5 Tips to Help You Sleep More Comfortably

Every single human being on earth needs sleep, and this is a testament to how important a function it is – we usually spend around 1/3rd of our entire life sleeping. That’s why it is important and necessary to make sure your sleeping is as comfortable as possible. Having a healthy and deep sleep is very important to our health, as it helps us to spend all day energized and productive. If you are experiencing trouble sleeping, we’ve compiled a few tips that will help you sleep more comfortably.

#1 Pay Attention to Your Mattress

Switch your mattress after 5 to 7 years of use – if you feel a lot of unevenness in your mattress, or you and your partner are uncomfortable when sleeping on the mattress and you need to find the “good spot” on the bed so you can sleep comfortably, it is time to go to the mattress and buy new brushes.

#2 Keep Your Bedroom Tidy

Make your room tidy and beautiful so that you feel happy and comfortable when entering it. After waking up in the morning, you should arrange your bed, organize your scattered clothes, and place them in their designated places. Studies have shown that very hectic bedrooms have a negative impact on people’s mental health.

#3 Install an Air Freshener in Your Bedroom

The ambiance and smell of your room hugely influence how comfortable your sleep will be – especially certain smells, like lavender’s, have been scientifically shown to improve the quality of sleep. There are air fresheners that add to the aesthetics of your room by looking really special or refreshing the air in the form of fumes that look really beautiful. It is also really inexpensive to install air fresheners in your home, and it will barely cost you anything.

If you don’t like air fresheners, you can install windows in your room to let fresh air in. This is an excellent choice for people who like a more natural approach. Installing one of Walbert Windows products in your bedroom will make it feel much more comforting.

#4 Add Comfy Bed Sheets to Your Bed

At the end of the day, no matter how comfy you make the rest of your bedroom, the only place you’re going to sleep in is in your bed directly. That’s why it is so vital to make sure the bed specifically is really comfortable, and this starts with the bedsheets.

You’re going to sleep on the bedsheets, wrap them around yourself, etc. and if they are made of materials that don’t make you feel comfortable, you will have a worse-quality sleep that doesn’t allow you to fully rest. 

#5 Add Comfy Lamps with Warm Colors

Research has clearly shown that colors affect our mood, sleep quality, and much more. If you really want to sleep as comfortably as possible, you absolutely must take the color and ambiance of your room into account.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of bedroom lamps that add a natural warm ambiance that makes the room feel cozier and helps people sleep more comfortably. You definitely need to look into it if you don’t like the room being super dark when you sleep.

Simple Ideas to Decorate Bedroom By Lubna Ali Khan

Simple Ideas to Decorate Bedroom

A bedroom is the most personal space that needs to reflect individual personality instead of just ensuing design principles off an interior décor book. This is the only place where you loosen up and relieve yourself of an entire day’s taxing issues. Other than the right wall colour, wall paper and floor rugs, there are simple techniques you can infuse into your bedroom to add personal ambiance. These simple ideas are sure to send you into a blissful slumber ensuring your personality stroke is present in your bedroom.

  1. Ruffle The Things Around

Revamping the positions of objects in your room like changing the furniture arrangement and changing the frames on your wall arts will give a fresh look for a space very familiar to you. Don’t think twice to shake up the contents of your bedroom to add new life to it. A ruffled look to a very familiar place is an instant way to decorate your room. Go ahead and reorganize the stuff in your room to beautify your space in a jiffy.

  1. Keep It Dim & Soothing

Dim lightings not only add a touch of warmth to your personal space, but also minimize visual stress on one’s sight. Wall scones, night lamps, chandeliers could be your best pick; you can even opt for three-way bulbs to adapt the wattage to suit your need and mood. Top your bed with covers meant for snuggling like an ultra soft comforter to create a soothing and welcoming atmosphere. Light-colored walls best harmonizes the dim lighting effect in your room.


Photo credit: royanereal.com

  1. Revamp The Look Of Your Bed

Changing the outlook of the substantial objects can change the look of your room completely. Your bed is one of the substantial objects of your room other than the dresser, cupboard and other large furniture. A change in the patterns of your bed spread, comforter and pillow can go from graphic to girly, primary to pastel and modern to classic; changing your room’s outlook entirely. You can even make smart use of a combination of geometric, floral and polka designs on your pillows and cushions.

  1. Add Gleaming Glamour

An instant way to add glamour to your bedroom is to involve stuff that can reflect light. Shiny surfaces like mirrors, satiny bedding, silver fixtures and frames reflect light. Think gleaming interior additions as jewelry for your room. A ring cocktail table set in gold, silver or bronze could be an ideal addition to bring a lavish look for your bedroom. Silk rugs and cashmere throw blankets could be a shimmering addition to make your bedroom befit celebrities.


Photo credit: denoxa.com

  1. Colorful Chaos

Nothing better complements you bedroom than a fresh burst of cheers colours have to offer. Adding colorful layers of patterns can create rejuvenated environment; quilted silk-blend bedding and a faux-fur throw, with colorful patterned pillows and cushions can signal an extravagance of colours elevating the scene. Persian rugs for living rooms add a perfect blend of natural colours for your flooring so your bedroom feels cohesive and looks perfect as a whole.


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  1. Oddball Accessories & Furniture

Quirky accessories are an evergreen alternative to pep up your spirits every time you enter your bedroom. By keeping your bedroom far from being formal, you can instill a light atmosphere to your room. Don’t think twice even if it means setting up a wooden wine barrel for a night stand! – Or even an old wooden trunk can serve as an antique table. DIY ideas are best suited to enhance personal ambience of your room. Flaunt out of the box ideas by mixing odd stuff fearlessly.


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  1. Add Arresting Prints

Large prints augment the size of small spaces. Do not limit bold prints to your bedding alone; convert a side of your bedroom wall into a giant-sized canvas; printed lamp shades and print patterned wall-hangings best complement bold interior décor. Large prints add a solemn dose of striking personality that can be subdued with the use of subtle hues in smaller accessories; to be able to create a soft atmosphere.


Photo credit: brownmemsahib.blogspot.com

  1. Accessorize With Art

Art masterpieces have adorned walls of palaces and farm houses alike. Art is a great way to add focal point to your room while infusing a perfect balance of colour to your bedroom. As per Feng Shui, art helps to balance the energy flow within your room. Adorn those walls with art or get personal with family pictures to create a complete look for your bedroom. To start experimenting with colours, start by adding minimalistic colours; wall art would be your best pick for trials before settling for bold colours in your bedroom.

  1. Saturate With One Colour Theme

While combinations of various colours add a lively atmosphere to a bedroom, a single colour of your choice equally offers immense visual delight. If you are not able to settle for one favourite colour of your choice, sky is the limit when you are looking for an ideal colour to suit a bedroom. Different hues of the same colour can be used to create a cohesive feel in your room.


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  1. Bring In Life with Plants

Plants are one of the sure shot ideas to add life into your room. With benefits associated with sharing your personal space with plants, you are sure to gain calming and relaxing effects from having plants in your bedroom. Parlor Palms, Snake Plant, Pothos, Rubber Trees, Peace Lily & Fiddleleaf Fig plants are some indoorsy foliage you can choose to have in your bedroom. If you are not much of a green thumb person, you may want to bring plants that are hard to kill!


Photo credit: gardenista.com

  1. Patterns Work Best

Patterns paired with solid or neutral colours are a smart way to elevate the look of your bedroom. Keeping the magnanimous compositions plain while choosing patterns for the minimal stuff in your room ensures there is a perfect accord of colours; solid colours keep patterns from overpowering the room.


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Author Bio: This article was written by Lubna Ali Khan. She loves interior designing, home décor and art & craft. She recently published an article about 7 Most Expensive Rugs of the World

11 Habits of People With Concealed Depression


There will be two main types of people reading this blog: those finding themselves better equipped to understand some of the people they love and those who see their own reflections in these habits.

Depression often goes unseen, unrecognized, and undiagnosed. A person with concealed depression is someone who is conditioned to deal with their inner demons in a way that doesn’t make them clearly visible. They may or may not be diagnosed, and this may or may not be something they’ve shared with even their closest of companions. The problem is that the world becomes darkest when we all stop being able to understand each other. We tend to believe that hardship is worn openly upon one’s chest like a battle scar, but many of these wounds do not easily reveal themselves to those that do not take the time to look.

1. They may intentionally make efforts to appear OK and maybe even seem exponentially happy and upbeat.
The idea that those with depression all have one similarly dreary personality is false. Depression is more than just a mood. Those who live with depression have learned to alter their apparent moods, and may even be some of the most seemingly “happy” people that you know. Personalities can vary. Often those with depression try to stick with the positive and public parts of their demeanor regardless of what they’re going through on the inside. No one wants to bring others down, even if that means hiding how he or she is truly feeling.

2. They may have habitual remedies.
There are serious ways to treat depression, including therapy and medication. However, in addition to these remedies, there are lifestyle habits that those with depression use to treat their everyday state-of-mind. This can be in the form of music, exercise, driving, walks, or basically anything they know can get themselves out of a sinking set of emotions. Concealed depression has a lot to do with the ways people try to personally conquer their own demons.

3.They may have trouble with abandonment.
Anyone who has experienced depression understands the burden it can be. It can also be a burden for those closest to them. Sometimes when you let someone in enough to see the struggles you have, they walk the other way. Though it’s hard to blame these people for leaving, it creates a serious feeling of abandonment for those with depression. It forges a need for secrecy, out of fear of the recession of those they love. There is nothing more heartbreaking than finding out your ugliest layer of self is too ugly for someone you love to handle.

4. They can be pros at “cover-up” stories.
This can be for anything from the cuts on their arms to the reason they skipped dinner. People who live with different forms of depression experience various hardships that can at times impede the normalcy of their daily lives. In these low instances, they know what to say to avoid attention from others to those displays of pain. Often they don’t want to recognize that they are hitting a low point either, so they know how to hide it.

5. They may have abnormal sleeping and eating habits.
This may seem like a small sign or factor, but it has a grave effect. Those who live with depression in an unrevealing way can sometimes only let the little signs show. Sleeping too much or too little are textbook examples. The same goes goes for eating too little or too much. Sleep and nutrition are two critical elements to health. They are also two elements that the human mind can attempt to control. Depression creates a suffocating lack of control, and being able to control at least something, can be all a person has. Sleep can be nearly impossible, or it can be the only escape. The same goes for eating.

6. They may understand substances differently.
A person who handles their depression also knows how to monitor what they put into their body. They know alcohol is a depressant, and drinking it over an extended period of time can create a mental state of low that they are less equipped to handle than the average person. They know that caffeine and sugar are uppers for their moods. They know what medications do what. They know what doesn’t mix well. They know all of this because altering their state of mind in any way is much more of a responsibility than it may be for other people.

7. They may exhibit a very involved perception of life and death.
Not every person with depression has felt suicidal. However, depression often invokes a unique and complex thought process about life in general. Facing one’s mortality often comes at moments of desperation. It happens when you are furiously seeking answers to all of life’s questions. Being dragged in and out of horrible mindsets can cause these kind of thoughts to be more frequent.

8. They are often uniquely talented and expressive.
Many of the most inspired and life-changing artists, musicians, and leaders of this world were also plagued by mental illness. I use the word “plagued” in a contradicting fashion, because having a serious depth of emotions can also lead to profound greatness. People who live with depression that may not be visible to the naked-eye, often express themselves in incredible ways. They are in touch with the good and bad pieces of their souls. They are able to formulate and illustrate beauty through the shadows of the emotions they carry.

9. They are often searching for a purpose.
Everyone wants a purpose in life. We want to know that what we are doing is worthwhile. We want to know that we are moving in the right direction. Those who live with unseen depression want this as well, and in a way that attempts to satisfy something inside of them that may always be hungry for more. Feelings of inadequacy and fear are no stranger to the depressed mind. People with hidden depression are almost always trying to compensate in their life for the frailties that they have inside. They may change directions often. They may become incredibly involved in the pursuit of true happiness. They are also striving and searching for more.

10. They at some times will release subtle cries for help.
Even a person who knows how to live with the burden of their own mind can need help. Outcries from people you aren’t expecting are easily overlooked. Sometimes it isn’t safe for people to be on their own with their depression; as much as they say differently. Sometimes they will reach out. Sometimes they will open up. These moments are the most crucial, because they are especially powerful. They are what builds a bridge between people who have different levels of emotions and mindsets. They are what creates a closeness and trust among friends and lovers that isn’t always easy if some feel they have to camouflage their true selves.

11. They seek love and acceptance, as every person does.
Shielding the world from one’s personal demons is not done so for the sake of dishonesty. People who live with depression in a private and undisclosed way do so for protection. This is for the protection of their hearts. This is for the protection of the people around them. This is for the protection of the success of their dreams. Some of those reading this may have felt an eerie connection to these habits. Whether you have been treated for depression, or you simply have treated yourself, you know how easy it is to feel alone. I entitled this article about those with unseen depression, but the truth is that most depression goes unseen by our human nature. We live in a world that encourages us to hide what is dark and unpleasant. We don’t have to.

The most important habit and motivation of those with unseen depression to understand is that they search for love and acceptance. We all do. The only way to gain it is to spread it. Never turn away from a person who seems to be struggling. Love when it’s difficult. Cry when you need to. Reach out when someone closes the door. Open your heart, even if it feels terrifying to do so. If we keep forcing the bad to go unseen, the good will also go unseen.

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