Harley Davidson Jean Christmas Stockings

10152999_10152344911641330_2730611639017726621_nSaw these and thought they were really neat so I have to share.

Christmas Stocking Of Every Style

A shoe-stocking for everyone

Here’s your chance to cobble Christmas shoe-stockings that play up the interests or per­sonalities of family members. Whether you have a young ballerina, cowboy, basketball star, or other sport or hobby enthusiast, there’s a style that fits. Copy our examples, work from other shoe styles, or invent imaginary footwear. No names need go on these stockings—one look announces for whom they’re intended.

To construct each stocking, start with a piece of off-white artist’s canvas that’s been folded in half. On the top layer, draw the shoe outline and details lightly with pencil, then trace over the lines with permanent markers meant for fabric. Next, paint between the lines with fabric paint.

With the cloth still folded in half, pin through both layers of canvas. Cut around the shoe image, leaving a 1/4  to ‘/2-inch border. Stitch the halves together 1/4 inch from edge, leaving the top open. Zigzag-stitch around the border and along each top edge.

For easy hanging, stitch a loop of sturdy ribbon to the top of the back of each stocking. Finally, stuff the foot with tissue paper or a soft, space-filling gift to give the shoe a three-dimensional look.