A Very Cool Kitchen Window

Would you want this for your kitchen window? I know I would!

Beautiful Wall Portrait Display

14370395_1309001342464009_7877874451867230560_nUse an old frame and have a picture enlarged to the size of the frame. Hang picture and then hang frame over to look like you are looking through the window at the photo. Very cool idea!

Unmatched & Mismatched Socks Stuffed Snake


Cut the foot part of socks off and overlap them one onto another until you get desired length. You can sew or use glue to attach to each other. The sock you use to make the head you leave the foot on. Stuff with poly fiber. Add buttons for eyes and a felt tongue. Use this same design and stuff with dried beans to put an end to a cold draft under a door or in a window sill.

Alternative Window Coverings

12688241_1117851841599600_6678124230465113414_nThis is such a great idea. I love the large barn doors that people use as room divers or to close off entrance to a large opening from one room to another but most of us do not have the space to create it. Here is a smaller version made to just cover a window.