Green Gardening

Everyone strives to have a green garden, but today green means more
than a color. We are talking green wise friendly practices that enhance
our environment without hurting our planet. The use of antiques in the
garden is a good way to re-use what we have; a way to recycle.

The theme of the 2009 Antiques and Garden show of Nashville was “Sustaining
Beauty”. Here people were given ideas how to beautify their
gardens with new environmentally friendly materials, and ways to incorporate
the old.

Antiques have always given consumers a great alternative choice to add
beauty while being green. By re-using antique garden ornament we can
spare our landfills of these items that don’t readily decay.
Lead, iron, and stone are just a few of the elements that made up the construction
of garden ornament. Not only did this give strength and durability
to the ornament, but it is a great contrast to the foliage and flowers in
the garden. Garden ornament is considered the crowning glory on a well
designed and flourishing garden.

A settee or a bench offers a destination to sit and enjoy the beauty of the
garden. A fountain, statue, large urn, or sundial offers a focal point that
draws the eye to an otherwise overlooked area in the landscape. Always
take into consideration the size of the piece; it should match the size of
the garden area.

Most of the antique garden ornament that is found today dates back to
Victorian times when patterns were available in a great variety of styles.
Whether it is gothic, rustic, or naturalistic there is sure to be a pattern that
will fit the overall scheme of the landscape. With little care and maintenance,
the garden ornament that you purchase today is sure to become a
family heirloom that will appreciate in value in the future.

As with all antiques there is an initial cost that has to be considered. Even
when purchasing modern reproductions the cost can be the equivalent
to that of an antique, however, they are short lived and don’t hold much
value. The bargain seeker who has the time and patience to study up on
garden antiques may watch for estate sales, and frequent flea markets to
find an inexpensive item. But buyer beware there are a lot of reproductions
out there!

Antique dealers with good reputations that stand behind there products
are an alternative source. Some may even offer a buy back policy on
purchases for upgrading in the future. Take the time to ask questions so
you too can learn what makes a piece a true antique, and remember now
is the time to buy.

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