Mosquito Bite Help

Symptoms-Of-Mosquito-and-Insect-BiteI have been following a story of a young girl (who is Chinese – which seems to make her more susceptible to bad reactions to  mosquito bites) and her adoptive mother’s goal to help her child. The young girl has a bite from a mosquito and it turns out to a huge ordeal – with a massive red area and obvious swelling. Some of this is from itching (how can you stop a child from itching?

Anyways – on the pursuit to help her daughter she talked with some friends of hers (who are also Chinese) which is where she found out how Chinese people are often a trigger to horrific reactions to mosquito bites. The friends told her that rubbing the inside of a banana peel on the area will help quickly and very thoroughly. Sure enough when the little girl was bitten again the mother placed the inside of a banana on the are. The little girl said within a couple minutes that the itching was gone.In a couple hours the redness went down considerably. By bedtime the redness was completely gone and all that could be seen was the actual hole of the bite.

I found the article interesting and wondered why bananas.I found out that potassium that is in bananas have great healing properties.So next time you or your loved one gets bit – apply the inside of a banana to releive itching, swelling and pain from a mosquito bite.

Pet Loss

181883_521595167864626_1945743158_nI have lost so many little one on my journey through life. I found this artwork and wanted to share with my readers. For true pet lovers of all kinds. I have learned that I am not alone when I have suffered the off of one of my little guys. The pain that you go through feels like you must suffer alone because it is hard to let others in. Please pass the piece on to those who have lost as I feel the image is stunning and can give some relief to their pain.

Sleeping Tips

Sleep Tip #1

Keep your room dark during sleep hours. Heavy shades can help block light from windows, or you can try an eye mask to cover your eyes.

Sleep Tip #2

Make sure your bed is the right size. You should have enough room to stretch and turn comfortably.

Sleep Tip #3

Make sure your bedroom is well ventilated and a comfortable temperature. Most people sleep best in a slightly cooler room.


Sleep Tip #4

Make sure your mattress and pillows are comfortable and supportive. It is important that they are free of allergens that might affect you while sleeping.

Behavioral Tips

Sleep Tip #5

Get regular exercise in the morning or early afternoon. As little as 20 to 30 minutes of activity can help make it easier to fall asleep and sleep better.

Sleep Tip #6

Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day, and it will be easier to fall asleep.

Sleep Tip #7

Develop a relaxing bedtime routine to wind down and make it easier to fall asleep.

Sleep Tip #8

Finish eating at least two to three hours before your regular bedtime.