5 Gorgeous Gifts For The Interior Design Fanatic In Your Life

When you visit a person’s home and stand in awe of the immaculately detailed decoration of their living space, you can safely assume that this person loves anything and everything related to interior design.


If you have such a person in your life who often redesigns their rooms and is always on the lookout for unique home furniture and decor, you should appreciate their aesthetic sensibility. When it’s time to give that person a present, it’s a no-brainer that you should give them an interior decor item. But what?

A generic decor item won’t do. You have to ensure your gift suits their style and their home. Here are five home design gift ideas to please anyone’s interior design tastebuds.

1. Classic Wall Clock


A nice big clock is elegant and practical for any room of the house. A wall clock can serve as a decorative accent to fill up any empty wall space. Although we have the convenience of checking the time on our electronic screens, it doesn’t compare with a grand, artistic display of time.

There are a few aspects to consider, first the size of the clock. For an accent piece, choose something smaller, within the 10-18 inch range, but for a statement piece, go for a larger clock, between 24-30 inches. When it comes to materials, you can go the less expensive route with plastic, or choose a higher quality and price tag material like wood or metal.

The material you choose affects the styles available. You can select something modern with a metallic frame or something traditional with a natural design. Try to choose a color that will blend with the decor of any room. Neutral colors like white, beige, gray, and black are best. Natural colors of wood and metal are also safe choices.

2. Intriguing Showpieces

A showpiece can be the perfect gift for someone who has shelves and cabinets decorated with quirky items. Unique and interesting showpieces add a touch of detail and character to a place and reveal the interests of the homeowner.

One home decor tip when shopping for a showpiece for someone else is to buy something that matches a showpiece they already have. For instance, if someone is into animal figurines, you should get them a similar kind of showpiece. That way, you can be sure that they’ll like your gift and it will fit with the rest of their decor.

3. A Unique Vase

Displaying fresh (or artificial) flowers in a vase can enliven any room. But vases are not just for bouquets anymore. According to modern home decor conventions, a unique vase can also serve the function of a showpiece. It can fill up empty surfaces, draw the eye to a piece of furniture, and add charm to the space.

There are several vase shapes available, from bottleneck to flared, footed to cube, centerpiece to minimalist and more. Before picking out a vase, take a look at the decor styles already in the home and make sure your choice will compliment them.

4. Photo Frame with a Personal Memory


Nothing makes the heart grow fonder of a gift than a touch of personalization. A photo frame with a picture of the two of you can be a personalized housewarming gift that will remain timeless. The best part of a framed photo is that the picture takes the center stage. If you choose a picture that has captured a memory both of you cherish or simply a picture you know they will like, the gift immediately becomes valuable, no matter which kind of frame you put it in.

Having said that, it’s still necessary to go with a frame that complements the picture. An easy way to do this is to match the color and tone of your frame with the color palette of the picture. Go for a simple, understated style if you are unsure about opting for something more bold. The perfect gift is a personal thing, so consider getting the frame engraved with the date of the photo within.

5. Meaningful Antiques

This is a bit of a niche choice of gift, but it can be a treasure trove for someone who is into antiques. Including antique pieces in your living space adds an archaic aesthetic to a modern home. For some people with more traditional and rustic homes, antiques will complement the home well.

There are multiple considerations to be made while buying antiques, especially if you are making an expensive purchase. Since these will be used, vintage items, you might have to do some restoration as well. Buy something small and manageable if this is your first time.

Make Each Gift Count

There are only two rules for buying interior design gifts for someone—know the person’s taste and know their home. If you can look at a gift and immediately tell whether it will fit into their home and their general style, you’re on the right track! If not, the best way to find out is to experiment. Either way, what makes your gift valuable is how much thought you put into it.

4 Interior Design Trends to Follow This Year

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/4HG3Ca3EzWw

Everyone has their own unique preferences when designing their living spaces, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t common trends that come and go from year to year. Over the past few years, as many have found themselves spending more time at home than usual, creating a welcoming environment has become even more of a focus. Let’s take a look at four interior design trends you may want to consider as you update your home’s decor.

1. Bold Colors and Patterns

These days, many homeowners are replacing neutral tones and minimalist designs with more visually stimulating colors and patterns. Primary colors—red, blue, and yellow— are certainly having a moment, as well as green, often in the form of plaids, checks, stripes, florals, and other playful patterns. Retro-inspired designs provide a sense of comfort and familiarity, and these bigger colors and patterns offer a mood-enhancing aesthetic.

Especially worthy of note, Pantone’s color of the year, Very Peri, is quite a versatile shade, combining the boldness of blue with the softness of periwinkle, and can be used equally well as an accent or focal point. From subtle decor like throw pillows and lighting fixtures to main pieces like furniture and bedspreads, this lovely shade can both excite the eye and calm the mind—two key elements in maintaining a healthy home.

Another simple yet effective way to add a splash of color to any room (with windows) is to apply diffraction rainbow decal stickers to windows. When the light shines through, it creates a gorgeous pop of rainbow colors akin to a prism, only with more exciting patterns. The combination of natural light with morphing rays of color is truly a magnificent feast for the eyes!

2. Vintage and Antique Pieces

This year, designers and homeowners are enjoying the comforting allure of vintage and antique decor. Besides looking beautiful, many well-aged pieces are also functional. For example, a vintage record player complete with your favorite albums and vinyl accessories can provide entertainment while looking quite dashing to boot.

Additionally, the prospect of hunting down and acquiring these types of goods is a fun and rewarding hobby in and of itself. Scouring the internet and local shops for the perfect piece is a modern treasure hunt, and you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor for many years to come. You can even turn the hobby into a business if you play your cards right!

3. Personalized Spaces

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/7qTYBEEEvZc

As people spend more time at home, they gain a new appreciation for surroundings that tell their stories. For example, while everyone has their own preferences when selecting types of art prints, many designers and homeowners are choosing to support their favorite artists by purchasing or commission artwork that speaks to them, rather than picking up mass-produced art from big-box stores. Showcasing a collection—be it art, knick-knacks, musical instruments, or anything else that ignites joy— is a fantastic way to surround oneself with meaningful beauty.

Besides displaying collections, there are plenty of other ways to truly turn a house into a home that represents its inhabitants. Framed family photos, or even painted portraits, are a great choice, and they serve as a reminder of what’s truly important in life. Similarly, decor with inspirational quotes and images can serve as reminders of one’s beliefs and goals.

4. Elevated Home Offices

As working from home becomes increasingly common, many homeowners are choosing to upgrade their home offices. In the past, many home offices were used rarely—often only on sick days— so a simple desk, chair, and computer did the trick. As people find themselves spending more time in these spaces, they’re naturally gravitating towards better decor and equipment.

Even those who don’t have rooms solely dedicated to their home offices may find that upgrading their bedroom, basement, living room, or other auxiliary room with hybrid furnishings is a great way to differentiate between time spent on and off the clock. For example, a laptop table with wheels can be rolled out when it’s time to clock in, or a lift-top coffee table can be converted to a desk.

Beyond functionality, decorating a home office makes working that much more appealing. While some homeowners prefer a cohesive aesthetic throughout the home, some remote workers enjoy treating their home offices like an entirely different place, helping to replicate the feeling of waking up and going to the office—even if that office is just a few feet away!

Beauty Is In the Eye of the Beholder

Whether you’re just incorporating a few interior design trends or completely renovating your home, this year looks to be all about comfort and personality. Consider thinking outside the box as you shop for new decor. You might be surprised by how a subtle or drastic change can really add excitement to your living space, and in turn, your life.

At the same time, if you prefer minimalist, clinical, and utilitarian design, there’s certainly nothing wrong with that! It all comes down to your preferences, so go ahead and embrace your inner designer, regardless of what the latest trends may look like. It’s your home, and only you know which interior design choices will bring the most joy.

Author Bio:

Carolyn Mitchell is a freelance writer and content strategist with a passion for home décor. She can often be found re-painting and updating the furnishings in her home, and she is also a dedicated cat mom to two adorable kitties.

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Important Antique Questions

How old does an item have to be to be an antique?

There is a great debate about how old an item has to be to be considered an antique. The standard is 100 or more years. There are some antique dealers out there that like to say 50 years. This is so they can sell more items as antiques and charge higher values.

Is my item valuable because it is an antique?

Just because the item is an antique does not mean it has a high value. Age is one of the many factors in determining an antique value. Here is a short list of factors that make an antique valuable:

  • The age of the antique
  • The condition of the antique
  • Rarity of the antique
  • Market demand for the antique
  • Maker of the antique
  • Quality of the antique

How can I tell if my antique is real?

Trying to determine the authenticity of an antique can be very hard. Most popular antiques went into reproduction as soon as they hit the market.  Even if the item is from the correct time period it can still be a reproduction. Most of the time the term period piece is used to represent this. Research is one of the best tools you can use to determine the authenticity of an antique. If you have any uncertainty about the authenticity of an antique I would suggest finding a specialist in that field to help.

How does the condition of an item affect its value?

There are many answers to this question. Damage can have a dramatic effect on the value of an antique. If an antique is very rare, minor damage is going to have less of an effect on the value than if the same damage was on a mass produced antique that can be found rather easily. With common antiques minor damage usually has about a 25-50% effect on the value.

Where do appraisers get there information for an appraisal?

We get our information from many sources. Here are some of the resources we use:

  • Comparable sales over the last 5 years
  • Past auctions
  • Antique retail dealers
  • eBay
  • Antique trade magazines
  • A network of appraisers and specialist

Should I clean my antique?

Cleaning an antique can cause damage. This damage may not be seen right away. Before cleaning an antique make sure you research the best method you should use to clean your antique. The recommended way to do this is to have your antique cleaned professionally or to ask a specialist. Many cleaners today can have harsh affects on antiques. Dusting your antiques and general cleaning will help protect your antique items and their values.

What is the best way to sell my antique collection?

The answer to this question varies a lot depending on the situation of the sale. When selling antiques you have many options. Depending on your situation and the amount of work you want to do will determine what your best option is. Here is a list of places to sell your antiques:

  • Auction houses
  • eBay
  • Consignment with an antique store
  • Private sale
  • Newspaper or online ad service such as craigslist

When collecting antiques your best tool is knowledge. Doing some research can save you time and money.