck.

Want something different from the usual floor tiles for your coffee nook, play area, or living
room? You can use a unique quartz and marble flooring system to simulate a carpeted look
without the hassle of maintaining and cleaning an actual carpet.

A stone carpet in Dubai can be an excellent idea, especially in the sweltering summer months when you may not appreciate a heavy carpet’s added warmth. It’s particularly suitable for outdoor use, adding character to and defining the boundaries of a particular section, just like actual carpets do. While there are carpets and rugs meant for use outdoors, they’re still a hassle to dry, clean, and maintain.

There are many decorative flooring options available. Below are some ideas.

  1. Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete flooring is a sleek and modern option that is becoming increasingly popular in contemporary homes. This type of flooring involves treating the concrete surface with a polishing machine, resulting in a smooth, shiny finish.

One of the benefits of polished concrete flooring is that it is exceptionally durable and low-
maintenance. It’s resistant to stains and scratches, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic
areas like living rooms and kitchens.

  1. Floor Finishing
    Instead of using a hyper grinder to grind and polish your concrete floors to a smooth, hard-
    wearing surface, you can treat them with a resinous decorative finish. Your floor is essentially a blank slate you can customize to match your aesthetic, as this approach allows you to create a seamless backdrop for your focal point or create bespoke works of floor art.

For instance, you can use the Colortek Liquid Crystal decorative flooring finish to incorporate
custom patterns and pigments, integrate metallic particles and pearlescent effects, and utilize
glitter and color shifts to create a virtually infinite array of floor designs.

Using Liquid Crystal or a similar finish, you can enhance your floor with geode patterns, a
crystalline look, an abstract mural overlay, or a larger-than-life geometric design.

Alternatively, you can use the Colortek Urban self-leveling resin layer to create a strikingly
seamless, joint-free finish that you can use as a backdrop for your room’s furnishings or as a
canvas for more designs.

Colortek Neocement can appropriate if you have degraded concrete floors. Neocement is a
decorative finish that you can use to resurface old and worn-out concrete floors. It hardens,
toughens, and treats concrete floor surfaces, so they look, feel, and work like new.

You can also use poured epoxy terrazzo to finish your floor. This epoxy floor has pieces of
marble, glass, quartz, granite, and other materials to create a smooth and seamless floor finish that is resistant to scratches and stains and can withstand high traffic.

  1. Stone Carpet Flooring Systems

Instead of using a carpet, which can add to your maintenance burden, why not create the look of a carpet using a quartz and marble stone carpet flooring system like Colortek DeepC?

You can create a carpet-like overlay on your floor using such a system. Indoor, outdoor, it
doesn’t matter. This stone carpet surface is ultraviolet radiation-resistant and extraordinarily
durable against chemical and mechanical stress. It is breathable and does not trap moisture,
but also doesn’t let water through to the concrete or masonry substrate underneath.

It creates such a moisture-impermeable layer that you can use it to give your swimming pool a carpeted look. Create interesting geometric patterns, or put your monogram at the bottom of your pool. You can also create a faux sandy beach look on your pool deck by treating it with an appropriately colored stone carpet overlay.

Stone carpet flooring systems combine marble and colored quartz granules to create their
carpet look. Application begins with a primer to seal the substrate. An antiskid silica granules
layer is applied next, left alone for 24 hours, then dry-brushed to remove excess particles.

Next comes the pebble mix, arranged according to the planned design and left to cure for 24
hours. A topcoat layer then goes on top and is allowed to dry for three days to create a
waterproof surface.

  1. Reclaimed Wood Flooring

This is for you if you love the rustic and natural look. It is created from wood salvaged from old buildings or other sources. The wood is cleaned, treated, and processed to create a beautiful and durable wooden floor layer.

Reclaimed wood flooring is eco-friendly because it’s made from recycled lumber instead of new wood. It can also be visually striking because of the wood’s unique character and imperfections.

  1. Cork Flooring

Cork is made from the bark peeled off the cork oak tree. Since the cork oak tree’s bark
regenerates every nine years, cork is not only biodegradable but also renewable.

Cork flooring is durable and easy to maintain. It’s resistant to mold, mildew, and moisture, so
cork floors are a good choice for bathrooms and kitchens. They also have a soft and cushioned feel, making them comfortable to walk on.

  1. Patterned Vinyl Flooring

Patterned vinyl flooring is a fun and creative option that can add a pop of color and personality to any space. This type of flooring comes in various patterns and designs, from bold geometric shapes to playful floral prints.

One of the benefits of using patterned vinyl flooring is that it is affordable and easy to install.
It’s also quite durable and easy to clean, making it a practical choice for households with kids and pets. Additionally, you can cut it to fit any room or space, making it a versatile option for any home.

  1. Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are a versatile and practical option for offices, playrooms, and other high-traffic
areas. Carpet tiles are available in different colors, patterns, and textures, allowing you to
create unique looks.

One of the benefits of carpet tiles is that they are easy to install and replace. If a tile becomes damaged or stained, you can simply replace it with a new one rather than having to replace the entire carpet. Additionally, carpet tiles are easy to clean.

Your Floor, Your Style
Your floor design can significantly impact your space’s overall look and feel. From the rustic
charm of reclaimed wood to the sleek modernity of polished concrete, various decorative
flooring options are available to suit any budget and style.

Whether you’re looking for durability, eco-friendliness, or a pop of color, there’s a decorative
flooring option out there for you.

Ralph El Eid is the Business Development Manager at COLORTEK – Wall & Floor Fashion.
EQUIPAINT is the franchise owner of COLORTEK in Dubai (U.A.E.) and Doha (Qatar); an
international paints manufacturer specializing in the widest range of decorative paints and
seamless concrete & resin flooring, with a unique showroom concept, and thus an ideal
destination for homeowners, consultants, architects, interior designers and paint applicators.

Ultimate Checklist For Renovating Your Home

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

The New Year has just started and this may be the best time to change things in your life. If you weren’t happy with your figure, you could try changing your diet and start a new exercise regime. If you weren’t happy with your home, give it a makeover! Remodelling your home can seem overwhelming, but the truth is that a good plan can simplify this process significantly. A renovating checklist could be exactly what you need to create your dream house. This way, you can be certain that you’ll remember everything and that you’ll get it done in the right order!

Make a plan 

Firstly, you should create an idea of what you want to achieve. Before you start gathering the materials, you should know which direction you’re headed in. You should start by examining your home – both the exterior and interior. 

Make sure that the floors, the roof, the plumbing, and the electricity are all properly inspected. Then, try to figure out what you want to do with the space and determine the possible duration of the renovation. You should also set the budget at this point. 

Start from the outside

You could do the home renovation in any way you’d like. However, starting from the outside and working your way in could be the most efficient and neat. You could start from your roof. Make sure to repair everything broken or get a new roof if necessary. 

Another thing that could need repairing or replacing is the material. Check out the paint and the materials on your house. If your doors and windows have an air leak, invest in them as well. Don’t neglect your garden either and increase your curb appeal with a simple makeover. 

Kitchen and bathroom 

The two rooms that usually need a complete transformation are the kitchen and bathroom. When it comes to these two, you should pay attention to both functionality and aestheticism. For the kitchen, you should take care of the lighting and storing options first. 

You could invest in a kitchen island if you have the time, space, and money! As far as the bathroom is concerned, you should upgrade the shower and the faucet. Good ventilation and storage space are the key parts of a functional bathroom. 

Floor plan 

If you don’t want to upgrade the existing room, but you want to add new ones, you should take this even more seriously. Nothing can increase the value of your home as professional home extensions. You can add a room or knock some walls down efficiently and inexpensively!

If you’re unhappy with the current layout of your home, you don’t have to put up with it. You can add a whole floor if you wish. Installing a built-in storage space or converting an unused space such as a basement into something else are also your options. 

Electrical items 

Electricity is more than an important part of a modern home. To keep everything functional in your home, you may want to upgrade your electrical appliances. For instance, integrated kitchen appliances are always great additions.

Next to integrated fridges and cookers, you should also install some electrical sockets and a new lighting system. With some home assistant, you can create a smart home. This will allow you to enjoy the benefits of smart home security, for example. 


You should be aware of the importance of flooring in interior design. Flooring won’t just affect your home design, but it will also make your house more functional and affect your health. If you have allergies, you should carefully pick your flooring options. 

When it comes to the flooring remodelling, you could update your current options or you could enhance their beauty with some carpets and rugs. You could also lay some tiles in the kitchen or bathroom and you could consider underfloor heating. 


When it comes to the plumbing system, it’s important to update it in older properties. If your property is of a recent date, you could simply have a maintenance check. Look for worn and old pipes and replace them. 

You could install new taps and other fixtures. If the bathroom is old, you could invest in a new bath, toilet, and shower to modernise the space. Make sure to have your sewer system checked and cleaned if necessary. 


Finally, you can focus on making your home more personal and unique. When buying furniture, look for timeless classics. Make sure to hang some art and a lot of mirrors on the walls. Think of colour schemes for different rooms and start painting!

Get some blinds and curtains for your windows and try to match the vibe with each addition. Buy some lamps and put some flowers throughout the house. Use throw pillows and blankets to create comfort and give texture to the rooms!


Home renovation is a challenging task. If you plan it carefully, though, you could make it a fun and interesting project. Make sure to create your checklist and work your way to your dream house!

Home Office Upgrades You Need for Boosting Creativity

In Ancient Greece, people believed that inspiration happens as a direct result of a visit of goddesses known as muses. This is why creative work is so hard to predict and control. An artist or a creative worker needs to “summon the muse,” in order to achieve their optimal efficiency and this is not an easy task. The simplest way to do so is to optimize your work area (your home office) and turn it into a shrine of creativity. Here are five upgrades that will help you achieve this in no time.

1.   Additional monitor

The first improvement that you need to take into consideration is the introduction of an additional monitor into your tech arsenal. According to some surveys, this can lead to up to 40 percent increase in productivity. Pragmatically speaking, the advantages of multiple-screen setup are numerous. First of all, you get the privilege of having more work surface. Second, you get to look at your resources and your work at the same time. If you’re in the industry where the drag-and-drop method is the go-to model, multiple screens can revolutionize this activity.

2.   Dream board

Motivational posters are, beyond doubt, quite effective in some areas but they are also seen as somewhat corny or outdated by a lot of people. Instead, opt for a dream board. This is a board where you can display all your goals, dreams and aspirations. As they say, when you take a dream and put a date of completing next to it, you’ve just created a goal. Sure, some of your goals are impossible to remember but it’s always a good idea to have a dream in front of your eyes, just so that you can remember what you are fighting for.

3.   Proper flooring

An adequate flooring option for your home office is an essential upgrade for more than one reason. As a creative worker, you’re under the influence of all sorts of stimuli and senses. Tactile and audio senses are just two prominent examples. With the right floor, you can make an improvement in both of these sectors. An ergonomic office chair makes noises when sliding across the hardwood floor. This both distracts you and scratches the floor, damaging it in the process. With a well-placed plastic chair mat, this problem can be solved once and for all. Also, adding a great area rug to the room can make the entire place cozier, thus making it more stimulating.

4.   Sound-proofing the area

Sound-proofing is a method that keeps the noises from the outside at bay and noises from the inside, safely within the four walls of your room. This is incredibly important for those who live with roommates or family members. Sure, you can explain it to everyone just how important it is for them to remain quiet, yet, they might not always honor that agreement. Also, why would you have to impose these rules on them in their own home, especially if you don’t have to? By sound-proofing the place, you will get just that.

5.   A standing desk

Previously, we’ve talked about fixing the problems caused by your ergonomic chair, however, you also have the option of going with a desk-less chair, to begin with. Standing desks are a phenomenon that’s becoming more and more popular by the hour. This is due to the fact that this work form is better for your health (your posture, core and back muscles). It is also known to boost productivity, seeing as how it keeps you alert. It does, however, require an interval working model like the Pomodoro technique in order to be the most effective. This idea is definitely not for everyone but it’s something worth considering.

In conclusion

While it is true that the amount of work that you do directly depends on your own effort and commitment by optimizing your work environment you will make this a lot easier. With the adequate home office, you will find it easier to motivate yourself for work and the inspiration will come to you with a far greater reliability ratio. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that the above-listed five ideas are just a tip of the iceberg of all your options. Always be on the lookout for new ideas!

Brown Paper Bag Reused For A Floor?!?!?!!?!


But when it comes to repurposing your floor, that’s a job that most of us would consider to be very big. I mean, the floor of your home is something you use every single day, so the cost for this is incredibly high.

But for one DIY-er named Ashley, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Rather than outsource the job, she buckled down and repurposed her floor herself. You won’t believe what she used!…………………..


7 Fast and Easy Makeover Tips to Give your Home a New Look By Jason Phillips

From time to time it is advised to change your home’s appeal and redecorate. This may be because it has not been done for a while and it is starting to look dated. It may be due to the fact that your needs and tastes have changed or simply because you want to keep up with the latest trends. Whatever the reason it can quickly become an expensive task. The following seven tips will assist you in transforming your home without breaking the bank:


  1. Focus on proper lighting

The right light can make a huge difference to your home. If you have a space which is used for working from home or studying you may wish to ad higher wattage light bulbs. Equally, a space which is used for relaxing, such as a sitting room, can have lower wattage bulbs. This will make them more relaxing or even romantic.

  1. Eco-friendly homes are more enticing

Plants can make a valuable addition to any room. Plants enrich the oxygen content of the room and their presence can make you feel more energized. The room will feel more natural and the plants can even be used to create a focal point. Green foliage will usually last much longer than a pretty flower display. To opt for a more modernistic design try having a single green grass or flower in a vase; it will have an amazing effect.

  1. Revamping the floor

It can be expensive and very inconvenient to completely change a floor. If this is not possible then you should consider sanding or staining a real wood floor. If you have lino or carpet which is looking dated it can be quickly lifted and relatively easily and cheaply replaced with tiles. If these options are not possible a good rug will draw the eye and remove the attention from the floor.


  1. Maintain order with adequate storage

It doesn’t seem to matter how large or how small your home is, storage is always a problem. The usual solution is to either build up or out. The easiest way to decide this will be based on the available space you have and how you currently use that space. Purchasing or adding to bookcases will make them taller and utilize space which is otherwise wasted. Alternatively there is always space under the bed or possibly the stairs. Choose the items that you do not need regularly and pack them away in storage boxes.

  1. Fake architecture

A room can be transformed by simply using some paint and masking tape. Mask straight lines onto the wall and paint them to create striped walls which will make the room look bigger. A simple box shape can be made on the wall with wood or paint to frame a picture or even a piece of furniture. By spending a few additional pennies it is possible to purchase mouldings which can be fitted to your walls to create an illusion of depth.

  1. Go green – fixing instead of replacing

It often seems easier to throw something broken away and replace it with a new item. However, it can be far cheaper and create a better statement if you repair or restore the item. A faded chair or table can be restored with some spray paint and fabric for the seats or a few tiles for the table top. Leather furniture can be restored by rubbing with olive oil and almonds can be rubbed across scratches in wood to remove them.


  1. Use the internet for guidance and tips

The internet is without doubt, the best place to find advice, tips and ideas on how to transform your home cheaply and effectively. There are many auction sites which will allow you to cheaply purchase items for your home. These can be restored or refurbished to create a completely different look to your home. There are also plenty of forums to seek advice in and thousands of pictures of what other people have done; these can be either copied or used for inspiration to complete your own projects.

Bottom line is you don’t need a lot of money to change your home’s allure. Use smart accessories and get inspired from the web; this is everything you need to bring your home back to life.

By Jason Phillips and!