Halloween Snake Wreath

14224757_645712715592488_4183502761587123673_nUse any size grape vine wreath and add dollar store rubber snakes and hot glue on to wreath. You will need a minimum of five snakes and more looks even creepier. The spray paint. Here the wreath was painted a dirt grey. Black, purple, or a mixture of lightly sprayed orange and purple to top of a heavily painted black would look awesome as well.

Unmatched & Mismatched Socks Stuffed Snake


Cut the foot part of socks off and overlap them one onto another until you get desired length. You can sew or use glue to attach to each other. The sock you use to make the head you leave the foot on. Stuff with poly fiber. Add buttons for eyes and a felt tongue. Use this same design and stuff with dried beans to put an end to a cold draft under a door or in a window sill.

Collision of a Two Real Images

What a great mix of real life images being blended together to make a unique piece of art! Not my favorite subject (the snake) but it is beautiful and I thought I would like to share it with you. Hope you like it!