Dryer Duct Silver Christmas Tree

5345354What a unique design for a Christmas Tree made from dryer duct work. It is just rolled in circles on top of one another attached with hot glue and twist ties poked through ribs of the two layers hooking them together. Then wrap with lights. You could then attach ornaments if you desire but this idea is very cool all on its own. Would be a great decoration in a service shop that works on dryers and other appliances.

DIY Spoon Christmas Tree

s-20-fake-christmas-trees-you-ll-wish-you-d-seen-sooner-christmas-decorations-repurposing-upcycling-seasonal-holiday-decorPhoto by http://www.oneprojectcloser.com

Cut the tips off of silver (or whatever color) spoons found in a dollar store. Glue with hot glue the cut spoon piece on a foam cylinder. As you go up stagger the spoons as seen in photos. You could top with a star or ornament of your choosing.

A DIY Christmas Tree For Small Areas

y54y45yPhoto courtesy of organizedclutter.com

Use old scraps of book and cut squares descending in size. Use a thick piece of wire and stick down into a pot filled with stones or floral sponge. Start placing larger squares at bottom rotating the points of each page – these become your branch tips. Go as high as you want – it does take time Top with a star or ornament of your choosing. You could spray paint this to give a unique look but I like the raw book pages because it is rather rustic.

Hand Print Painting Christmas Tree

12208261_865135583606206_8513024750272175021_n 12208261_865135583606206_8513024750272175021_n-copyWhat a fun and creative painting that you can do with your children. Use tempura (finger) paint and glitter (for the tree branches and star). Thicker paper works well – poster board works great – just cut it down to size! Make one each year to compare hand sizes.

Christmas Candy Cane Wreath

14925260_673532276143865_8704779479642941148_nHow cool – but even better – how simple it is to make these. We like simple and great crafts – and this one is edible too. Yumm. You could use any regular sized candy canes to do this so color combinations are endless. These would work great as gifts as well.

The middle uses a cap from a two liter bottle to provide support while making this wreath. Use hot glue and attach 9 sets of candy canes back to back. Attach these to the cap first and then to the next set of candy canes as you make your way around. Hot glue the tilps of the ‘hook’ together from one to another and secure well to cap. It i important to provide a good strength so it does not come apart. This is topped with a snowflake flat ornament but any ornament that is flat would work.

Some different options for you is to back each candy cane with lace ribbon that comes out on both sides so it can be scene from the top side. Also, it the pictured wreath you could add snowflakes that are much smaller at each joined pair of candy canes.