Spruce Up Your Mouse Pad

Just in time for that rainy day… one of many that approach several areas of the country… a simple little craft that will brighten up and personalize a place you never thought of doing.

Use a scrap piece of fabric or get one ready to go for the next rainy day! It needs to be slightly larger then the mouse pad.

You will also need an spray can of all purpose glue and a sharp pair of fabric scissors.

When you are ready simply spray the underside of fabric and top of mouse pad…. lay fabric top up on mouse pad. Use a ruler of pencil to roll the folds off the edges. Let dry for recommended time on can.

Then trim the edges to fit the shape of the mouse perfectly. When done use fray check (fray stopping glue) around edges.

Your done…. you spruced up an old mouse pad and personalized it to fit your personality. Now try another (even if you have to buy a cheap mouse pad) for a friend!