Dreamy Nursery Decorating Ideas – 6 Best Baby Room Designs

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You may think that your baby doesn’t care about the design, but they can feel the vibe of the space. The colors, the coziness, and light can make your child feel safe and cared for. But baby room designs are also intended for parents. After all, you will be spending enough time in this room so you might as well make it comfortable for yourself. Here are some dreamy nursery decorating ideas that will help you create the most amazing spot in the home for you and your baby to enjoy.

1.   Create A Parent Corner

A parent corner should be an essential spot in the baby room where you can sit with your child, nurse them, and comfort them. This should be a spot that you feel comfortable to fall asleep as well, nothing uncommon in the first few months of becoming a parent. A large armchair with ottoman for legs will be enough for you to relax, but you can go even further.

Place a daybed or a lounge chair in the nursery so you can lay down with your baby and take a nap. If space allows it, bring in two rockers or gliders so you and your partner can put the baby to sleep together. It’s quite handy if you are parents of twins!  

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2.   Make Furniture Fun

A classic design is great, but why not make it a little bit fun? Use colorful wallpapers with cute prints, like balloons or animals, or paint colorful murals on the walls. Interesting pendant light with birds or butterflies will add a playful tone to your décor and serve as a second mobile.

A crib can be any color and shape you like. Turn it into a centerpiece of your baby room design by choosing an oval shape or unconventional colors, like black. To save on the budget and space, repurpose a dresser as a changing table. This way you will get more storage room and won’t splurge on a new item.

3.   Concentrate On Your Emotions, Too

It goes without saying that the nursery will be cute. However, consider making it as much functional for you as concentrating on the cute features for your baby. You will often wake up in the middle of the night to nurse or calm down the baby, so the décor needs to soothe you, too.

Start by concentrating on one style or theme if you have trouble narrowing your ideas down. Create storage areas that will allow you to remove clutter daily and free the space to make it more serene and composed. Wall art is a great way to add a personal touch, not to mention it’s a wonderful DIY project for you and your partner to do together.

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4.   Try Vibrant Colors

Traditional nurseries mostly use pastel and neutral shades, with splashes of pink for a girl and blue for a boy. However, if you want to make your baby room special and stand out, try something vibrant and unexpected. A combination of green walls and orange carpet will bring together nature and earthy tones, adding freshness and joy to space.

Purple and yellow inspire happiness and tranquility, bring sunny days, and flowery meadows into your baby’s world. If you are not a fan of bold colors but still want something with panache for your child’s room, use it in combination with grey. It will balance the flair and make the nursery color scheme more pleasant to the eye.

5.   Decorate For Usefulness

The most important thing for the baby room is that it has everything you need and within the reach. Create an extra changing station with clear storage boxes and place it on the shelf, windowsill, or under the changing table. That way, you will use it as a decoration and when you run low on supplies, you don’t have to go far to get what you need.

Make sure that baby blankets are in all the places where you sit with your baby and lull them to sleep. Having one in each place will prevent you from disturbing the baby when you search for the blanket all over the room.  A night light is a wonderful way to create a comfy atmosphere for your baby to feel safe even when you are not in the room. Try the lamps in interesting shapes, like a star, with a warm and subtle glow for better sleep. 

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6.   Use Nature As Inspiration

Nature is serene and calming for both you and your baby. Curtains with large leaves, floral upholstery, and splashes of green are all a great way to introduce nature into your nursery. However, don’t forget to add real plants to your baby room design to make it more organic and healthy.

Oxygen-producing plants like parlor palm and neem tree are lush and leafy, making them ideal for corners. Turning the wall by the crib into a gallery-like display of images of cartoon animals is an entertaining touch that will keep your child amused. Lastly, add as much natural light as possible to elevate the mood and keep your child’s circadian rhythm balanced.

All In All

When you are thinking of baby room designs, find something that will be appealing to you as well. You will spend a lot of sleepless nights there so you need to incorporate dreamy nursery decorating ideas to make the space tranquil and relaxed. A baby can feel your discomfort so the key to making them happy and satiated is if you feel the same way.


Design Tips To Impress Your Guests

One of the main reasons for decorating and redesigning your home is to impress your guests and visitors. It doesn’t only make you feel good and increase your standing if you impress your guests with your home designs, but it might also lead you to move up in your work and get into higher social circles. This article will guide you through some tips you can use to level up your designing game and learn how to effectively impress your guests.

#1 Tip: Add Some Interesting Lights

Interior designers study for months to learn how to get the lighting in rooms right – this is because getting the right amount of lighting, from the right angles, and with the right intensity can make your rooms look really amazing and well designed. If you personally don’t feel comfortable installing lights in your rooms and want expert advice, hiring an interior designer is definitely worth the money.

On the other hand, if you want to do it yourself, you need to keep some things in mind:

  • Make sure all the corners of your rooms are well-lit: you don’t want any corner of your room to be badly lit – this will create an imbalance and make your room come across badly. Hanging large lights in the middle of the room is a decent solution to this problem, and if you can find a design that fits your room, it isn’t a bad idea to go with it.
  • The shape and design of the lights matter a lot: while the intensity and the colour of lighting will reflect off your entire room and determine your design, the colour and the design of the lamps themselves are also important. Most of our rooms include anywhere from 2 to 10 lamps, and you need to ensure they look modern and attractive.

#2 Tip: Bring Your Design to Life with Home Plants

Home plants are all the rage these days – they are an excellent way of breaking the monotony of modernity and urbanism with a bit of nature. They will not only make your rooms look good and impress your visitors, but it will also ensure your rooms look fresh and be healthier. Putting plants in your home is a win-win decision.

You just need to ensure the plants don’t damage the foundation of your house or clutter the rooms too much. There are many creative ways of blending in the plants into the design of your house that makes it look even more spacious instead of making it look cluttered. You can even install an aquarium with plants and high-quality heaters for your aquarium if you want to have really special plants in your rooms.

#3 Tip: Art Pieces are Vital

Art pieces are a mainstay of most modern designs, and if you want your home to look really stylish, you can’t do without them. That’s why it is strongly recommended to add a few pieces of art to your living room that add some sentiment to modern designs and express something about your personality as well. You don’t really have to go all out and spend thousands of dollars on original art pieces (most people can’t tell the difference). You just need to have a few pieces of art that look original and well made. That’s a great way to impress your visitors.

Artificial Hanging Plants – The Bliss Of Beauty For Your Corporate Spaces

You may have mastered the art of organizing natural beauty in your thoughts but when it comes to incorporating them in reality, you may find it harder to walk the walk. There are plenty of options with trees, shrubs and bushes to add to your commercial space, parks or resorts and having the right kind of plant is also essential. With real ones, you have to face the drama of choosing the right ones that would go with the climate, the season and what not, which is why artificial plants are your best friend when it comes to easy interior and exterior landscaping.

Faux plants – the right pick for me?

Yes, artificial plants are not the same as real ones, but they have tons of advantage over the real lot, like-

  • With real plants you need a certain photoperiod or light time to help them grow, with these babies you won’t have to worry about that a bit.
  • They don’t make a mess. Neither do they shed leaves not do they wilt out. They will not suffer from water damage or mold either. They do not attract insects as they lack phytohormones.
  • The up-keeping is at an all-time low. You don’t have to prune water or use pesticide. You don’t need to worry about weeds either, so they are very low maintenance.

Getting a better deal than this is getting actual plants which will obviously cost you more time and money and may not give you the desired result even after all the effort. So why go all the way, when you can make sure your commercial space looks as incredible as it would with a hint of green it so deserves, when you can get your hands on these.

But, what about longevity?

Well, these artificial floral arrangements might or might not outlive you, but there are very few things on earth that are fire resistant and these thermaleaf artificial plants are one of them. These beauties come with a foam base with silk polyester leaves and the entire foliage is fire retardant. You get quite a few options with Commercial Silk artificial hanging plants including Peace Lily, Bougainvillea and Grape Ivy. They also come in a variety of sizes and you may take you pick on what suits best. You can go for a variety of planters and different sizes as well. As said earlier, they are made from fire retardant material and hence can’t be damaged in a fire, so every penny you invest in these will be worth it.

Faux flowers, artificial trees,

Mix‘em up!

So now that you have your “why” answered, you might start getting bright ideas on how to incorporate them in your desired décor. You can either go for “all faux” or mix’em up a bit. Landscape decorators generally tend to mix and match faux plants with their real counterparts or other real plant species while carrying out exterior landscaping. These plants can take the rain, the scorching heat better than any other, so if you choose to have these hanging faux plants up on the exterior wall of your corporate office, theme parks, hotels or any other commercial space go for it. They are meant to add to the interior and exterior beauty of any space of your choice. The fact that they won’t dry up, or shed leaves or grow randomly is exactly why you should have them in open areas as well as closed spaces.

How will my commercial décor be unique?

Worried if you have the same stereotypic mall, waterpark or hospital décor? Well, Commercial Silk can definitely help with that. Apart from all the added benefits like low maintenance, high quality silk polyester material, thermaleaf property and durability another added feature is that you get to customize your own foliage. Yes, if you don’t wish to have the same faux flower arrangement as mentioned you can always order a set of the same hanging pattern with different flowers and sizes as well, this will ensure your décor idea remains as unique as you.

What do the real plants fall short of here?

Apart from the fact that they shed leaves, dry up, wilt out, get infected, have occasional molding issues, real plants have less variety when it comes to hanging plants. Ledge plants generally when real come in a certain size, now this may not serve your purpose well, apart from that they need only a certain light time and since the probability of you having them hung outside on the ledge of your corporate office is more they have high chances of drying out and dying sooner. With artificial hanging plants you need not worry about such instances, you can have then hung in interior walls separating several sections in malls, restaurants, hotels, theme parks or resorts. They bring with them the exotic feel all year round and will live indefinitely as they will neither grow nor die.

Let money do the talking!

Yes, a one time investment will cost you more than real plants, but then you won’t have to replace these because of natural causes either. All you have to do is pick the right ones and you can have the landscapers configure them in no time. Give your commercial space the makeover it deserves with these realistic looking hanging Ivies, Bougainvillea and Peace Lilies. Also you don’t need to add the maintenance cost on top of all this as it requires only a dust off from time to time and the best part is if you wish to have a new décor you can always pack them up and store them away until you need them again for a fresh look.


Bring a breath of fresh air with these picturesque beauties in you commercial space. Built with fire retardant material these hanging faux plants require very little maintenance but draws a lot of attention to the space they live in.

Content of this article provided/copyrighted and used with permission by: http://www.commercialsilk.com/

Please stop by the above links for a great resource for silk plants for your home or office.





How To Change Living Room Decor Without Causing A Mess By Edward Barber

There are many effective and easy ways to change the decor in your living room without causing a mess. Here you will learn how to do this and if you apply some of these ideas your living room may become improved and refreshed the way you imagined it. Use them to make this room look the way you want. The tips presented here will give you some clues what you can do to make small changes with great and visible effect.


You can think about the walls in the room. What do you have on them? Are they bare, have too much items, inappropriate pieces of art or pictures. You can display vintage art, tapestries, paintings, letters and numbers which provoke the visitor. Depending on the whole style of the room or the design you want it to have buy suitable things. You can find such in hardware stores, antique shops and outlets for home interior. Before doing so picture the way you imagine your living room. If you can draw make a sketch with indications where what to put.

Replace existing pieces of furniture and decorating items you don’t like or don’t match the interior. If you prefer you can paint your armchairs and sofa or pieces of furniture in another colour. Buy paint which is designated for the type of furniture you have. Put nylon coverings over the carpet and around the pieces of furniture you want to paint. Wear old clothes which you don’t need during the painting. Prepare the area and aerate it during and after the work. If you take the necessary measures before painting you won’t leave a mess and will only have to remove the nylon coverings and old clothes after finishing work.

If you can do something yourself well you can create an art project which to display on the wall or somewhere else in your living room. You can use the walls for displaying art pieces you like that belong to your family members, relatives, friends, you have bought or received as presents. You can replace the cushions covers with new, mount new shelves and cabinets.

Move some pieces of furniture and items in this room to make it look more spacious and functional. Experiment by moving one item at a time and see the results. You can accomplish a lot with small changes. All you have to do is act step by step and check the results. Be brave and don’t be afraid to involve bigger changes if they make your room look better.

You can use vintage, self-made items, art installations and provoking writings to make your living room extravagant, luxurious and inspiring. Don’t use decorating items which only have sentimental value, but you don’t like. You and your family members should feel comfortable and at home in the living room. This is the place where you invite guests so renovation team in Ealing recommends to design it accordingly.

Display a board pinned with photos with the member of your family if you like. You can use your favorite pictures to create it an use it as the focal place in this room. Make sure everyone in your family agrees to use these photos and likes the created photo display. You can add at least a few plants in pot to refresh your living room. If you can knit or sew make something you can use for decorating.

After making the changes you have planned provide thorough cleaning of the room. Hoover and mop carpeted and hard floors, upholstery, wipe the dust from all pieces of furniture, TV sets and appliances. Use microfiber cloths for cleaning the screens of laptops, and TV sets, dust the light fittings, pictures and all items. Wash the windows and sills, provide cleaning of the radiators and fireplace.

Tips For Embellishing An Open Floor Design By Diana Smith

Anyone who wishes to incorporate a contemporary touch into their home design can do so by simply embracing the commodity of an open floor plan. Of course, a layout such as this one also gives you the opportunity to try out your artistic endeavors and experiment with various decoration techniques. These few tips can give you just the amount of inspiration to get you started.

Play With Lighting


One of the best aspects of having an open floor plan is learning how to implement and play with different kinds of lighting. A design such as this one requires a fair amount of illumination and like that can tolerate a different combination of lighting features. Other than the fact that an open floor plan makes a perfect setting for ceiling to floor windows and skylights, it goes quite well with dramatic and recessed lighting fixtures. A dramatic chandelier can greatly illuminate a space, but also give it a stylish touch, while smaller pendant fixtures can easily draw attention to individual spaces.


The idea of creating a room inside of a room might seem a bit uncanny, but it’s actually quite doable and very much desirable in a layout such as this one. An open floor plan gives you the opportunity to combine certain spaces and rooms and create multipurpose areas. This can be achieved quite easily by visually separating the spaces and giving them a subtle transition zone. This way you can easily blend together a family room, dining room and the kitchen while preserving your original sense of style. Another way to achieve this concept is to add levels, i.e. create a split level room.

Incorporate Color


The use of color has always played a major role in interior design as it has the ability to transform the complete space, create an illusion of a much broader or smaller space, but also put accent on certain places and connect or divide a room. This is why it’s crucial to learn how to smartly incorporate color into your open floor design. One of the options is to apply a neutral foundation and permeate the whole space with touches of bright and vivid hues. Another option is to use different shades of the same color in separate spaces. This will create a subtle and soothing transition between the rooms, without adding a distasteful and splashy vibe to the space.

Choose a Theme

While a theme surely isn’t a necessary component, it can greatly aid you in the choice of your decorative pieces and other accessories. Placing too much different decorations can create a rather unappetizing setting and make it appear quite confusing. This is why the best solution is to rely on details within the same style or at least the same color, texture or pattern. This way you can easily interconnect the rooms and place items such as vases, sculptures or paintings in similar shapes or sizes. Area rugs are one of the best decorative pieces, as they have the ability to connect or even desalinate the space.

Separate By Zones

While a spacious area with lots of room and lighting seems like a great idea, sometimes these broad spaces can take away the personality and intimacy out of the space. This is why people rely on some subtle but yet effective solutions for separating the rooms into different zones. Some of the most popular options are using transparent divisions such as sliding glass doors or stylish bi fold doors. Another option is to use folding screens, drapes or even creating green walls.

In the last couple of years, an open floor plan has become an essential part of a modern household. Not only does this layout give the household a broader sensation, but it also provides a great space for entertainment as well. With just a few simple hacks and a clever use of imagination, an open floor plan can easily become your fairy-tale palace.