Tool Storage – Recycled/Upcycle

58071_501256676589266_559393502_nWhat a great way to store your yard tools -and reuse something that might have just been thrown away. This is an old filing cabinet (a heavy duty one) that has been lightly sanded, primed and then painted. A Heavy coat of polyurethane has been added to protect from scratches – even those are inevitable in a garage. On each end a piece of pegboard has been attached to provide room for small tools to be hung. A piece of thick plywood has been attached to the bottom and wheels have been added. This will allow the piece to be moved around to clean and it won’t be sitting on the floor where it can easily rust.

Living Green: Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries are the ideal way to power most household items. But for flashlights and smoke detectors, some experts recommend single-use batteries because most can sit idle longer. They’re also fine for clocks and remote controls, which use little power. No local battery recycling program? Look for batteries without harmful metals!

Personalized Punch Cups – Party Idea

Look-alike plastic cups have a way of losing themselves in a crowd. To save guests the bother of cup hunting (and avoid waste in the bargain), add large starburst stickers to each cup, along with smaller stars or other stickers for decoration. Next to an assortment of markers, set up a placard directing guests to sign and retain the cup of their choice.

Christmas Wrapping Paper Star

These stellar but surprisingly easy party decorations (they come together with just a few cuts and twists) are made from all those odds and ends of holiday wrap you’d otherwise toss in the trash. Hang one or dozens to brighten up the house come party time.


1.  Cut eight 5- by 5-inch squares from heavy wrapping paper (you can also use precut origami paper).
2. For each square: fold in half to form a triangle, pretty side out; fold in half again.
3.  With scissors, cut into the first fold (now folded in half) about 3/4 inch down from the top, stopping about 1/4 inch from the end. Make a similar cut about 3/4 inch down from the first, as shown (A).
4.  Open the square completely, plain side up, and bring up the 2 inside points to form a roll. Tape the points together with double-sided tape.
5.  Flip the square over and tape together the middle points (B). Flip the square over again and tape the outer points (C).
6.  Tape each of the 8 sections together, middle ring of one to outer ring of the next, to form a chain (D); tape the first and last sections together to form the star.
7. To secure the star, tape the tips together in the center. Punch a hole at the top of one of the points and pass a string through to hang (E).