Top 8 Ways To Take Care Of Your Pet At Home

Owning a pet requires more than just giving your cat or dog love and affection. Becoming a pet parent is a responsibility that demands your complete attention. It shouldn’t be discounted as easy or cheap because you’ll have to invest both your time and money to ensure your pet stays happy and healthy.

However, doing so for your pet’s lifespan is one of the most fulfilling tasks you’ll ever take part in, as your pet will thrive and love you for this endless devotion. Here are the top eight ways to give your pet the best life.

1. Feed a Proper Diet

As a pet owner, you’re undoubtedly familiar with situations where your dog sits nearby and looks at you with those big puppy eyes while you’re eating. Those eyes are difficult to resist, so you probably end up giving your pooch some table scraps. While giving your dog human food is acceptable occasionally, the more frequently you do it, the more often your dog will expect it from you, which can lead to an unhealthy diet.

Try to stick with food made for pets, as your dog or cat needs particular vitamins and minerals. Also, giving your pets unhealthy alternatives can lead to obesity and other health issues. Research your pet type and find the best food options based on its age, breed, and activity level.

2. Let Your Pet Enjoy the Outdoors

Pets that go outside occasionally are actually healthier than those that stay inside 24/7. Cats and dogs benefit from fresh air, and nature’s sights, sounds, and smells are great for mental stimulation. Additionally, going outside is another outlet for them to get necessary exercise.

However, you shouldn’t let your pets roam free, as they may get injured or even stolen. Instead, consider outside cat enclosures for your feline friends or a fence for your dog. If you have a dog that’s an expert jumper, you may need to invest in a fence extender to ensure your pup stays safely on your side of the barrier.

If you don’t want to enclose your yard but still want your cats to be able to go outdoors, you can try a fully enclosed fence option or a catio. Make sure you add a cat staircase to ensure your cat can run up, down, back, and forth to chase bugs and get the best vantage points.

3. Provide Access to Drinking Water

Just like humans, pets can become dehydrated quickly. You should always have at least one bowl of fresh water in a place your pet can easily access. However, having more water bowls available is better. Try to change the water a few times each day so your pet can get the coolest, most refreshing water any time it needs a drink.

4. Create a Safe Zone for Your Pet

Cats and dogs occasionally need some space to rest, relax, and enjoy solitude. Often, pets require a safe place to decompress when feeling stressed or anxious. You can easily create this area by setting up a room or closet to meet your pet’s needs. Include a pet bed, blankets, toys, treats or anything else your pet likes.

5. Clean Pet Areas

While dogs are generally housetrained, they sometimes have accidents. On the other hand, cats are easier to take care of because they use litter boxes. Wherever your pet uses the bathroom (purposely or accidentally), the area needs to be cleaned regularly.

Properly scrubbing or sanitizing these areas will keep bacteria from growing, which will protect your pet from becoming sick. If your dog smells the area it urinated in before, it’ll want to go there again, so you’ll need an enzyme cleaner to remove the odor. Alternatively, cats don’t like to use dirty litter boxes, so if you don’t take the time to scoop them regularly, your cat may decide to urinate or defecate elsewhere in your home.

6. Groom Your Pets

Grooming tasks, including trimming your pet’s toenails and brushing its fur, will keep it looking its best. More importantly, grooming allows you to closely inspect your pet’s fur and skin for issues such as dry patches, bald spots, or lumps, which you can address with your vet.

7. Visit the Vet Regularly

When you adopt a pet, you should visit the vet promptly, so your furry friend gets its appropriate vaccinations. This session also allows the vet to examine your cat or dog to ensure it’s healthy. After the initial visit, you should schedule regular appointments every year.

Unfortunately, many pet owners opt to call the vet only when their pets have issues. Without regular checkups, your pet may suffer silently from an ailment that could be easily cured if caught earlier.

8. Show Your Love

Make sure you give your pet the attention it needs and deserves. Take time to play with your cat or dog and give them lots of cuddles and scratches. Dedicating time to your pet each day will strengthen the emotional bond between the two of you.

Having a pet is a commitment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. By keeping your pet’s needs and desires in mind, you and your furry friend can live happily together for years to come.

How To Reconnect With Nature And Its Immersive Benefits

These days, it’s not uncommon to be so overwhelmed with various work assignments and chores around the house that we simply don’t have any time for ourselves. While pampering can come in all sorts of shapes and forms, spending time in nature can do wonders for the body, mind, and soul. So, if you’ve lost touch with the great outdoors, here are several ways how you can reconnect with it and experience all the wonderful benefits it comes with.

Spend more time outdoors

One simple thing you can do, regardless of how much time you have, is spend a little bit of time outside. Just 20 minutes a day outdoors can have many perks. You will get plenty of fresh air and your body will get a chance to produce more vitamin D, which is vital in fighting depression and having quality sleep. So, if nothing else, consider walking to work if it’s not too far or cycling to a friend’s house – it will do you good.

Bring the outdoors in

Something else that can be very beneficial is adding houseplants to your living area. Not only will this bring you closer to nature, but it can also purify the air in your home. No matter the gardening skills you might possess, there is a plant for you. So, for example, some low-maintenance plants you can consider include the snake plant, pothos, and ZZ plant. They don’t require much care so you’ll be able to enjoy some nature even if you’re a bit forgetful.

Start a garden

As your gardening skills improve, you can also consider starting your own garden. While you can have one indoors as well, it might be better to start an outdoor one if you have the space. That way, you will have a reason to go outside every day, as you will need to check on your plants’ progress, water, feed, and weed them. In time, you can start producing your own food too, which will certainly give you a sense of accomplishment. Furthermore, gardening will provide you with a great workout.

Go on a great outdoor adventure

If you have the time, consider going on a longer outdoor adventure. Find a camping site that’s safe and enjoy being surrounded by the trees or gazing at the moon. If you love the beach, just visit a local one and sunbathe while listening to the sound of water. Try mountain biking if that’s something that’s always interested you – it can be great for your mental health. With a bigger budget, you can think about some international trips as well. For example, forest zip-lining in Chiang Mai in Thailand or mountain climbing in Oman will certainly help you feel at one with nature. Opportunities abound if you keep your mind open and are willing to explore new things that will help you reconnect with the planet.

Connect with interesting wildlife

A big part of connecting with nature is also feeling connected to all parts of the environment, such as the animals that have been on this planet for thousands of years. With that in mind, you can consider adopting a pet that will always be by your side and help cheer you up if you’re feeling down. Then, you can also consider volunteering in a local shelter that is in need of assistance. Regardless of whether you have experience or not, a helping hand is always appreciated. On the other hand, spotting and encountering animals during your travels is another possibility. For instance, if you travel to Western Australia, you can look for interesting whale watching tours where you can see humpback whales, blue whales, killer whales, and southern right whales. In Africa, you can find eco-conscious safaris where you can see and learn more about lions, elephants, and wild dogs.

Escape to a retreat

Another option to consider is going to a quiet and secluded retreat. If you’re not about that adrenaline and prefer something a bit more tranquil while enjoying nature, you’ll be glad to hear that there are countless options to choose from, no matter where you’re from. Whether you prefer to find a cabin in the woods that you can rent for a few days or travel to a spa that comes with various treatments while surrounded by gorgeous vistas, this is an amazing way to escape the everyday hustle and bustle. Moreover, you can also think about having a digital detox while there, to prevent negativity from the news and social media from ruining your experience.

Make your fitness routine green

In case you’re a big fan of fitness, you should not have any problems incorporating nature into your workouts. For example, simply walking and jogging outdoors is beneficial. If you want to take it up a notch, consider hiking, mountain climbing, and cycling. However, you might prefer exercising at home. If you have a yard, why not do it there? A HIIT session, stretching, and yoga can all be done outside as well.

Learn to slow down

In the wake of COVID-19, people are reconsidering what is most important to them. They often realize that learning to slow down and take in the world around them helps them feel better in countless ways. With that in mind, don’t let work overwhelm you. Set some time aside for yourself and do what makes you happy. Live in the present moment and really immerse yourself in your environment.

In conclusion, no matter if you prefer working with animals, exploring the wilderness on a mountain bike, or relaxing on a beautiful beach, there are countless ways that can help you feel connected to nature once again. Find what makes you feel good.

Grow Your Own Pineapple From Scratch

Pineapple_Tops_In_WaterI found this page interesting as I have tried unsuccessfully to grow these in the past. Will use these directions and see what happens. Check it out – a lot of details and pictures abound.

Reuse Old DVD’s CD’s In A Sculpture

Wish I had some details as to a successful cut of the CD and how to form this and what type of glue they used. It is such an inspiration to reuse something that others throw away to make something beautiful. Can you imagine out in the sun just how majestic this would look when the sun shine hits it just right