Recycle Baby Food Jars Into Storage Containers

baby food jar chalk board paint herb seasonings store repurpose upcycle recycleWhen you use contents of baby food jar clean completely and dry. Paint the lids with two layers of chalkboard paint. Now you can use a top drawer and have your spices more easily available to you. Don’t stop at spices – what about all of your findings, sewing notions etc.? Would be great for your excess office supplies too like paper clips, rubber bands, staples.

Not Just Your Ordinary Thumbtack

Find the average office box store thumbtacks just a little to ordinary? How about a quick sprucing up with some findings you probably already have and some epoxy glue.

Some ideas include:


-Jewelry Findings

-Small stones or pebbles

-Small antique door knobs


Just clean the top of thumbtack with alcohol and do the same to the part of the item to be glued to the thumbtack to ensure a clean gluing. Use of epoxy is suggested, however, goop or super glue can be used for some items.

Enjoy your new addition to your bulletin board…. it will show your personality and uniqueness by adding charm or flare to an area of your home that is surely busy. I hope this brings a smile to your face every time you see your little creations.


Spruce Up Your Mouse Pad

Just in time for that rainy day… one of many that approach several areas of the country… a simple little craft that will brighten up and personalize a place you never thought of doing.

Use a scrap piece of fabric or get one ready to go for the next rainy day! It needs to be slightly larger then the mouse pad.

You will also need an spray can of all purpose glue and a sharp pair of fabric scissors.

When you are ready simply spray the underside of fabric and top of mouse pad…. lay fabric top up on mouse pad. Use a ruler of pencil to roll the folds off the edges. Let dry for recommended time on can.

Then trim the edges to fit the shape of the mouse perfectly. When done use fray check (fray stopping glue) around edges.

Your done…. you spruced up an old mouse pad and personalized it to fit your personality. Now try another (even if you have to buy a cheap mouse pad) for a friend!


Valentines Day Tote Bag


  • Canvas
  • Scrapbook Paper- Colors of Choice
  • Stickers – Letters
  • Darice Self-Stick Gems
  • Americana® Acrylic Paint – Primary Red
  • Acrylic Paint – White
  • Paint Brush
  • Sharpie® Fine-Tip Permanent Marker – Black
  • Ribbon of Choice
  • Scissors
  • Crayola® Glue Stick
  • Paper Towels
  • Paper Plate


  1. Paint canvas board red, let dry.
  2. Mix small amount of red and white paint together to create pink.  Use end of paintbrush and make dots on canvas.
  3. Cut heart and wings from paper and glue to canvas board as shown.
  4. Outline design with black Sharpie®.
  5. Add gemstones as desired.
  6. Add glitter letters to heart.
  7. Glue ribbon to top back of canvas board for hanging.

Kwanzaa Decoupaged Kinara

Pine (2″ x 1 5″ x 4″)
Decorative paper or fabric (1 5″ square)
Decoupage medium
Coordinating acrylic paint

General Supplies & Tools
Scroll saw
Drill and W bit
Craft scissors
Brayer or large dowel
Craft knife

1 . Enlarge Kinara pattern to desired size and copy onto pine. Using scroll saw, cut out wood. Center and drill seven W deep holes in top of holder.
2.  Cut paper or fabric slightly larger than side of candle holder. Brush liberal coat of decoupage medium onto one side of candle holder, then gently apply paper. Roll with large dowel to smooth and remove any air bubbles. Brush decoupage medium over top of paper and let dry. Using craft knife, trim excess paper from edges. Repeat process for other side, ends, and top of candle holder.
3.  Paint grooves and bottom of candle holder with coordinating acrylic paint.