Marshmallow Snowmen Christmas Cupcakes

1958531_10154826106915094_8576458493085774230_nThese are super easy to make and look and taste so good! Make chocolate cupcakes (or any flavor that is your favorite) and ice with frosting. The above shows two versions one is left alone at this point and the other is now topped with coconut. Shown is a snowman melting and a full snowman for ideas.

For melting snowman: Use a pretzel stick and insert into the bottom of a marshmallow and insert into cupcake. Add black icing for eyes, mouth and arms. Use green icing for buttons and orange for nose.

For full snowman: Use a pretzel to join two (one small and the other large) marshmallows together and insert another one in the bottom of the largest and insert into cupcake. Top with fondant icing hat (and make one with icing). Add pretzels for arms, red liquorice for scarf. Use black icing for eyes and mouth, Orange icing for nose and blue for buttons.

This is a lot of fun and the kids can help you make each one have its own individual personality.

Sheep Cupcakes

74581_372032812892728_829777580_nBack chocolate cupcakes and ice in white butter cream. While icing is still very tacky stick marshmallows all over the top. Top with a black licorice gumdrop (or  use grape). You might need a toothpick to hold this on since it is heavier then the marshmallows. Add licorice for ears and tail (licorice ropes or sticks cut down to size). Pipe eyes on and make impressions for the nose. Nice treat.