Great Snowman Christmas Tree



A Wedding Funny

As you know, divorce is not easy for anyone – especially when kids are involved. While some divorces end relatively peacefully, there can be unintended consequences that come forth years later. Like finding a letter your now spouse wrote to their ex or when one parent gets remarried.
So when one dad married a younger woman, he had to bring his new wife to his daughter’s wedding. But the new wife wanted revenge against the mother-of-the-bride.
So, years after her parents’ divorce, things were about to get ugly – again.
With Jennifer’s wedding day getting closer, nothing could make the excited bride lose momentum. Not even her parents’ divorce.
Jennifer’s mom had found the perfect dress and would look like a beautiful mother-of-the-bride on her daughter’s big day.
But just one week later, Jennifer discovered that her father’s 25-year-old wife had bought the exact same dress as her mom…
So she asked her stepmom to return it but the young wife refused.
“No way! I look amazing in this dress, and I’m wearing it,” she replied.
Jennifer broke the bad news to her mother but the matron took it surprisingly well.
“Don’t worry, darling. I’ll just find a new dress. It’s your special day and this won’t get in the way.”
Just a few days later, they went shopping and found another beautiful dress.
When they got home, Jennifer asked her mom, “When will you return the other dress? You don’t really have another reason to wear it anytime soon.”
“Of course I do!,” her mom replied. “I’m going to wear it for the rehearsal dinner the night before your wedding.”

Snowman Packages

10857873_929657753725962_1771311769014196487_nSimply wrap three of your presents in three different sized boxes. Wrap in white paper and add dots for buttons, eyes and mouth. Add fabric red scarf and make a black top hat out of construction paper. Construct a funnel from red construction paper to make his nose.

Hard Boiled Egg Snowmen

1503391_10153689973900089_230765349_nThis is such a cool idea and very simple to make. The caution should be added that when working with hard boiled eggs make sure not to expose them any longer then needed out of the refrigerator. Use diagram to stick items in order and finish with carved carrot nose and piped on eyes and button with black icing or you can use edible marker. Finish with a herb like parsley for the arms.