Custom Window Cushioned Seats – Turn The Window Sill Into A Comfortable Sofa-Type Seat

If your house has a large bay window or a large window area with a nice view you should consider setting up a window sill cushion seat. Window seats add comfort to a room and can be cozy and inviting areas to read a book work on a computer or just relax and take a nap. If you have a view of a garden, a lake or even just a panoramic view of the city that can make your window seat even more comfortable and inviting.

There are a lot of designs patterns that you can use when setting up a window seat. Perhaps the most often used design is one where cushions or pillow are set on a window sill. This kind of design is comfortable and easy to put together. Other design ideas include setting benches next to the window and setting cushions on top of the benches.


Storage bins with storage areas

If you have to build a window seat you might consider building a bench with storage bins beneath the sitting area. A storage bin beneath the sitting area of a window seat can be a great place to store great books or a computer in case you use them while sitting in your window seat. Whatever design that you decide upon a window seat will be a great addition to your home and it will definitely bring out the beauty of the room.

As you can see having a window seat add life to a house or apartment. The window seat in this picture is the same color as the paint scheme of the room. However, window seats can be designed and painted to contrast the rooms color or to match the area outside of the window. Window seats do not have to be outfitted with long cushions; they can also be outfitted with just pillows or with multiple cushions. There is no limit to the number of design schemes that can be used when designing a window seat.


In addition to window benches, there are other design styles such as window seats with storage areas or window nooks with furniture. Many people just set benches or a couch under there windows. A window seat can be a large area with room for several people, or a small area just big enough for one person, where it can be a perfect place for an individual to enjoy peace and solitude.

In some cases, a person might consider replacing their windows and putting in new energy efficient windows. Many people put a heating unit under their window seat. When done right, a window seat can be energy efficient and add value to your home as well as beauty. If you feel that your home or apartment is too small, a window seat is a great way to make your dwelling feel and look bigger.


In some cases, it can make your dwelling feel as if a room had been added. Just do whatever’s necessary to make your home feel comfortable. Window seat areas are excellent in living areas, dining rooms, and sun rooms; they’re relaxing and rejuvenating especially when they’re manufactured from designer fabric online.

There are a lot of reasons why a beautifully designed window seat will make your home more comfortable. First of all, you’ll be creating a comfortable environment for you and your guests; and second, you’ll b enjoying every centimeter. Because you’ve worked the hardest to transform your home into a sofa-type ambiance where you can read, take a nap, or mediate.


Tips To Find Doormats To Match Your Home’s Architectural Style Or Reflect Its Natural Surroundings

Doormats are the first item of décor guests see when stepping into your home. They’re usually placed outside or inside, right at the entrance. A good door mat is not just meant to beautify your home, but also to protect it from dirt and harmful bacteria from people’s feet. They’re like the best line of defense for debris and grime. It is important to invest in top-quality doormats, and as much as we like a cool design, make sure to consider durability first.


Choose with your brain not with your heart

Before buying that funky, animal-inspired door mat you just saw at the flea market, assess the material. Visually it looks amazing; it’s interesting, unusual and modern. However, can it trap dirt and debris efficiently? Winter is coming soon, so you should be aware that people’s shoes will be dirtier than ever. That being said, you are advised to check for door mats manufactured from the following materials:

  • Coir – it is both attractive and durable thanks to the dense coco material at the base. Clean is done fairly easy through vacuuming or shaking
  • Aluminum – features protective powder coatings which act like a powerful shield against the elements; highly durable, available in shades of copper, black and silver and comes with wide patterns for efficient draining
  • Rubber – comes in black, which means it can be placed anywhere; highly durable yet soft and efficient
  • Mahogany – stylish, durable appearance



Now that you know how to pick the best material for a doormat, it’s time to focus on design. There are hundreds of mats out there that it can be tough to make a decision. Before making a choice, take a good look at your home’s hallway décor. Is it modern, vintage-inspired, contemporary? Do you want to make an impression on your guests? Here are some ideas to help you get inspired.

  • Monogrammed doormat – featuring the most intricate design, a monogrammed doormat is excellent for houses with a royal appeal. If you’re a fan of fancy architecture and Victorian décor concepts, than this is something you need to have at the entrance. It is striking, appealing and it will surely create a visual appeal. The monogram displayed will let people know that you have a refined taste for luxury, sophisticated things.
  • Theme doormat – winter is coming and soon enough the holiday spirit will enter our homes. That being said, you should invest in a doormat with a Christmas theme. Go for mats with funny Santas, trees or snow flakes and everyone knocking on your door will sense that you’re a warm person who loves winter.
  • Funny messages – do you have a really developed sense of humor and you’d like everyone to know about it? Well then a “Go Away” coir mat might be exactly what your entryway needs. Of course, there are sarcastic messages you can opt for such “Leave”, “Bag Dog”, “Nice Underwear”, and more. With this type of mat you will definitely manage to put a smile on your guests ‘faces.


Doormats are fundamental items of décor in all homes. They come in a wealth of types, sizes and shapes; so it shouldn’t be that difficult to make a choice. Whether you’re hunting the market for large building mats or you have a weakness for the cute, funky ones, the choices are endless. Just make sure to invest in quality. Size matters too; people should be able to accommodate both feet on the mat. Make a sensible choice and don’t forget about style either. Your home will look amazing and everyone will be eager to pay you a visit.


Selling Your Home – Tricks Of The Trade To Help You Get Top Dollar By Jason Phillips

Selling your home is easier than you think. It all comes down to several basic principles: marketability, price, and advertising skills. Hiring a competent realtor to sell your home is equally important; you think you can do it all on your own, but you’re wrong. Here are some cool tricks of the trade to help you get the best deal.
Settle on the right price
Before putting your home up for sale you’d better find out how much is it worth first. After you’ve done that, shave about 15% off that price. You’ll instantly be pelted with bids from multiple buyers; and that will happen even if the market is not strong. They’ll start bidding and the initial price you gave will go up. Your house’s value will increase, although let’s not forget that we’re talking about an investment. You are taking a risk, so it is important that you know what you’re doing.

Pay more attention to half empty closets
Many home buyers crave for storage. If you want to make a good impression on potential investors, you are advised to empty your closets. Take your stuff out and make sure all storage spaces left available are neat and clean. This will create a positive impression. Buyers like to snoop around, so it is fundamental that your cabinets and closets look tidy and organized.

Let your home shine
Light up your home if you want to people to like it. Apart from an ideal location, buyers search for good lighting. This is key to purchasing a home. Nobody would want to invest in a property that’s dark and unappealing, so keep that in mind when putting your house up for sale. Take down all the drapes and curtains, make sure the light bulbs are bright, clean all windows and change the lampshades. Welcome as much natural light as possible and you’ll make your house appear welcoming and sellable.
Hire an informed broker
Believe it or not, hiring an informed broker is easier said than done. There are so many inexperienced realtors out there who claim to be the best. Make sure yours knows what he’s doing. Perform a thorough check on his background before employing his services. He should be able to monitor multiple listing services, know property types that hit the market, as well as neighborhood comp. Go for someone who likes to use technology; a tech savvy broker will have all the tools necessary to help you sell your house at a convenient price.

Avoid over-upgrades
It’s always a good idea to go for quick fixes prior to putting your home up for sale. However, stay away from over-upgrades because you won’t any cash back. Significant improvements don’t pay off. As an alternative, you could stick to updates that are worth it. Painting the walls, cleaning the curtains, or even purchasing new ones, can be a convenient and effective way to make your home appear more welcoming.

Minor décor touches can go a very long way when aiming to sell a home. Replace cabinet hardware, door handles, and it might even be a good idea to place welcome mats at the entrance. Clean the grout too, and be sure to fix leaky faucets.

Depersonalize the home
When trying to sell your home it is important to depersonalize it. If you keep things that are too personal, buyers won’t be able to imagine themselves starting a life there. Put all your personal stuff in storage. Memorabilia collections, family photo and other personal keepsakes should go away. To maximize your home’s potential; you could consider hiring the services of a home stager. A stagger is a professional that will help you arrange the furniture in order to maximize the space available.
All eyes on the kitchen
Many home buyers would say that a house’s most important room is the kitchen. There are endless benefits to remodeling a kitchen prior to making the sale. The best part is that you have 85% chances of getting back the sum invested. The most convenient, fastest kitchen updates are painting and replacing old cabinet hardware. Stick to a neutral color in order to allow the buyer to envision a personal style.

Whether you’re selling a property in Turkey to a foreign investor or you’d rather stick to the US marketplace, it is essential that you abide by several basic principles to get top dollar. And believe it or not, sometimes the most effective upgrades are the simplest.

Turn Your Little One’s Bedroom Into Gorgeous Spaces With These Linens By Jason Phillips

Bed linens come in a wealth of designs, patterns and prints. Parents who want to revive their kids’ room should first focus on quality fabrics. Egyptian cotton and cotton blends are ideal choices. In fact, they’re healthy choices too. During the summer season your kids won’t be hot at night, and in the winter they won’t freeze under the covers. Transform average, unappealing bedrooms into amazing spaces; consider the finest fabrics for linens and make sure to select the finest designs. Here are some ingenious ideas to help you decide.
Educational sheets
Become a teacher for your kids and buy them “educational” sheets. Linens with letters, colors, fruits & veggies, and animals, are a fun way of introducing your little ones to the wonderful world of words. Every night, before going to bed, use the bedding to practice the alphabet. Each time reward your boy or girl with a kiss or even a healthy snack. Consider colorful designs, and make sure the pattern of the bed set matches with the overall décor of the bedroom.

Focus on diversity
A bed’s components should include mattress protectors, pillow case and sheet sets, blankets, and comforters. Most kids are picky when it comes to going to bed at a reasonable time. However, if they see a bed that looks appealing and comfortable they might be willing to give it try. Tuck into bed with them and read them a story; or have fun admiring the car printing of the bedding set. For boys, make sure to consider darker colors of blue and brown with animal patterns. Girls on the other hand, will definitely appreciate a pink bed set with white polka dots and golden linings.

Decorative pillows for an added effect
Decorative pillows can create an effect in your son or daughter’s bedroom. When they’re little all they want to do is stay awake for as long as possible. But, the right bed set could convince them to go bed earlier. Leaving aside the sheets, their beds should also feature decorative pillows with fun shapes and interesting patterns. The coolest are those with favorite cartoon stars imprinted, like Mickey Mouse, The Minions, Cinderella, and so on.
Gorgeous linens
Each time we hear the words line fabric, we immediately think of bed sets. But there’s more to Egyptian cotton materials than meets the eye. The fabric can be used to make curtains, table cloths, towels and more. If you want to personalize your kid’s room, you can purchase the fabric and have both bedding and curtains made. Matching bed sheets with curtains will instantly transform a dull room into the coolest space. Kids will love the end result; when they’re little they want to have colorful, bright rooms filled with toys. You can make that happen without investing a fortune. Custom-made linens are becoming increasingly more popular. People use the same patterns for covers, curtains, table linens and more. This way your room will look extremely harmonious and balanced.

Stripes and zigzags
Preschoolers adore having the most colorful bedrooms; teenagers on the other hand are a lot more pretentious. They want to act like adults, and instead of colors and toys, they would rather go for more modern designs that blend beautifully with their desk and tech devices. Stripes are an excellent design type for the bedroom of a teenager. It creates movement without looking too striking and it looks modern too. For girls, combos of white and pastel pink for the bedding set are ideal; and boys will certainly love a black and white mix. For an added effect, you can opt for sheets with ombre colorings. Kids will adore the pattern because it looks striking without being too flashy or extravagant.
Selecting a linen fabric can be a challenge too. Not everyone can afford to purchase sheets made of Egyptian cotton. However, it is important to focus on quality. 100% cotton written on a label has to be 100% cotton; this way your kids won’t sweat when sleeping and in the winter they’ll feel warm and cozy. As an alternative, you can also consider cotton blends. These have a lower quality but they feature affordable costs.

7 Fast and Easy Makeover Tips to Give your Home a New Look By Jason Phillips

From time to time it is advised to change your home’s appeal and redecorate. This may be because it has not been done for a while and it is starting to look dated. It may be due to the fact that your needs and tastes have changed or simply because you want to keep up with the latest trends. Whatever the reason it can quickly become an expensive task. The following seven tips will assist you in transforming your home without breaking the bank:


  1. Focus on proper lighting

The right light can make a huge difference to your home. If you have a space which is used for working from home or studying you may wish to ad higher wattage light bulbs. Equally, a space which is used for relaxing, such as a sitting room, can have lower wattage bulbs. This will make them more relaxing or even romantic.

  1. Eco-friendly homes are more enticing

Plants can make a valuable addition to any room. Plants enrich the oxygen content of the room and their presence can make you feel more energized. The room will feel more natural and the plants can even be used to create a focal point. Green foliage will usually last much longer than a pretty flower display. To opt for a more modernistic design try having a single green grass or flower in a vase; it will have an amazing effect.

  1. Revamping the floor

It can be expensive and very inconvenient to completely change a floor. If this is not possible then you should consider sanding or staining a real wood floor. If you have lino or carpet which is looking dated it can be quickly lifted and relatively easily and cheaply replaced with tiles. If these options are not possible a good rug will draw the eye and remove the attention from the floor.


  1. Maintain order with adequate storage

It doesn’t seem to matter how large or how small your home is, storage is always a problem. The usual solution is to either build up or out. The easiest way to decide this will be based on the available space you have and how you currently use that space. Purchasing or adding to bookcases will make them taller and utilize space which is otherwise wasted. Alternatively there is always space under the bed or possibly the stairs. Choose the items that you do not need regularly and pack them away in storage boxes.

  1. Fake architecture

A room can be transformed by simply using some paint and masking tape. Mask straight lines onto the wall and paint them to create striped walls which will make the room look bigger. A simple box shape can be made on the wall with wood or paint to frame a picture or even a piece of furniture. By spending a few additional pennies it is possible to purchase mouldings which can be fitted to your walls to create an illusion of depth.

  1. Go green – fixing instead of replacing

It often seems easier to throw something broken away and replace it with a new item. However, it can be far cheaper and create a better statement if you repair or restore the item. A faded chair or table can be restored with some spray paint and fabric for the seats or a few tiles for the table top. Leather furniture can be restored by rubbing with olive oil and almonds can be rubbed across scratches in wood to remove them.


  1. Use the internet for guidance and tips

The internet is without doubt, the best place to find advice, tips and ideas on how to transform your home cheaply and effectively. There are many auction sites which will allow you to cheaply purchase items for your home. These can be restored or refurbished to create a completely different look to your home. There are also plenty of forums to seek advice in and thousands of pictures of what other people have done; these can be either copied or used for inspiration to complete your own projects.

Bottom line is you don’t need a lot of money to change your home’s allure. Use smart accessories and get inspired from the web; this is everything you need to bring your home back to life.

By Jason Phillips and!