Christmas Candy Can Name Card Holder

55b5be7c-b4a1-46fa-88dd-00ca01b7a9aaSimply super glue two small candy canes together like shown in the picture so it will hold up a name card. You will need a third to use as a kickstand.

Christmas Tree Decorating Idea – Very Large Ornaments

3ac362c9c8eab39221e14ff9d3c8317aHere very large ornaments are used to create a breathtaking Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Decorating Idea – An Outside TIRE Tree

1d4109a6b823ea4cb8f1e2147068acc9A Christmas tree is typically well – a tree. But who says it has to. Here is an outside tree made from salvaged tires. Spray painted green and decorated from largest to smallest from bottom up. If you have access to tires this would make a great outside setup or display.



Easter Colored Deviled Eggs

i.1.mLfddLzFjATnWbPPjyddQmJC7Fb0HRZmDZMEEdUDVos.Easter colored deviled eggs – what an awesome display! Check it out on the link above for detailed instructions.

WoW!!! Can you see this done for other holidays? Green for St. Patricks Day; Red and Pink for Valentines Day; Orange, Green and Red for Halloween – Nice

Strawberry Whipped Cream Santa Treats

60720_327520874027434_1397626496_nAnother very easy treat. Cut tops off of strawberries. Toss these and then cut the tip off but keep these.  Pipe whipped cream and place cap back on top of this. Place two dots of whipped cream to make buttons. Then top the cap with whipped cream to make a puff on Santa’s hat. With the tip of a toothpick touch the whipped cream with a dot of black food coloring. Serve.