Use Old Frames To Hand Photographs ‘Out To Dry’

Using old picture frames to hang photos ‘out to dry’ is a great idea. Large old frames can be gotten cheaply if you do not have any from yard sales and thrift stores. You could paint these all the same color or use them as is. Using twine or clothesline string several lines across the frames width. Using small clothes pin that can be purchased fro Amazon or Michaels/Hobby Lobby clip your favorite photos up. You can change them as often as you like.

Making Of A Conservatory

A woman grabs old photo frames & everyone’s going to copy her idea!

Find out more details here: Making of a Conservatory on the Cheap! | Hometalk

Jewelry Storage Idea

9bbad1712cd4f3d1929b87a3c2126815This idea is so great! All you need is some basic items: small hooks, old frame and metal mesh that you can purchase in the garden section of your local home improvement store. Instead of mesh you could also go for a thick (upholstery) type of fabric. The small hooks are attached to the bottom of the frame to allow necklaces to be able to hang. The metal mesh or fabric is attached with a staple gun to the back of the frame. To change this up paint the frame or stain it a different color or distress it. If you do not want the metal to show use a spray enamel and spray the mesh front and back before attaching to the frame.

Money Saving Home Decorating Ideas By Lubna Ali Khan

1~ You can always go out in your backyard to find beautiful things like cones or flowers and bring them in your home to add a beautiful and natural feel to the room.


2~ A room’s floors can add to its beauty because floors are an important element. Redoing hardwood floors can be very expensive so you can place rugs or carpets instead. They create a sense of warmth and coziness in the room. You can look for amazing overdyed rugs for sale and pick the ones that are the best match for your home.


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3~ Decorate with affordable toss pillows. Toss pillows are relatively affordable and the right pattern and color can really add an impact to your space.


4~ You can look in magazines or on the web to find a room that speaks to you. You can choose picture of a high end room and then mimic that in your space. Look at all the details of the room that you like and recreate those details in your space by going to inexpensive and budget friendly stores. Look at the placement and execute your design.


5~ Make sure that those budget friendly things are not low on quality. The last thing you want for your home is to look like you have designed it with a bunch of second hand items. Plus it won’t come together like you want it to.


6~ Calender’s are an excellent budget friendly way to get artwork in your home. Basically they’re printed on quality paper and they look good when framed. You can get inexpensive frames from yard sales, discount stores or thrift shops. If they look old then you can always paint them a nice color to give them a fresh new look.


7~ Take your time and don’t feel like you have to rush in and design your home all at once. If you do that you won’t be happy with it because you rushed into it.


8~ Take your old furniture pieces that are worn out but are in a great condition and paint them white to make them refresh and new again. Painting anything white totally brightens up the room.


9~ If you don’t have the time and money to spend on curtains then you can take some spare bed sheets and make curtains out of them.


10~ If you keep your eye out then you can get really good deals on furniture. You can go to auctions, yard sales or garage sales to buy inexpensive furniture or decorating items.


11~ You can make your own picture frames by repainting old frames and gluing pearls or beads on them to make them more sparkly and pretty.


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12~ If you’re tired and bored of looking at the same sofas everyday then instead of buying a new sofa set or dining chairs you can simply change the fabric as the trends change over time. This is an inexpensive way to make your home look completely different and better.

Author Bio: This article was written by Lubna Ali Khan. She is passionate about home improvement, beauty, arts, writing, healthy living and entrepreneurship. She blogs at alrug













Creative Ways to Display Art on Your Walls By Patricia Cornwell

Every homeowner wants to show off the items they have acquired or created
themselves over time. Oftentimes it is not enough to just hang your art on a wall. If you
display it in a more creative way, you will enhance the look of the piece itself. So here
is what you might be missing when it comes to displaying art on the walls.
Use Old Frames

Find a bunch of old frames at antique or salvage stores and use them to display your
works of art. When you get back home, paint them one and the same color. This will
create a unified look. Then just place the works of art into the frames and hang them
on the walls. Here is how you can arrange the frames:

• Go vertical: if your wall is narrow, the best way to go is to hang the frames in
vertical lines. Try to go to the ceiling.

• Place them randomly: sometimes the best way to create a beautiful look is to
forget about symmetry and scatter your works of art randomly on the wall.

• Create a shape: make a circle, triangle, etc. with your works of art. Create the
shape you want.

Decorate Your Stairways

When decorating their homes, many people forget about the staircase. What a nice
way to doll up your stairs! Just take a good look at them. Although it is hard to realize
sometimes, there is a wall right there. Why not take advantage of it? Not only will you
make the staircase more personalized and interesting, you will make the most out of
your living space. Buy shelving that will fit in the available space between the wall and
the staircase. Choose a neutral color or one that matches the color of the staircase.
Add knick-knacks, books, photos and pictures, cushions, CDs, scented candles, wall
clocks, flowers or other decorative items along with your works of art. Of course, make
sure they have identical designs. You don’t want to create a mess of things that don’t
really match one another. Stick with things of one and the same age. For example, if
you go for vintage, all the items must be vintage. Don’t mix antique accent pieces with
futuristic style elements.

If there is no space for shelves or you just don’t want shelves, then hang pictures on
the wall. The bigger the space, the more pictures you can add. It doesn’t have to be
photos of you and your family. How about Art Deco pictures? Anything else you can
think of will suffice.

Use Built-Ins

A built-in storage is a clever way to display your art. It won’t take space, therefore it
won’t make the room seem smaller. At the same time, it can create a more tete-a-tete

atmosphere, especially if the space is large. Steer clear of overcrowding the walls with
items and be sure to space them out. You don’t want to feel overwhelmed when you
spend time in that room. Instead accentuate individual items. You want to create a
clean and presentable look.

Choose Unexpected Spots

People usually display art on shelves and walls, but what if you go alternative? There
are many unexpected spots for displaying works of art, such as beneath the windows,
in a corner or under a bench. Use baskets, frames or glass containers to display your
works of art. Add a few books, candles or other like items. If you have a collection of
stamps, place it in a frame and display it beneath a window. Or have you just come
back from your seaside trip? If you have collected a dozen of shells and you want the
world to see them, place them in jars near your books.

There are a variety of ways to go when it comes to displaying art. Have your walk-
through around the property and search for boring areas that could use some
decorating and start from there.

The article is written by Patricia Cornwell. She works as a manager of TenancyClean
Chiswick and loves to write for different blogs.