Halloween Tree

14199585_644979718999121_5216944407251018125_nWhat an awesome design for Halloween. Use black Christmas tree and add orange and purple twinkle lights, floral design stems covered in glitter and a witches hat to top it off.

Snowman Hurricane Glass


Use an old or new Hurricane Glass to make this really cool snowman. If you finish it with varnish you can actually use this to put a candle in or use it on a base light. A small push light would work also.

Use acrylic white and blot it on the inside of shade not making a solid thick cover. This allows the light to shine through with a unique snow appearance.

Paint a nose, mouth and eyes in acrylic paint on the outside. Cover with a varnish inside and out and you are ready to go. Add a decorative bow. What a great decoration that you can easily make yourself.


Pop The Balloon On The Pumpkin – Great Halloween Game

733865_10151551782610266_470924686_nCreate a cutout from green paper that looks like the top of a pumpkin and attach high on a wall. Blow up orange balloons and attach with masking tape of push pins.  Use this as a display for the party or on the outside of your home for trick or treat night. Older kids, with supervision, could use a push pin to pop balloons in turn until they are all popped. Could be done for different parties making a strawberry, heart, Christmas tree, wreath etc.

Marshmallow Snowmen Christmas Cupcakes

1958531_10154826106915094_8576458493085774230_nThese are super easy to make and look and taste so good! Make chocolate cupcakes (or any flavor that is your favorite) and ice with frosting. The above shows two versions one is left alone at this point and the other is now topped with coconut. Shown is a snowman melting and a full snowman for ideas.

For melting snowman: Use a pretzel stick and insert into the bottom of a marshmallow and insert into cupcake. Add black icing for eyes, mouth and arms. Use green icing for buttons and orange for nose.

For full snowman: Use a pretzel to join two (one small and the other large) marshmallows together and insert another one in the bottom of the largest and insert into cupcake. Top with fondant icing hat (and make one with icing). Add pretzels for arms, red liquorice for scarf. Use black icing for eyes and mouth, Orange icing for nose and blue for buttons.

This is a lot of fun and the kids can help you make each one have its own individual personality.

Halloween Ghost Bananas & Orange Pumpkins


Ghost Bananas: Cut bananas in half – push a large chocolate chip in for mouth and two small for the eyes

Orange Pumpkins: Use tangerines and push in a piece of cut celery for stem