Halloween DIY: Rusted Glass Candles

We’ve seen this decor technique before, but never on glass bottles!

Find details for these unique bottles here:

Halloween DIY: Rusted Glass Candles

Chicken Wire & Moss Toadstool

A recent visit to a wonderful woodland sculpture park really inspired us to try our hand at making some sculpture of our own. Our first creation was a chicken wire toadstool….

Find out more and instructions here: Chicken Wire and Moss Toadstool Living Sculpture | Hometalk

Making Of A Conservatory

A woman grabs old photo frames & everyone’s going to copy her idea!

Find out more details here: Making of a Conservatory on the Cheap! | Hometalk

Graham Cracker House Instructions

Gingerbread Village Times


A great graphic to show how to make the incredible graham cracker house.

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Gingerbread House Pattern

Gingerbread Village Times


Save each of the five images above. Print on 8.5″ x 11″ paper borderless. Do this by selecting the image one at a time and click print. Options should come up: uncheck option to fit in frame and select 8.5′ x 11′ borderless and print. These will give you uniform pattern. To make it slightly small you can check the 8.5′ x 11′ with border. This plan can have moderate changes made by decoration to make it a church, house, post office or school.

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