Mosquito Bite Help

Symptoms-Of-Mosquito-and-Insect-BiteI have been following a story of a young girl (who is Chinese – which seems to make her more susceptible to bad reactions to  mosquito bites) and her adoptive mother’s goal to help her child. The young girl has a bite from a mosquito and it turns out to a huge ordeal – with a massive red area and obvious swelling. Some of this is from itching (how can you stop a child from itching?

Anyways – on the pursuit to help her daughter she talked with some friends of hers (who are also Chinese) which is where she found out how Chinese people are often a trigger to horrific reactions to mosquito bites. The friends told her that rubbing the inside of a banana peel on the area will help quickly and very thoroughly. Sure enough when the little girl was bitten again the mother placed the inside of a banana on the are. The little girl said within a couple minutes that the itching was gone.In a couple hours the redness went down considerably. By bedtime the redness was completely gone and all that could be seen was the actual hole of the bite.

I found the article interesting and wondered why bananas.I found out that potassium that is in bananas have great healing properties.So next time you or your loved one gets bit – apply the inside of a banana to releive itching, swelling and pain from a mosquito bite.

6 thoughts on “Mosquito Bite Help

    • Sorry, hit done too early! I did this tonight after a nasty bite that swelled immediately and it totally worked!!! You can’t even tell now that I was bitten and from someone who swells and gets huge welts from mosquito bites, I’m completely blown away. Thank you so much for this!!!


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