How To Set Your Room According To Your Personality

Your bedroom should be a reflection of you—your personal tastes, your favorite colors, and the moments that have mattered most. It should also be a comfortable sanctuary designed to promote rest and relaxation after a long day. But of course, a soothing space looks different for everyone. By choosing decor and following design techniques that fit in with your own unique personality, you’ll be sure to create a bedroom that will always feel like yours.

Find out how to style a bedroom that’s unique, stylish, and totally you.

Choose a Color Scheme That Represents You

Color scheme is probably the easiest way to design a space according to your personality, and it’s essential to tie your design together.

Consider the mood you want to create in your room—do you want it to reflect your boldness and big personality, or would prefer a room that mirrors how bright and cheerful you are? If you’re the former, don’t be afraid to play around with big patterns and bold colors—an accent wall behind your bed frame would be a great place to add a patterned wallpaper. If you’d like your space to be more zen, consider using a calming color palette and adding in a soft blanket in a warm neutral tone for a soothing space that’s completely your own.

 Create Vignettes that Show Off Your Style

You can also show off your personality in your space by creating vignettes, or groupings of decor items, to showcase what matters most to you in your room.

If you’re a more natural, earthy person, consider building a small vignette on top of your dresser with a bowl for your favorite jewelry, a collection of gemstones, and a small vase for your favorite florals and blooms. If you love the look of modern, avante-garde spaces, consider adding a stack of unique decorative books, a plant, and clock to your favorite shelf to add dimension and interest to your space.

Switch up Your Bedding

If you want to decorate your room with your unique style but aren’t sure where to start, you can change your bedding to give your room a complete refresh without spending too much time in the home decor aisle.

If you’re spontaneous and cheerful and want your space to match, consider a bright yellow bedding to add a bit of your sunny disposition into your room, you could also consider adding personalized or customized items. If you consider yourself to be more serious and self-confident, consider a deep navy or patterned onyx bedding set to match your sure-footed style.

 Make It Functional

Comfort is essential—after all, you’ll spend a lot of time in your room!

One of the easiest ways to make sure your bedroom is functional while still being decorated in your unique style is to make sure you can move. It can be tempting to fill up your space with all of your favorite things– but you’ll want to avoid making it too cluttered. After all, who wants to be tripping over their bookshelf or squeezing past a bronze coat rack to get in bed? Consider adding in storage under your bed or adding in a dresser with lots of drawers to hold your things if you’re feeling low on space.

 A Space That’s Just for You

However you choose to decorate, make sure you’re choosing pieces that speak to you. Layer texture and dimension in a way that you like—after all, it’s your space!

Your room will reflect your personality if it’s filled with the things you love the most. Have faith in the little things, and your space will come together as a comfy sanctuary that is a perfect reflection of who you are.

Simple Ideas to Decorate Bedroom By Lubna Ali Khan

Simple Ideas to Decorate Bedroom

A bedroom is the most personal space that needs to reflect individual personality instead of just ensuing design principles off an interior décor book. This is the only place where you loosen up and relieve yourself of an entire day’s taxing issues. Other than the right wall colour, wall paper and floor rugs, there are simple techniques you can infuse into your bedroom to add personal ambiance. These simple ideas are sure to send you into a blissful slumber ensuring your personality stroke is present in your bedroom.

  1. Ruffle The Things Around

Revamping the positions of objects in your room like changing the furniture arrangement and changing the frames on your wall arts will give a fresh look for a space very familiar to you. Don’t think twice to shake up the contents of your bedroom to add new life to it. A ruffled look to a very familiar place is an instant way to decorate your room. Go ahead and reorganize the stuff in your room to beautify your space in a jiffy.

  1. Keep It Dim & Soothing

Dim lightings not only add a touch of warmth to your personal space, but also minimize visual stress on one’s sight. Wall scones, night lamps, chandeliers could be your best pick; you can even opt for three-way bulbs to adapt the wattage to suit your need and mood. Top your bed with covers meant for snuggling like an ultra soft comforter to create a soothing and welcoming atmosphere. Light-colored walls best harmonizes the dim lighting effect in your room.


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  1. Revamp The Look Of Your Bed

Changing the outlook of the substantial objects can change the look of your room completely. Your bed is one of the substantial objects of your room other than the dresser, cupboard and other large furniture. A change in the patterns of your bed spread, comforter and pillow can go from graphic to girly, primary to pastel and modern to classic; changing your room’s outlook entirely. You can even make smart use of a combination of geometric, floral and polka designs on your pillows and cushions.

  1. Add Gleaming Glamour

An instant way to add glamour to your bedroom is to involve stuff that can reflect light. Shiny surfaces like mirrors, satiny bedding, silver fixtures and frames reflect light. Think gleaming interior additions as jewelry for your room. A ring cocktail table set in gold, silver or bronze could be an ideal addition to bring a lavish look for your bedroom. Silk rugs and cashmere throw blankets could be a shimmering addition to make your bedroom befit celebrities.


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  1. Colorful Chaos

Nothing better complements you bedroom than a fresh burst of cheers colours have to offer. Adding colorful layers of patterns can create rejuvenated environment; quilted silk-blend bedding and a faux-fur throw, with colorful patterned pillows and cushions can signal an extravagance of colours elevating the scene. Persian rugs for living rooms add a perfect blend of natural colours for your flooring so your bedroom feels cohesive and looks perfect as a whole.


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  1. Oddball Accessories & Furniture

Quirky accessories are an evergreen alternative to pep up your spirits every time you enter your bedroom. By keeping your bedroom far from being formal, you can instill a light atmosphere to your room. Don’t think twice even if it means setting up a wooden wine barrel for a night stand! – Or even an old wooden trunk can serve as an antique table. DIY ideas are best suited to enhance personal ambience of your room. Flaunt out of the box ideas by mixing odd stuff fearlessly.


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  1. Add Arresting Prints

Large prints augment the size of small spaces. Do not limit bold prints to your bedding alone; convert a side of your bedroom wall into a giant-sized canvas; printed lamp shades and print patterned wall-hangings best complement bold interior décor. Large prints add a solemn dose of striking personality that can be subdued with the use of subtle hues in smaller accessories; to be able to create a soft atmosphere.


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  1. Accessorize With Art

Art masterpieces have adorned walls of palaces and farm houses alike. Art is a great way to add focal point to your room while infusing a perfect balance of colour to your bedroom. As per Feng Shui, art helps to balance the energy flow within your room. Adorn those walls with art or get personal with family pictures to create a complete look for your bedroom. To start experimenting with colours, start by adding minimalistic colours; wall art would be your best pick for trials before settling for bold colours in your bedroom.

  1. Saturate With One Colour Theme

While combinations of various colours add a lively atmosphere to a bedroom, a single colour of your choice equally offers immense visual delight. If you are not able to settle for one favourite colour of your choice, sky is the limit when you are looking for an ideal colour to suit a bedroom. Different hues of the same colour can be used to create a cohesive feel in your room.


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  1. Bring In Life with Plants

Plants are one of the sure shot ideas to add life into your room. With benefits associated with sharing your personal space with plants, you are sure to gain calming and relaxing effects from having plants in your bedroom. Parlor Palms, Snake Plant, Pothos, Rubber Trees, Peace Lily & Fiddleleaf Fig plants are some indoorsy foliage you can choose to have in your bedroom. If you are not much of a green thumb person, you may want to bring plants that are hard to kill!


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  1. Patterns Work Best

Patterns paired with solid or neutral colours are a smart way to elevate the look of your bedroom. Keeping the magnanimous compositions plain while choosing patterns for the minimal stuff in your room ensures there is a perfect accord of colours; solid colours keep patterns from overpowering the room.


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Author Bio: This article was written by Lubna Ali Khan. She loves interior designing, home décor and art & craft. She recently published an article about 7 Most Expensive Rugs of the World