Magical Garden Ideas: 5 Tips To Create A Backyard Oasis

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A backyard is an ideal place to create a small sanctuary to escape the world and recharge your batteries. And it’s easier than you think, although like any landscaping it will require some beforehand planning. When it comes to magical garden ideas, it can all be summarized as the combination of lush greenery, stone formations, and wooden objects.

These symbolize nature and its inspirational influence on everyday life which will fill you with energy and positivity. If you want to have such a wonderful garden, check these 5 tips to create a backyard oasis of your own.

1.   A relaxed patio

The patio is a valuable addition to any garden and there is so much you can do with it. But to truly turn it into your oasis, you need to make it a separate installation and not part of the house. If the floor is wooden, paint it in light grey to help it pop-up and feel more in harmony with nature.

Install a pergola with wisteria hanging from above and providing shade. During summer, it will bloom with gorgeous purple flowers that will make the space lively and joyful. Wooden bench and table underneath are perfect for meals, while a hammock or two hanged on the pergola’s columns are ideal for afternoon siestas.

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2.   An outdoor entertainment area

Make the most out of the ongoing trend to use the indoor furniture outside, especially when you design an entertainment area. Choose a spot in your backyard and install stone tiles on the ground with slight room between them so you can see the grass. Plant lavish greenery in a semi-circle surrounding part of the new-built stone patio. For this, use plants with colorful leaves like caladium and sumac which will serve as a background to the seating area and also give you some privacy.

A large sofa with unicolor upholstery and patterned cushions will bring out a lounge feel to the area. Also, place two chairs across from it so that the area seems closed off and intimate for friends to chat and have brunch. A glass coffee table and simple canopy to shade from the sun will bring out the Mediterranean style even more from this entertainment area.

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3.   An evening paradise

Although gardens look their best during the day that doesn’t mean they can’t be magical during the evening. Declutter the space around that big tree in your backyard until you have a clean area to turn into your backyard oasis.  Use potted plants like ferns, palms, and philodendron to create lush nature around the tree and especially by the fence if it’s close by.

Use wooden lounge chairs with comfortable upholstery and two or three ottomans around them. Place lanterns with candles on the small coffee table to create a relaxing and romantic mood. However, the key to this evening’s paradise is numerous small lights hanging gently from the tree branches and representing the stars.

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4.   A magical garden pond

Water features are not so uncommon in gardens today since the technology and expertise for their creation has gone a long way. Working with landscaping professionals like Landscape Solutions is the best way to create a pond in your backyard worthy of fairy-tales. Since this will be the focal point, all other pieces will have to fit around it.

Build an elevated patio above the pond where you will create a seating area with a fire pit for extra warmth and atmosphere. Surround the pond with greenery especially flowery shrubs like white jasmine and pink weigela to add color to the area.

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5.   A small haven

Not everyone is blessed with large backyard space, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be a heavenly place to enjoy the fresh air. Use a fence or wall to create your spot where you can have breakfast in the summer mornings or enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon. When it comes to small backyard oasis, it depends on various potted plants in all shapes and sizes.

Use bushes and trees against the fence and allow vines to climb up the walls to give it a more natural appeal. Furniture made of cast iron is a sophisticated solution which will bring elegance and character to this area. Add perennial flowers here and there to make the space more colorful like gladiolus and Spanish lavender. For light, use wall-mounted solar lamps and candle lanterns so it would truly become a small haven even in the summer evenings.

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These magical garden ideas will help you create a backyard oasis that will give you a perfect spot to spend time with family and friends. They can be your small haven to spend some alone time or an evening paradise to have dinner with friends. Whichever you choose, the abundance of nature and peaceful setting will help you have a peaceful sanctuary even if you leave in the middle of a busy city.



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