Crafty Egg Surprise CHEAP

eggSent to us from Cynthia and this originates from FaceBook profile: LittleBirdieInvitationsandDesigns. What a great cheap little egg gift that could be used to put in a basket, to decorate a table, little party gifts for adults, name tags with a tag tied on with a pretty ribbon. You can even used a multitude of different colored yarns that you have as leftovers. I am even thinking red, white and pink for Valentines Day, black and orange for Halloween. Birthdays could be colors to match your theme. Christmas red, green, white with something just very special inside. See where I am going? I even think you could get extra creative and glue or tie little embellishments onto these to make them extra special. You could even get the kids involved to make a bunch for a class party.

World’s Largest Chocolate Easter Egg

If you think the world’s biggest egg couldn’t possibly weigh more than seven tons, you’re not thinking big enough. According to the estimable Guinness Book of World Records, the winning egg weighed in at 15,873 pounds, or just a little short of eight tons. Created by Tosca in Italy in April 2011, the magnificent candy was over 34 feet tall and, at its widest point, had a circumference of 64 feet.

Decorated Hard Boiled Egg

Decorated Hard Boiled Egg

Easter eggs:
1. Boil eggs.
2. Crack shell by tapping it lightly against hard surface. Make sure you do not crack it too hard as desired effect will not happen.
3. Dip in colored water (food color). Keep submerged for twice the time the instructions say to allow the egg to take coloring inside the egg.
4. Peel shell off and serve or serve as they are and let your guests find the surprise inside.

Easter Egg Race

Give each child a tablespoon and a hard-boiled egg. The children form in line and one is the leader. Each one holds the spoon with the egg in its bowl at arm’s length and hops on one foot, following wherever the leader leads them.

The leader may take them up stairs, over stools, and any place hard to reach on one foot. To drop the egg or rest on both feet prevents one from continuing in the game. She must stay out until the next time round.

Easter Egg Roll

Mark on the table, or on the floor, if preferred, with chalk, four parallel lines, eight or ten feet long, and four or five inches apart. Thus there are three narrow spaces. At the end of each space make a circle, numbering the middle one 10, and the other two, 5. The middle space is marked 3, and the other two, 1.

The object of the game is to have each child roll five eggs, one at a time, down the middle space to the circles at the ends. If the egg goes into the middle circle, it counts 10, but if it stops in the middle space, it counts only 3, and so on, counting the number of the place where it stops.

Tally is kept for each child, the one scoring the most points wins the game.